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VR Porn’s Unsung Heroes of 2021 Part 1

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This is #findvrporn so you know damn well there’s going to be some lengthy bullshitting pontificating before we get to the actual list.

If you know of  an underappreciated VR porn studio that’s not on this list: you can say so in the comments. This is just Part 1. I’m already working on Part 2. If you feel strongly about a studio, go ahead and say so.

What does the title about unsung heroes of 2021 mean?

Summary: We give a very public shout-out to present-day, underrated VR porn scenes, studios and performers in this article.

My favorite thing about doing findvrporn.com is shouting-out  deserving VR porn studios that  aren’t getting the praise and credit they deserve. I don’t know why I’m like this…

I sure as hell AM NOT saying that I’m a virtuous person. I think it’s because as a man I feel like I’ve never gotten the credit I deserve. That’s a long story. I’m a Goddamn unsung hero: thus, I always feel kinship with underdogs…with the alienated, unappreciated, repressed, suppressed, pissed-on, beaten, shit-on and ignored.

TAKE NOTE: This is just PART 1. Now that this is finished, I realize there MUST be a Part 2. And, there will be! I’m leaving too many worthwhile underdogs out. If you feel strongly that I’m leaving one out, leave it in the comments. Also, if you find this article interesting, a few things.

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How are you making the determination that a VR porn studio is an “unsung hero” underdog?

There are four data sources to making this determination.

Some might feel this is putting too fine a point on things.

That’s what we do here. That’s part of my identity and the identity of this website: it’s an  analysis that quite frequently can go overboard. I’m okay with that. It makes it fun.

You can get the same-same cookie cutter, template bullshit everywhere. If that’s what you want, go there. If you don’t like doing some reading and some thinking and some analyzing and some…wait for it…corny-as-hell humor fails…you get the idea.

If you agree with me…

If you agree with me that findvrporn.com is a unique project, then you need to support it by tweeting, using the links, bookmarking, checking back, telling a friend, etc. We’ve lasted nearly 6 1/2 years so far. It’s kind of fucking amazing that a truculent fuckhead site like this that does WHATEVER THE FUCK IT WANTS… I WRITE HOWEVER THE FUCK I WANT HERE! It’s kind of amazing that a site like this even lasted! But, if you want findvrporn to keep on lasting: Send good vibes this way, MAN!

Data sources to determine the unsung heroes

So, my first data source is what’s being ignored online and what’s being attacked. Often the attacks are bad faith and simply attempts to harm a worthy competitor. I don’t like that shit. Truth is…it disgusts me.

One thing I’ve learned from doing this site is just how Goddamn crooked writ large this world is…I am very familiar with what the online subreddit sheeple talk about and don’t talk about.

I’m familiar with the paid and coordinated hitjob attacks that you see there: particularly on some subreddits…hell, findvrporn was the victim of such a bad-faith and coordinated Reddit hitjob. Spoiler alert: still here…

The hitjobs on studios never fucking end over at that toxic toilet…

…Suddenly there are a bunch of comments saying a studio is dishonest or sucks or…that they’re dishonest and suck. I’ve been around too long. I can pretty much tell you who’s sending out the Paypal payments on those and whose Paypal account that money’s going to. I can see what’s very purposefully being stifled and how it’s being done and who’s doing it.

And, a second data source is my traffic logs. I see what search terms people are typing into Google. Thus, I can also see what they’re not typing into Google. And, I can see the volume of these searches. I can deduce who/what people are trying to find. It’s not at all hard to figure out. It’s actually sort of impossible not to notice the patterns.

Additionally, this is a bit much to explain, but by carefully analyzing aspects of the “aggregator sites”…what are called VR Porn Netflixes like VRporn.com and POVR…I can get quite a bit of insight also. That’s my third data source.

Twitter is the fourth data source. There’s also manipulation there (followers and engagement can be bought), but if you know what you’re looking at, you can tell a lot by examining different aspects of Twitter including follower numbers, how much something gets Retweeted, etc. etc.

I’d say that’s enough for this to be a respectable analysis. What do you think? Can you think of some other metrics that are helpful in determining the popularity of a VR porn business?

Who’s not an unsung hero of VR porn?

As you can guess, the top-tier studios like VR Bangers, Naughty America VR, WankzVR, MilfVR, Virtual Real Porn, BaDoinkVR, Czech VR (though, you’ll see the CVR Fetish exception in Part 2), VR CosplayX, Virtual Taboo, and other similar organizations that you frequently see praised and that generate significant search levels, downloads, RT and such …these folks are generally acknowledged properly. Plenty of people are already saying they’re great. I’ve said it myself here repeatedly.

Why should I give any credibility to #findvrporn’s opinion?

I’ve been doing daily work in this industry since 2015. I have a pretty good general feel for it. Findvrporn has had an influence on this whole thing, but I don’t want to sound like a bragging asshole, so I’ll leave it at that.

And, I’m not being bribed by anyone ever to discuss (or not discuss!) anything. This is Goddamn important too! This site—like most entities on the Internet and life—makes money. Shocking! But, as I said, ain’t nobody paying to privilege their point of view here.

Do you mean these studios you’ll discuss are the best? So, who are the unsung heroes of 2021 VR Porn? How are you ranking them?

No, they’re not “the best.” If you’re interested in that type of thing, see the 2021 Findvrporn VR Porn Movie Awards.

The studios in this feature are ones that I feel don’t get the credit they deserve.

I’m ranking them—kind of sort of—based upon how intensely I feel they don’t get the credit they deserve.

Concerning who they are…

Let’s do this thing amigos and amigas!

Thagson VR – 360 degree example pointing towards VR porn’s future?

Thagson VR is releasing 360 degree VR porn scenes. So much could be said about this. So, let’s not get caught up in too many tangents such as discussing HoloGirls VR and early attempts at this etc.

Thagson VR: Which do you prefer more... hand or toy?

Thagson VR: Which do you prefer more… hand or toy? This is a 360 degree VR porn scene…there aren’t too many of these efforts out there.

Here’s the main thing: what Thagson VR’s attempting—the 360 degree part—is definitely one piece of the future of virtual reality/headset based porn.

360 degree virtual porn worlds with an expanded field of view along with higher resolution and 6 degrees of freedom and some haptic effects…no doubt about it that this is where things are headed in the shorter term in respect to actual VR in the headset (as opposed to AR)…the longer term will be actual brain modifications, of course, and I’m not sure that I want to see that…if you watch that one episode of Black Mirror you know what I’m talking about…


So, Thagson’s sort of heading the way of the future…And, with the 360 degree part: it looks a hell of a lot better than I was expecting. I’m keeping my eye on Thagson. If they can manage to last, I’m expecting good and innovative things from the Thagson gang.

Download Thagson VR scenes and get a taste of VR porn’s future

Ebony VR Solos – happy to see this dedicated studio

Many folks, including us, are happy to see some VR porn studios emerging that are dedicated to featuring women of color in horny 3D action. Ebony VR Solos is one of these newer specialty studios. And, I’m putting them up top here because I really want you good folks to support these guys so they can make it.

Ebony VR Solos scene Ebony Piss

Pictured above is an Ebony VR Solos scene Ebony Piss featurng slo-mo special effects

Download Ebony VR Solos scenes and get your ebony 3D horn on… NOW!

Gloss Tights Glamour – horny, solo teasing

If you’re a fan of solo VR porn teasing in stockings, tights, lingerie and such…say no more and just head over there. Personally, I’m over-the-top pervy for this sort of clothed teasing content, and I love it.

Louise stars in Tight Delight for Gloss Tights Glamour

Louise stars in Tight Delight for Gloss Tights Glamour…
We all remember this beautiful blonde knockout from her ZexyVR stuff…
I’ll tell you this… her ass looks Goddess like in these GTG scenes as well…

I recently did comprehensive reviews of both Gloss Tights Glamour VR and their sister site, Strictly Glamour VR. Check it out. The verdict was this:

“So, I think this stuff is great. Is there room for improvement? Yes, of course. They’re brand new to the VR porn side of things, and there’s a lot of room for better production, and, in particular, an all-around better optical experience.

With that said, I still find this 3D to be pretty fucking horny. If you go for traditionally beautiful women doing solo VR porn performances, you will want to check this out.”

Chelsea Chamberlain for Gloss Tights Glamour VR

Chelsea Chamberlain for Gloss Tights Glamour VR

Check out this Gloss Tights Glamour preview featuring Tommy to get a glimpse of the GTG flavor,


Take me directly to Gloss Tights Glamour VR… NOW! I’m horny for tights and stockings and beautiful women!

Take me to Strictly Glamour VR

Check out Gloss Tights Glamour scenes on VRporn/com

VR Foot Fetish – the studio name says it all!

I did a recent review of VR Foot Fetish and the verdict with these folks is that if you’re a VR porn consumer who wants 3D foot fetish content then you ought to save some time and just go subscribe now because they’re the only studio 100% dedicated to this niche presently. The execution and quality isn’t perfect, but it passes the necessary threshold to be fully wackable and horny.

Talia Mint for VR Foot Fetish

Talia Mint is a star performer at VR Foot Fetish

VR Foot Fetish is an unsung hero of VR porn 2021 because they’re the only VR porn studio completely dedicated to foot fetish content.

In the video below we see Petra: one of the VR Foot Fetish stars.

So, of course, not everyone is  enamored with foot 3D…but, I do very much appreciate to see studios going deep on a niche…I respect that! And, this fetish most certainly has its fans. And, for those folks: this is a GREAT time to be a alive, man!

Simoncina for VR Foot Fetish

They’re presently delivering a fully competent optical experience, and I know about their plans, and I’m expecting these guys to amp up their foot fetish horny in 2022.

Take me to VR Foot Fetish

Download VR Foot Fetish scenes on VRporn

POV Central VR – reliably horny

Veteran porn producer Enzo Barracuda is one of the best examples of a fella who put together a first-rate VR porn studio that’s just not getting its proper recognition. I’ve been covering these good folks for years because, as mentioned, I like to bring attention to horny 3D that’s not getting its proper attention.

Lingerie Dream Girls for POV Central VR

 Lovita Fate and Isabella de Laa in Lingerie Dream Girls for POV Central VR

And, recently I updated the POV Central VR review and we do a real deep-dive analysis into their 3D which you might enjoy. The bottom line is that this is high-quality, professional VR porn that,  I believe, doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

Take a peek at the Florane Russel sample clip from her full-length POV Central VR scene.

Download POV Central VR scenes and get to it, man!

Go directly to POV Central VR


VR Smokers – let me hit that square?

Since 2014, we’ve seen VR porn slowly head the niche direction, and this no doubt will much more intensely be the pattern in the coming years.

Presently, our friend Jimmy Draws of Jimmy Draws VR fame—Jimmy Draws review—has branched out with a dedicated sexy VR cigarette smoking site. This most definitely is not for everyone, but if this cig smoking stuff is your thing: prepare to have your world fucking rocked. Full review. You can even purchase individual videos from their site.

Visit VR Smokers directly at their site

Download VR Smokers scenes at VR Porn

Visit Jimmy Draws VR directly

Download Jimmy Draws VR scenes at VR Porn

perVRt – this studio has recently improved dramatically!

I feel like there’s so much to say about this perVRt studio I don’t know where to start. I maybe summarized it by explaining how they exhibit an intentional pursuit of a different VR porn aesthetic. And, a lot could be said about that.

Love is the drug episode 5 with Veronica Leal for the perVRt studio... interesting stuff

Love is the drug episode 5 with Veronica Leal for the perVRt studio… interesting stuff

But, for me, the thing that matters is this perVRt studio isn’t following the standardized VR porn template. They’re experimenting. They’re trying something new to achieve a different effect. The earliest efforts, for me, were rough as hell due to shaky camera. I’ve noticed, though, that this shaky issue has been sorted out in the newer releases. The newer releases are actually looking pretty fucking good. I’m not going to lie: I’m even a little surprised at how good they’re looking.

To illustrate this, here’s an early perVRt video:

And, here’s a newer one:

So, the perVRt gang has definitely next-leveled their VR.

3…2…1…Reddit: “Hey guys! The perVRt gang has definitely next-leveled their VR!!!”

Mia Evans for the perVRt studio

Mia Evans for the perVRt studio

If you’re feeling that VR porn is beginning to seem very…samey…then, 100% put this on your list of some 3D to check out. I’m not saying you’ll love it. But, it’s likely you’ll find it at least interesting.
Download a bunch of perVRt scenes from POVR

VR Allure – horny solo

VR Allure’s very easy to describe. They do damn horny solo VR porn scenes that you just don’t hear much about.

Laney Grey pink bikini VR Allure

Laney Grey in a bikini during a very horny VR Allure scene

But, if you enjoy beautiful women doing sexy solo 3D teases, 100% must see.

VR Allure presents Serena Santos (with bunny ears!)

VR Allure presents Serena Santos

So, we have a VR Allure review that you can read for a lot more info about the Allure Gang.

And, you can go check the out and sample and wack by visiting the VR Allure website

And, you can download VR Allure scenes at VR porn

Zexy – more horny solo

You know, for Zexy VR I’m just going to copy-paste the same summary from VR Allure above, because it fits. They do damn horny solo VR porn scenes that you just don’t hear much about. But, if you enjoy beautiful women doing sexy solo 3D teases, 100% must see.

Minnie for ZexyVR

If you like solo-teasing VR, you should have a look at ZexyVR.
Minnie for ZexyVR

Check out the preview below for ZexyVR’s Frankie in Pervy Perks. This gives you a little taste of the Zexy flavor.

Download ZexyVR scenes and VR with their stunning solo girls

Squeeze VR

I never see much promo or anything for these folks on Twitter or anywhere else. It appears they listened to my previous advice and started a Twitter account: but it has a scant 210 followers at the moment.

Squeeze VR review

With that said, the Squeeze gang is releasing surprisingly good VR porns. Much better than I would expect for an organization that’s this low-profile. I don’t know…some of these fellas might need to like hire someone to do a little social media/marketing for them.

I don’t know.

You know, I could say a lot about the marketing efforts of various porn organizations…some are fucking masters…and, some just don’t understand some very basic things. I’ll leave it at that.

Lady Gang for Squeeze VR

Lady Gang for Squeeze VR

Anyway, go take a look at the Squeeze VR scenes. I ain’t saying this is the best 3D I ever did see or anything. But, pretty fucking excellent for such an unknown outfit. I wrote a full Squeeze VR review up previously. Show these guys some support. If they stay at it, I think they have the potential to be somebody in this industry.

VR Edging

Rather than rewrite the same thing, let me just quote from my VR Edging review: ” VR Edging is the rare VR porn studio dedicated to blowjobs, edging, and footjobs. How is the VR? Is it worth your time and money?

If you’re into the blowjob-edging-footjob niche, yes…you absolutely MUST give this studio a try. It made a fan out of me. It’s included in the VR porn subscription, so even if it doesn’t quite do it for you: there’s a ton of other stuff that will if you look around over there.

VR Edging, though, on an optical/technical level, is actually quite good…it was a bit surprisingly good to me, honestly. And, as far as being dedicated to the blowjob/edging niche, this studio doesn’t have much competition.”

Vickie Brown VR Edging action

OMG! This beauty known as Vickie Brown knows how to handle a cock!

So, give the Edging gang a chance. They succinctly say of themselves: “VRedging wants you to experience slow sensual blowjobs from beautiful women in seamless pantyhose.”

And, VR Edging mixes in some other kinky stuff. For instance, check out the footjob compilation below.

Download and explore a different approach to VR porn with VR Edging


I wrote-up a pretty comprehensive SwallowBayVR review not too long ago.

Emma Hix for Swallowbay

Emma Hix for Swallowbay…
this is some horny stuff…

Here’s a little Swallowbay video preview of Leah Winters and some mouth magic.

So, let me just say here that I think Swallowbay has moments that are over-the-top horny. Check them out!

VR Conk

Captain Cock Arrow for VR Conk

A very adventurous VR porn scene – Captain Cock Arrow for VR Conk

So, I’m always going to argue that VR Conk is underrated because of just how technologically creative they try to get. Granted, they’re not 100% nailing the bullseye, but the point is that they’re the only Goddamn ones trying to really push the CGI and special effects to the breaking point. Check out their Get Laid In Wonderland release.

Get Laid in Wonderland starring Darcia Lee and Lovita Fate

Get Laid in Wonderland starring Darcia Lee and Lovita Fate

I respect and love the effort. I encourage you to take a look at these guys.

Go download creative and horny scenes from the VR Conk gang… support them…

Real Jam VR

Real Jam VR’s another one of these studios that doesn’t get mentioned enough.

Cuckold’s Revenge starring Verena Maxima: Oh my God, I FUCKING LOVE THIS SCENE… SO DAMN HORNY! This 3rd person POV horny-overload was one of my favorite scenes of the entire 2022. Check the preview below.

And, as far as Verena…I really think it may be love this time!

Real Jam VR releases some GODDAMN HORNY VR porns into the wild.

We will be closely monitoring Real Jam’s activity in 2022.

Good luck, RJ.

Go download Real Jam VR NOW!

Sins VR

SinsVR is another one of these studios that’s been releasing some Goddamn horny VR porn scenes into the wild for a while now…without really stirring up the proper level of acknowledgement.

I’ll tell you something…this is one man’s opinion, but the Lucy Li solo scene shown below…as far as I’m concerned, this would have to be somewhere in my Top 50 of horniest VR porn scenes of all time. I mean, this is GREAT stuff!

Lucy Li facesitting for SinsVR

This Lucy Li facesitting scene from 2019 is still fondly remembered.

That’s it for now.. Part 2 is now completed!

Continue reading this article by visiting the Unsung Heroes of VR porn 2021 PART 2

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