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VRParadise – The Last Strip Club Open On Earth?

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Hey everybody, in February 2019 I discussed a VR porn game: Introducing VR Paradise. A little bit to my surprise, that article gets its share of visitors.

So, why am I surprised about that?

I don’t know, man. I guess I was underestimating the popularity and demand for 3D virtual porn games.

Anyway, I felt good about the article. I thought I did a good job with it. Why am I telling you that? I don’t know, man. Inferiority complex? Maybe…

So, VR Paradise seems to have a friendly, committed team behind it. They sent me a press release update. I’ll paste it below. I did a tiny bit of superficial editing that in no way alters the meaning.

And, it’s a very link-heavy press release. I’m removing some of the links because, no offense, but for this site…there’s just too damn many links, man.

I’ll tell you: it’s a real kick the way Coronavirus helped the VR Paradise project. As soon as I read that, I thought, “Yes, of course!”

Here’s the latest January 2021 VR Paradise press release:

VRParadise – The Last Strip Club Open On Earth?

The pandemic has radically changed the way we live, work and play. We went from open-space to teleworking in jogging-socks. The closure of physical stores moved our purchases to the digital realm. The closure of cultural and entertainment spaces sent us all online. We no longer go to the cinema: we subscribe to online services. We no longer go out with friends but do Zoom drinks. We swapped our console evenings for network games. And, we invested in digital equipment to ensure a certain level of comfort: PC, TV screen, console, and VR headsets.

Night clubs and strip clubs, also closed, have left a big void. Some found alternative solutions, such as Shon Boulden, owner of Lucky Devil in Oregon, who had the idea to create a « Food-2-Go-Go » service and sent his dancers to deliver meals and offer a quick little striptease while respecting social distancing!

This complicated situation benefited the launch of VRParadise. Its first results, already promising, were increased tenfold during lock down. Currently distributed on Steam, it has doubled the number of its players between 2019 and 2020! A real air bubble in these times of isolation! VRParadise has also just been ranked “silver” in Steam’s top VR 2020.

During the lockdown, VRParadise even received the support of T-Pain who published a funny and super enthusiastic gameplay on his social networks. 

“Our customers are our best ambassadors and we benefit from a close-knit and very enthusiastic community during these difficult times. Many of them tell us how much VRParadise plays an important role in their morale in these times of loneliness. It’s a real pride for us,” said Hervé Lucchi, CEO of Totem Entertainment.

History of VR Paradise:

VRParadise is a product of Totem Entertainment. Totem Entertainment is an independent French studio created in 1999 by two engineers from the video game industry and specializing in the creation of video overlay widgets for the entertainment industry. Their team is made up of senior developers reinforced with young talents from the best virtual reality schools.

VRParadise was released in December 2018 on Steam in “early access” among the first VR games from Valve, then in official version in January 2020; it was listed in Steam TOP 20 games in December 2019, alongside big names like Halo or Red Dead Redemption II. Steam members rate VRParadise “very positive”.

Building on the success of its 1st club, officially released in January 2020, VRparadise released its futuristic club “Utopia 2089” in May 2020 and covered the Halloween event with a terrifying surprise dance that caused a lot of ink and pixels to flow.

“This was a real turning point for the product,” said Hervé Lucchi, CEO of Totem Entertainment. “The initial version of VRParadise has reached 30 000 customers in 2020 and its progression is exponential! With this new futuristic club and the technological improvements we have brought to it, we are establishing ourselves as a key player in VR gaming and our customers prove it by sharing their enthusiasm and by their loyalty to the product from the start. We are very confident for the future, that’s why we have just hired a 3D artist, two new Unreal developers, a game designer and we now have our own motion capture studio.”

Okay, good luck Paradise.

Visit the VR Paradise Strip Club

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