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Thoughts about Project Cambria and Meta Quest Pro and Zuckerberg’s aspiration/vision

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Meta Project Cambria and Meta Quest Pro

Additionally, I’m hella-hyped eye-out for Oculus Meta Project Cambria which is supposed to natively incorporate full-color, realistic augmented abilities. Now, I’ve done a lot of clicking around reading various articles from sources of varying credibility levels…and, there are a lot of speculations about Cambria and another term seen a lot these days is the Oculus Meta Quest Pro.


Now, we all know I’m somewhat of an idiotic asshole, and I’m just having a harder time than you other folks in felicitously adopting the Meta part… SAY META NOT OCULUS! SAY META INSTEAD GOD DAMN IT!

Metaverse Meta Zuckerberg

Honestly, I don’t like the name Meta for a company.

I get why Zuckerberg chose that: there’s this whole grandiose vision of tracked facial/eye movement in the headset that corresponds to your virtual, metaverse representation. And, the virtual you exists in an interconnected metaverse strapped to your face. But I really don’t think the mainstream/ubiquitous future is going to unfold like that. Or, I could say, I think this could potentially be a somewhat niche tool that’s used, perhaps, in certain corporate type—dare I say, globalist—contexts, but I don’t see this strapped-on metaverse ever getting any type of significant, regular Joe-type adoption.

They think this is the natural evolution of the ubiquitous smartphone. No, I don’t see it going that way in the short or long term. I see this as having very limited appeal. And, I see it’s time frame—even as a limited appeal thing—as being quite choppy and transitional.

I think people are going to be damn surprised by the speed that actual human brain implant type of stuff takes off…there’s that Black Mirror episode, The Entire History of You.  I think those guys are fucking geniuses. I could really picture it going like that. I see that having widespread fucking appeal.

Zuckerberg is picturing the VR/AR/XR type headset replacing the desktop computer and laptop and Skype and television and smartphone and physical conference room.  He’s picturing a world where we’re spending the majority of our time with this thing strapped to our faces…balance, Danny son!

Demoting the physical world – no thanks

The dream for them, it would seem, is to separate people from their physical, worldly, conventionally embodied existence in a fundamentally psychologically-shattering manner. They’re envisioning a world in which we largely exist seated in a chair while tricking our brains into believing we’re in an intangible, virtual environment. A place where we’re buying virtual clothes and outfits and tophats for our “avatars.”

Um, no thanks.

Here’s the thing….and, no offense intended to anyone, but this is a fantasy that doesn’t agree with everyone. A lot of folks like existing primarily in the physical world. Millions of years of human evolution and adaptation to physical and tangible challenges has that effect. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that’s so easy to override.

What’s inevitable is human beings themselves being augmented* as they continue to exist and flow through a physical world that’s drastically tweaked through their very altered embodiment.

* I really should say human beings continuing to augment themselves because we already do this eyeglasses and contact lenses and pacemakers and knee replacements, etc. I’ll bet on the trend that doesn’t fundamentally run counter to our entire human history.

This site, for example, is about VR porn. I felt that because the dating and marriage world is so inherently perilous for men these days…truth be told, the legal world is so thoroughly stacked against a man when the relationship fails…that VR porn was a pretty good solution because a man still has sexual desires. And, the VR porn gave a very realistic and even somewhat satisfying sexual release.

But, you know…people are free to do what they want…but, I see it like a dude gets his high-tech wack on in the morning, takes a shower, and then goes the hell about his day in THE PHYSICAL WORLD… you might not expect this opinion from the Internet’s 1st VR porn review website, but I don’t think you’re supposed to live inside the dang thang…

What’s coming next?

What do you guys think? What do you think  awaits us in, say, fifteen…twenty years down the line? Or maybe you’re thinking this will all be widely adopted sooner??

Honestly, I hope not. Yes, as mentioned, I’m all for some spirited VR wacking, etc. Sure, I love and worship Sharon White’s bubble butt in 3D as much as anyone! You’re damn right I do!

But, if the future is a gaggle of geekies spending the majority of their waking hours with a Goddamn thing strapped to their face…Balance. Danny son!

Truth is…I’d much rather see a future in which people exist and live with romantic robots before they spend a major chunk of their waking hours  in a chair spinning about in the so-called metaverse.


Cambria and Quest Pro are 2 separate and different gizmos…I think

My impression—from all the aforementioned clicking—is that Project Cambria and the Oculus Quest Pro (really kind of an Oculus Quest 3) are indeed two different devices. My sense is that Cambria will be more expensive and more sophisticated than the Quest Pro. In particular, it seems that Cambria likely will have more sophisticated AR abilities…

Tons of ideas for Project Cambria porn!

I’m so hyped about seeing augmented reality porn creep into the virtual reality experience. I already have A TON of ideas about how to shoot porn for Project Cambria, but this time around…sorry…it’s not like last time where I gave away all my ideas here for free…sorry. I got royally screwed and one particular collection of spammy scumbags….nevermind…but, anyway, this time around I will sell ideas and the roadmap to a horny filming methodology with this new technology to a studio that wants to work together: get in touch through this form.

I’m not bullshitting you or blowing smoke. If you have a production company, and you’re trying to figure out how to proceed with what’s coming…no bullshit…use that Goddamn contact form.

Go back into the archives and read for a while. Read, among other things, about the inception of face fetish VR porn and truncated shots. You’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. It’s why findvrporn was banned from that subreddit. A couple players—mainly one—were threatened by our influence.

All righty.

Furthermore, we can expect new things from Apple VR in the form of a mixed headset, purportedly, and I’m damn curious about that.

There’s also something new from PlayStation VR in the pipeline that I’m not too interested in.

And, there’s a bunch of happenings in the tethered to computer VR market, but I’m not paying as close attention to that as some. I believe the future of VR/AR is untethered.

But, anyway you look at it you can see that your technological masturbation experience is going to NEXT FUCKING LEVEL…and, Goddamn soon! Bookmark findvrporn.com and keep checking back I’m fucking clicking, baby!

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