Lena Anderson Better Late Than Wetter WankzVR

This is how it’s done, son – Lena Anderson WankzVR

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Findvrporn often emphasizes great examples of VR porn positioning: examples which best illustrate when cameras and bodies are configured for the horniest VR result.

In most cases—on the most basic level—that means getting the cameras close.

But, of course, there’s much more to it than that…in life there’s always much more Goddamn to it than that.

Making something look easy often means that there’s an array of smaller details—unknown by most—that are all properly executed. And, when I see VR shots that are well-framed…you know there’s a lot of consideration/analysis and premeditated conceptualization involved. This stuff is never serendipitous. Never. I don’t believe in Goddamn serendipity.

And, a while back I combined all my thoughts on this topic into the FindVRporn Positioning Checklist.

This brings us to the July 11, 2019 WankzVR release, Better Late Than Wetter, starring one gal-gorgeous, tall drink of horny: Ms. Lena Anderson.

Lena Anderson Better Late Than Wetter WankzVR

Hi Lena

And, I want to focus your attention on a specific bit of positioning, pictured below.

Lena Anerson standing missionary WankzVR

Lena Anerson standing missionary WankzVR – this is rendered in a realistic… “immersive” … way in the VR headset

So, that’s a pretty fantastic example of standing/upright missionary.

I’m really tempted to say that it just doesn’t get much better than that. I mean…no need for excessively verbose explanations. Bottom line: That was Goddamn HORNY, man!

Why do I feel that way?

Well, concerning the body positioning and shot-framing…you watch that in your headset and the effectiveness is simply self-evident.

Lena Anerson standing missionary WankzVR

Very nicely executed standing missionary by Lena Anderson and WankzVR – summer 2019

It simply recreates a realistic, 1st person point-of-view experience. And, the positioning/framing did as much as can be done with FOV limitations. As I’ve said repeatedly, the genuine game-changer for VR porn will be when field-of-view gets expanded vis a vis eye tracking.

The other cool thing about this segment is Lena’s very natural performance. Something about those Lena eyes, man!  This type of believable sexual expression, imo, is so much more captivating than the exaggerated antics often projected in other porn offerings.

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