CzechVR 30% off sale for 1000th scene release

A Very Rare Czech VR Sale Celebrates 1000 Releases

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CzechVR –> 6 years and 1000 releases later

It seems like just the other day findvrporn was reviewing CzechVR for the very first time. There wasn’t any coverage of them to be found on the Internet back then. Those first scenes, unsurprisingly, were a bit rough…but, then…something happened! All at once! That changed…everything….

Oh, Katy!

Come January 2016, they brought out a young lady named Katy, gave her a carrot, and the rest is history, gentlemen! Minds were exploding everywhere!

katy rose and carrot early CzechVR release January 2016

The January 2016 Katy Rose and her carrot movie really blew minds at the time and was a very important release in VR porn’s history.
A real landmark VR porn scene that hinted at what was to come…

1000 release milestone!

And, now…almost exactly six years later, they’re at their 1000th release milestone! …and, widely regarded as a world-class VR porn organization.

So, a couple things…probably of most interest to readers here is that CzechVR almost never runs discounts and sales. It’s a very fucking rare thing. But, before talking about that, we want to say…

Congratulations CVR on this accomplishment!

As you know, this is a big deal in our VR porn universe. Congratulations CzechVR on this major accomplishment! And, keep up the HORNY WORK, FELLAS!

Very rare 30% off sale from CVR

Well, they got one going right now: it’s the 30% OFF ANNIVERSARY SALE: I’d hop on the 6 month sub for $59.45, and I’d do it right now because this is a limited time, and when it ends, don’t expect another CzechVR sale any time soon. That’s not marketing hype. It’s just true. They don’t do sales much.

So, they’re calling it their anniversary sale, and major congratulations! And, I guess, in addition to the 1000 scenes, this probably does mark about exactly 6 years of existence…

CzechVR 30% off sale for 1000th scene release

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Czech VR 458 – Magnificent Seven: Part 1

So, the 1000th release is Czech VR 458 – Magnificent Seven: Part 1. It’s a big orgy featuring Alexis Crystal, Isabela De Laa, Jennifer Mendez, Jenny Wild, Lexi Dona, Lovita Fate, and Sofia Lee.

Oh, God damn the doggy style HORNY!

seven women doggy style posing for CzechVR

Brain box explodes with the horny overload!

My favorite moment in this scene…hands fucking down…is when all the girls are side-by-side doggy-style-posing on the couch shoving their gorgeous asses out as a slow moving camera gently goes down the line. GODDAMN HORNY!

We’ll see you right here when the 2000th release milestone is hit

Yeah, and we’re looking forward to the creative and innovative VR we see between now and then.

Findvrporn bikini cameltoe request: scene called, “I’m Cuckoo for Cameltoe”

Main thing findvrporn wants to see is a bikini cameltoe special on CzechVR Fetish where you line up multiple gals in bikinis and then do a VERY SLOW moving camera that’s set at their bikini camel toe level…in other words, the camera is lined-up directly on an even plane with the bikini camel toe… THANK YOU!

fancy CzechVR logo

Visit CzechVR fast for your 30% off discount!

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