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VR Porn’s Unsung Heroes of 2021 Part 2

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Hi folks, trying to find good VR porn that’s a bit more obscure?

So, I’m calling this the Unsung Heroes of VR Porn, and that means a bunch of things that all combine into praising some underrated VR porn studios that just don’t get the credit, attention and recognition that I think they deserve. I pontificate about this at much greater length in the Unsung Heroes of VR Porn 2021 Part 1 and I’d encourage you to read that one first and the come back to this one…

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Deepinsex VR

From the Deepinsex VR review

“For me, Deepinsex falls into a category we see a lot these days. They’re not in the top-tier of VR porn finesse. Yet, they’re doing work that I think is meritorious and in some cases fully wack-worthy. We’ve discussed before that a 3D scene need not be perfection on earth to have a lot of erotic appeal.”

And, there are some gems in the mix. In particular, I found Nikole Nash’s scene, Bikini Model, to be mind-bending Goddamn horny! 

Nikole Nash stars in a bikini scene for Deepinsex

Nikole Nash’s scene is a keeper for sure….

Check out the Nikole Nash bikini preview below:

Download scenes from the Deepinsex studio from VR Porn

Download scenes from the Deepinsex studio from POVR

iStripper VR

iStripper banner for review article

iStripper VR does some good stuff.

From the iStripper review

“The basic concept recreates a backroom private dance area in a stripclub. The idea is that when a fella’s in a stripclub, he can pay extra loot for some private one-on-one time. And, that’s the setting for the iStripper movies from beginning to end. This works for me just fine. I mean…not a complicated concept, but who cares? It’s a horny set-up lending itself, obviously, to an endless supply of releases: just grab a new gal and shoot.”

I’ll tell you something fucking over-the-top Goddamn horny. It’s the Melena Maria Rya preview below for her iStripper scene.. HORNY!

iStripper…let me put it like this…when I see an iSripper VR porn scene over at VR porn, I automatically download it every time. Seriously, this is true. And, that probably says it all. I would like to see them branch out a bit with some camera techniques, but I do like what’s provided.

Paola Hard for iStripper

Paola Hard for iStripper… Paola put on a very memorable strip performance for the iStripper gang… imagine Paola on your lap!

Download iStripper VR porn scenes

Muscle Worship VR

From the Muscle Worship review

“So, in respect to what I call the VR Porn Standards, this Muscle Worship VR new studio is leaving a lot of check boxes unchecked. But…and here’s a very significant “but”…there really ain’t nobody else so strictly and enthusiastically dedicated to this muscle-bound woman fetish. That’s why I’m giving them—despite the shortcomings—this extremely high score of 95…because, they are the only one doing this!”

Lisa Cross

Lisa Cross – this elite women’s bodybuilder can now be enjoyed in 3D!

So, when I gave Muscle Worship the once-over…it’s true that there’s a lot of room for improvement with the optical quality, but as I said, this is the only game in town for this type of female bodybuilder content! And, when you’re the only one doing something, you’re an unsung hero to #findvrporn.

Keep rocking and perfecting your craft Muscle Worship VR!

Check out Muscle Worship VR scenes


VRixxens review header

The VRixxens studio

From the VRixxens review

“The sets are pretty no-frills. And, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of narrative or contextual relationships. For me, the absence of these things is just fine…sometimes preferable…so, I don’t say it as a put-down, but I mention it because some folks do like that stuff.

Although there doesn’t seem to be much which distinguishes this studio’s work: it is completely acceptable VR porn with some horny moments here and there.”

Eva WIld Basic Instinct Cum In My Mouth for VRixxens

Eva WIld Basic Instinct Cum In My Mouth for VRixxens

Download VRixxens at POVR

Download VRixxens over at VRporn

Fuck pass VR – international VR Porn fun

FuckPass now has 8 scenes over at VR porn, and I like the concept. The idea is that you’re visiting different nations and 3D fucking one of the local gals. Really…great concept! And, the execution ain’t too bad.

Fuckpass VR review header image

Rebecca Volpetti fucks for FuckPass VR

From the FuckPassVR review

“The first scene—Sunny And Creamy In Italy With Rebecca Volpetti—is surprisingly well-executed.

Now, I’m not saying this is what I call top-tier VR porn. But, seriously…I give it a weak 7 on a 1-10 scale. And, that doesn’t happen often with a studio’s first scene.

That makes me suspect that this may not be their first actual scene. Or that there’s another more established VR operation behind this.”

Check out Elena Lux’s FuckPass VR preview and you can see that this is pretty polished work.

Go download Fuck Pass VR scenes


Sassy Tiff with dildo for WoowVR

Sassy Tiff with dildo for WoowVR

From the Woow VR review

WoowVR studio is a damn fun organization releasing VR porn scenes that primarily feature a horny young gal named Sassy Tiff. Sassy Tiff is a pretty young thang with a seemingly insatiable sexuality. Woow VR is going to scratch the itch for a guy who wants a pretty young girl in the VR porn scene doing some masturbation squirting/gushing stuff…BUT…the consumer guy doesn’t want some slickly-produced, professional porn effort. That’s to say, a consumer who wants a well-executed amateur vibe.”

Go get horny with Sassy Tiff and the Woow gang

Tadpole XXX VR – amateur gangbang

From the Tadpole VR review

“Well, the summary is basically amateur gang bang VR porn scenes. In specific, as you can see in their self-description, their scenes involve fans fucking the gals…

So, there’s a unique fucking aesthetic to this TadPoleXXX VR porn. That’s the sentence I’ve been struggling to come up with! Now we’re getting somewhere. TadPoleXXX VR has got its own TadPoleXXX aeshetic!

There’s an itch this is going to scratch in a way that nobody else hits.

You should go over and watch a preview and see for yourself because in some ways their gig is hard to describe.”

And, I think that’s a fair way to describe Tadpole. You’re not getting world-class VR porn optics, but that’s not the objective here. TadpoleXXX throws out the existing VR porn template and does its own thing.

Tadpole’s a hero for just totally not giving a fuck about the popular conventions of VR porn.

Go download Tadpole scenes

Immoral Family

From the Immoral Family VR review

“It’s like this: what you see in the headset is a 3D simulation of being on a VR porn set that’s filming a 2D porn movie. You know, conceptually: I LOVE THIS IDEA!

Now, concerning the delivery—the VR porn optical experience—there’s plenty of room for improvement there.

How so?

You know, all the things you’d expect #findvrporn to mention: better clarity, better camera positions, better sound quality, more depth changes, more perspective switches, etc. etc.

Those sort of improvements in no way conflict with this studio’s meta sorta dealio of presenting the 3D reality of a 2D gonzo porn shoot.

Anyway, even presently, it’s good enough to enjoy.”

Immoral Family VR review

So, Immoral Family is some clever, fun stuff that has a way to go before being a world-class optical experience. But, it’s very clear the porn veterans behind this operation are on that track. I’m expecting a lot of good stuff from Immoral Family VR in 2022. I really hope these good folks hang in there and keep perfecting their craft because they bring a template-busting originality to this game.

Immoral Family VR

Immoral Family VR

Elena Vedem – Part 1 – Demands Two Dicks preview from Immoral Family VR embedded below:

Check out some Immoral Family VR scenes

Pip VR – all about Lina

From the PipVR review

“This studio is offering something unique that you ain’t getting anywhere else. And, that unique proposition is an intimate 3D experience with a gal called Lina. That’s what’ll get you to pull out your credit card. You want a 3D Lina.

And, Lina does a great job in these scenes of connecting with the viewer through this 3D medium which is filled with abstracts and intangibles when it comes down to transmitting a human connection.

Great fucking job Lina and Pip.”

Lina Roselina boyfriend caught her masturbating scene for Pip VR

Lina Roselina boyfriend caught her masturbating scene for Pip VR

Check out the preview for Lina Found A Dildo below. Great fucking name for a scene, by the way.

Download PipVR scenes and have the…LINA EXPERIENCE!

Okay, that’s it for Part 2…there will be PART 3… BOOKMARK!

That’s the end of Part 2 of the 2021 Unsung Heroes of VR porn. There’s still more to go. It wouldn’t be right to leave out these worthy motherfuckers who have given their all to bring you horny 3D.

We’re not finished…there’s a Part 3 to this…I’m not bullshiting you folks when I say that it’s important to me that some of these under recognized VR porn studios get some attention. I do what the fuck I can, man. If you like it…spread this website like wildfire over dry brush that’s covered in lighter fluid…or something…

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