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NAVR India Summer Remastered

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So, Naughty America VR has been remastering scenes.

Why should you care?

Well, Naughty America VR was one of the very early entrants into the so-called “VR porn space.” (This lingo gets a bit irritating.)

Anyway, they were damn early, and you can read about that history in my Naughty America VR review.

Anyway, those earliest scenes from 2015 and 2016…look, there were inevitably shortcomings to everything released by everybody during that time period. The technology and production and methods have come a long way in the past seven years.

That’s why it’s so cool to see these early scenes getting remastered. Keep them coming Naughty gang.

In this case, they’ve remastered their India Summer American Daydreams VR porn scene. I see I reviewed this scene in early August 2016. This scene was a sort of fun take that was goofing around about subreddits. At the time, that was pretty hilarious. Presently, after seeing how crooked and manipulated these subreddits get…well, that part isn’t so amusing anymore.

But, the part that will never change is that India Summer is a Goddamn sexy-slinky beauty captured during this moment in time here in 3D…and, this remaster makes everything better and really pays a lot of respect to these early pioneering VR porn scenes.

Nicely done NA and India.

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