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7 Best VR Banger Scenes of 2021

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Okay, by “Best VR Banger” scenes I mean that these are my 7 personal favorites of 2021. Lately I’ve been doing BEST OF 2021 things like the FindVRporn 2021 awards and 2021 Unsung Heroes of VR porn.

Now, if I explained in great detail why these 7 scenes were my personal favorites…it’d take too long. Believe me, you don’t want that. You can deep-dive the reviewing factors, though, by going here. Oh, and I’m not going to repeat the same choices I made in the movie awards. You good folks already know that info.

Okay, let’s do this…we’re not going in chronological order. And, I’m not ranking these. I’m just saying that these are seven particularly stand-out VR Bangers scenes from 2021. This is all about trying to put 2021 in perspective. Why? It’s what we do over here…

Athena Farris in The Wedding Planner

“…That is how we came up with the idea for The Wedding Planner VR XXX scene – a blonde VR porn experience inside of which you will be visited by a professional wedding planner played by Athena Farris. You will be the owner of a huge hall that the girl would love to use for the wedding of her client – and the biggest problem is that she loved it so much and that it is so perfect for the needs of her paymaster that she has already told the young couple that it has been reserved for them… while there are no free dates in your schedule! Now the girl will have to do pretty much anything to make sure that you will free date for her and her clients – and since she is risking her entire professional career, she will be super-determined to make sure that you two will make that deal today…”

Athena Faris with those tanlines and those eyes and that hair and those Goddamn horny heels! Oh, help and give me strength! And, that ass! When Athena bends over with that skirt on…a fella imagines getting behind her and pulling that little thong to the side and Lord have mercy! Must see VR.


Lola Fae and Vanna Bardot in Obsession

“This year we should scare the shit out of you as on behalf of our latest virtual reality porn experience made for this spooky season you are going to get kidnapped! Yes, in the Obsession – our newest threesome VR porn video – Lola Fae will kidnap you, as she has always had a crush on you, and now, when she has finally gotten out of the psychiatric hospital, she can finally be with you and she has planned a bright future for you together! The point is that inside of this virtual reality sex fantasy you will be the boyfriend of Vanna Bardot – and the girl did not forget about you and is here today to save your ass from the hands of this psycho. Unfortunately (or maybe not?) she will get caught during the process and will be forced by the other girl to do many weird things to your body in front of her – including sucking your cock and fucking you to prove that she indeed is better and that she can fuck you so well that she really deserves your attention.”

These two beauties were put in a scene that really pushed the existing creative boundaries of VR porn. And, to Bangers: more like this! And, more Lola and Vanna…everybody would be glad for an encore of this duo!

Download Lola Fae and Vanna Bardot in their VR Bangers scene

Jamie Michelle in The Missing Kitten

“Have you ever lost your beloved animal? Then you probably know how much this could hurt – and imagine if you were a lonely sensitive girl like our brunette VR porn star, Jamie Michelle, to who that terrible thing happened… what a tragedy! On behalf of our latest MILF VR porn movie called The Missing Kitten, you will be able to “save the day”, though, as the poor little kitty of our hot Jamie has been last seen in your own backyard. Grab your phone and ask your friends whether they have seen this little pussy and maybe, if you will play it right, you are going to get yourself another pussy as a fair trade – what a win-win situation, right?! Inside of this VR porn scene with a girl with big tits you will have the opportunity to do what is right and to get awarded right away…”

OMG, it’s Goddamn Jamie Michelle. I love Jamie because she looks just like..okay, when I was 15, my friend’s mom was about 30, and I was so Goddamn horny for that beauty and her fucking bikini. Oh, Jamie you bring back memories! And, allow for rich fantasy inside the headset let me tell you! I LOVE the close-up missionary in this scene! Honestly, I like super wanna doggy Jamie for a few days. I said it! I’m on an honesty trip, man!


Hime Marie in Termination Letter

“Would you do just anything to keep your job? Well, on behalf of our latest office VR porn movie, Hime Marie will be really determined to keep hers – and since you will become her boss, it will be only up to you whether you will let her stay or not. Inside of this anal VR porn scene, Hime will become your secretary, who is not especially good at her job… Honestly speaking, she will be so bad that you will already have that Termination Letter (just like the name of this VR XXX experience in 8K UHD) prepared for her, and as soon as she will notice it… she will start begging you to keep that job. She will spill some of the water on your crotch ACCIDENTALLY to help you up cleaning it and, in a professional way, get closer to your cock. Then it will all get even more intimate, as while helping you out with the stain, she will soon tell you that she knows about the letter and that she is willing to do everything that is within her might to not get fired…”

Oh, Hime baby. Such a horny beauty! Hime is such a master with the sideways-cowgirl-pussy-swivel. Oh, my fuck I’d last for about 3 seconds before my champagne cork goes blasting through the ceiling. I think I could handle maybe two hip swivels.


Download Hime Marie in Termination Letter

Alina Ali in Call Me Maybe

“…you will get to work in the same office with a pretty young cutie, Alina Ali, who will be sharing a little bit more than just a professional courtesy with you. Inside of this ebony VR porn scene, Alina will become your slutty co-worker and… your lover, who’s cheating her husband with you. Today, in the middle of your 1-on-1 time, her husband called, and since he is really suspicious about her, she can’t go out of her role and has to keep talking with him. So now when you two are having this meeting together and there is only you and her… what could you possibly do? The girl is really horny and she definitely can’t wait for your dick any minute more, so she is not going to stop playing with it – thus now she will be doing both of these things at the same time. Can you fuck her so hard that her husband will notice that during this phone call? “

Oh, Alina, to doggy you would be a dream. I love how Alina keeps a bit of clothing of for some of the hump-and-bump action. SO DAMN HORNY! I hope the Bangers gang brings her back for many more scenes.


Download Alina Ali in Call Me Maybe

Gianna Dior in Gianna’s Bodywork

“How much do you care about your car? Ok, we know the answer – do not trouble yourself, man. We know that the car is one of the most important things in every man’s life – and we get that, really. And would you put your vehicle under Gianna Dior’s care? Yeah, she indeed is one of the hottest brunette VR porn stars in the industry, but is she a good mechanic? Actually no, she is not. And she will fuck up your beloved car inside of our latest teen VR porn movie called Gianna’s Bodywork – and now she is about to get her petite little ass in a huuuuuge trouble. Or maybe, maybe if she could convince you to stay calm and not report her to her boss? She will promise that she will get that car fixed… but a little later than expected, though, and that you only have to be a little bit more patient and it will be OK! “

Gianna Dior! I don’t know what to say. I don’t need to say anything. Every dude out there wants to shove his cock in Gianna. There. I said it. you know it’s true! This scene is beautifully filmed. And, I especially appreciated how the camera got really tight on the missionary and the stand-up from behind was Goddamn mind-breaking HORNY!

Download Gianna Dior in Gianna’s Bodywork

Gia DiBella in Give Gia a Ride

“Bimbos, chavettes, gold diggers… they have many different names, but they all care about the very same thing – about your god damn car! They are getting wet when seeing a good piece of an expensive vehicle, and usually, they are willing to do everything on the back seat of such a car – and today you will get to take advantage of that in our latest outdoor VR porn video called Give Gia A Ride. Inside of this Asian VR porn movie, Gia DiBella will approach you when seeing that you have a pretty nice car standing in front of you – and only in a matter of minutes you will clearly understand her intentions when watching her choke on your cock and playing with your balls….”

Gal gorgeous Gia has a ton of fans in the VR porn community, and I think it has to do with her passionate fuck game combined with a really unique, sexy look. And, damn…she got some big bouncy ones for such a little gal. Also hope to see a lot more of Gia in 3D this year!


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