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CzechVR Interview November  2022: CzechVR presents an interesting case in the VR porn universe. While not the most popular studio, it often seems they have the most loyal and enthusiastic supporters. I’m not saying that other VR porn studios don’t have loyal and intense fans. They absolutely do. But, observing CVR since their 2015 origins…let’s just say the people that like CzechVR, REALLY LIKE CzechVR. See the updated  Czech VR review.

Another defining characteristic of CVR is their responsiveness to subscriber input. If you have a great idea, CzechVR is a studio that will deliver it for you in full detail! You’ve got to love that!

And, another damn fucking cool thing about CVR is that you can get one hell of a sample taste for free.

Findvrporn is thankful  to CzechVR for having this discussion with us. And, honestly, we’re also thankful for all the horny 3D these good folks have put into our headsets.

Here’s the interview with CzechVR’s CEO. Enjoy. And, please tweet and follow.

Tru Kait

Findvrporn: Hi there my good fellow. What was the most successful CVR scene of 2022?

CzechVR: The Tru Kait scene CVR 524 was the most popular and most downloaded.

Tru Kait in a CzechVR scene Fun Pool Activity

Tru Kait in a CzechVR scene Fun Pool Activity
Synopsis: Tru Kait is a smoking hot babe and she loves having sex with you. She just can’t get enough of your body and you feel the same way about her. Being in a pool with you, seeing you naked makes her so horny, she just can’t keep calm anymore. This girl needs your cock and she needs it badly.

Findvrporn: Why? What about that scene clicked with so many people?

CzechVR: Tru Kait is a nice and famous actress. She seems to have a natural VR intimacy to her. She has great VR instincts!

Tru Kait 3D fucking in the pool

Tru Kait 3D fucking in the pool

Who did you like in 2022?

Findvrporn: What other VR porn studio did you like in 2022?

CzechVR: I don’t follow the other studios much, but Wankz/POVR and SLR. VR Hush made great progress this year.

Findvrporn: I think Hush, VR Allure and Fuckpass all are underrated. Why don’t you follow the other studios? Do you feel like you have nothing to learn from them?

CzechVR: We don’t have much time to follow the competition. Instead, we focused on ourselves and feedback from the members.

CzechVR’s 2023 plans

Findvrporn: What’s in the CVR plans for 2023?

CzechVR: We will add support for other VR players and teledildonic devices. We are following the manufacturer and waiting for a quality 8K 60fps camera. We are still waiting to see how Meta Quest Pro and passthrough mode will turn out.

VR porn players and teledildonic plans for CzechVR

Findvrporn: Which VR players and teledildonic devices will you be adding support for?

CzechVR: We have Lovense in development and are still waiting to see if HereSphere will add more teledildonics devices. We already have The Handy API implemented for HereSphere. Next player in our todo list is Playa VR.

Findvrporn: Yes, I noticed that you have a  page that explains how to get the Handy working with CzechVR scripts. What about camera plans? Which manufacturer are you following concerning the quality 8K camera?

CzechVR: We haven’t yet decided on the manufacturer. I’ll follow and pay attention to the entire range of what’s new in 8K 60fps.

About HereSphere and about Lovense

Findvrporn: What do you think about HereSphere compared to other players like DeoVR, Skybox, etc.?

CzechVR: HereSphere has the best API support compared to DeoVR, where there is only a base.

Findvrporn: When do you expect the Lovense development to be done?

CzechVR: I have absolutely no idea about Lovense. We have more internal things to deal with like a PHP 7 / Nginx server upgrade…so I don’t know if it will happen this year.

About VR Intimacy

Findvrporn: Has VR Intimacy gotten a good response?

CzechVR: Yes, of course. Response to VR Intimacy has been big and quite popular.

VR Intimacy 021 - Dark-Skinned Beauty starring gorgeous Sofia Vega

VR Intimacy 021 – Dark-Skinned Beauty starring gorgeous Sofia Vega

VR Intimacy plans for 2023

Findvrporn: What sort of release schedule for VR Intimacy in 2023? Are we going to see any more side projects by Czech VR?

CzechVR: We have shot one video, which should be released in the near future. We could not find suitable models: so, I can’t give much info about the release schedule beyond this. We want mostly girls who only do solo and girl/girl.  Most of the models need to work more days to make it worth it to travel, but we can’t promise them that. So agencies are looking for work from more productions. 

About Alissa Foxy and Cara Mell

Findvrporn: Who did you shoot for the next VR Intimacy release?

CzechVR: Alissa Foxy. We did more solos with her and one GGG.

Findvrporn: When do you think the next VR Intimacy release will be after the Alissa Foxy one?

CzechVR: I don’t know, we have some offers for new girls, but it depends on whether they will have time or will be in CZ. We already have almost full bookings for this year.

Findvrporn: Do you think you’ll ever shoot another VR Intimacy scene with Cara Mell? She is a Goddess on earth! And, that particular scene is just shot really well. If I were choreographing a scene, that’s about how I’d do it.

Actress Cara Mell performs a HORNY solo for the VR Intimacy studio from May 2019

Actress Cara Mell performs a HORNY solo for the VR Intimacy studio from May 2019

CzechVR: If Cara Mell comes to CZ, we’ll definitely do more. But, she probably does mainly Onlyfans. (Update: CzechVR subsequently inquired and learned that Cara Mell is no longer in the adult industry. We wish her luck in her endeavors.)

VR Porn and society

Findvrporn: Do you think that—in the present moment—VR porn has changed society in any way? In other words, do you think it’s had an effect on dating etc. in real life? And, a similar question: do you think it will change society at all down the line…say 15 years from now when it’s become much more mainstream and even more sophisticated?

CzechVR: I think so, but to what extent I cannot estimate. And not only VR, but also in combination with teledildonics, which is also constantly improving.

Findvrporn: Even the present state of say The Handy combined with a CVR scripted scene really makes me wonder about the future of things like strip clubs, Tinder, traditional dating, etc. Do you have the feeling that all the stuff (VR, AR, teledildonics) is just at its infancy and that it’s all going to radically change our society gender relations but that a lot of people just don’t see this coming? Do you think about things like this?

CzechVR: I don’t think about it, even VR and teledildonics is still niche. In general, completely different things are happening in Europe and nobody knows what will happen.

Findvrporn: How is what’s happening in Europe different?

CzechVR:  Well, especially in CZ, we have high inflation and energy prices now due to the war in Ukraine.

About rough sex VR porn

Findvrporn: Is there a limit on the roughness of CVR B/G scenes? What’s the limit? Are things like “pornstar punishment” scenes no longer allowed? By that I mean scenes where they simulate a very rough/dominant sexual experience (all in an acting/dramatic sense).

CzechVR: Yes, we dropped the harder dominant scenes. Just because of possible problems in the future.

Findvrporn: Does that have to do with credit card processors?

CzechVR: Yes.

Findvrporn: That’s a shame.

CzechVR: The view of things changes every year.

Findvrporn: How long have you been in the porn industry?

CzechVR: Me, personally…over 15 years.

Findvrporn: Do CVR sales increase every year? At what rate?

CzechVR: I’ll keep that to myself, but yes, the VR porn industry is growing thanks to Oculus.

Augmented reality porn

Findvrporn: Did you look at the new Naughty America AR work?

CzechVR: I know about it but I haven’t tried it.

Findvrporn: Do you see AR being a major part of CzechVR’s future?

CzechVR: I’m curious what will happen when Apple VR/AR comes out.

Findvrporn: That’s supposed to be soon, right? 2023?

CzechVR: Yes, but I talked to people who are very interested in AR and it will be a while before there will be quality AR porn.

Face close-ups in VR porn

Findvrporn: One thing I always wondered is…when a studio shoots a traditional B/G VR porn scene….the female talent is already there and ready to go….why not just film 10 or 15 minutes of solo footage so you get 2 releases out of the same video session? Sure, you probably have to pay more, but the woman and the cameras are already there. Why not get a bonus solo release out of the same session?

CzechVR: And the actor will wait? Solo photography? If there is time, we do a solo after the B/G, but even for actresses, the B/G is difficult and they don’t always want to do a solo. Even the preparation of the solo takes time.

Findvrporn: I guess it’s a lot more complicated than it seems to somebody who doesn’t do VR productions such as myself. Another thing I wonder about is during the B/G scenes, why not just have a minute or two of footage that’s just a close-up of the woman’s face? Do you think that the majority wouldn’t want that?

CzechVR: We try to include intimacy in the video, but not every actress can do it, and I don’t know if it would bother someone. Most viewers want action or a face section during the sexual action in a B/G scene.

Findvrporn: Do you mean that some actresses would object to doing the face segment? That’s interesting and I’ve wondered about that. By “object” I mean that some actresses wouldn’t want to do it?

CzechVR: No, I mean the intimacy aspect.

Findvrporn: You mean that not every actress is capable of creating a VR intimacy?

CzechVR: Intimate scene, whispers, kisses, long looks into the camera. Concerning what you said about a minute or two of a face close-up in B/G scenes, how do you imagine it? Stop the action and have the female talent give the camera a two minute static look? The majority want action or a face close during the action, and even that is a problem for some actresses and I am afraid that the actress will not have a suitable distance from the camera. For intimacy, the cameraman created distance with a moving camera. Yes, for some actresses it is a problem. They are not used to it from classic 2D porn.

Findvrporn: You guys have done it already with a close static camera in some sections of the VR Intimacy scenes, I believe (from memory). One thing I’ve found very interesting since the very start of VR porn is the resistance to just hold the camera close to a woman’s face. Do you agree with my impression about this?

CzechVR: Yes.

Findvrporn: Why do you think this is? I find this very interesting.

CzechVR: Well, it can be skipped, because it increases the time of the video, the filming data, etc. I think we should try to do it differently with casting in our 2D porn shooting. VR is totally different. This was not done very well in 2D, and then they have problems with it as well Or at least European actresses.

Findvrporn: So, sometimes you could have the camera very close to the actresses face and she might say, “I don’t like this.” ??

CzechVR: No, but they don’t know what to do. They look elsewhere.

About CzechVR’s level of popularity

Findvrporn: All right, so, thank you for being so generous with your time! Much appreciated. I’ve liked you guys for a long time. First though, one other thing…Something else I’ve wondered: Why is it that CVR seems to have a very loyal fanbase online but doesn’t seem to receive as much recognition in the larger porn industry?

CzechVR: We don’t have American actresses. We are a small European/Czech production. The videos are not in English. And we don’t even seek recognition and awards.

Findvrporn: That’s what I’ve thought, also. I was just wondering if there was something that I was overlooking, and I guess it really is that simple. No matter how high-quality the work is…if it’s not an American production, it won’t get the same level of recognition. I’ll send you the interview BEFORE I publish it so if there’s anything I’m getting wrong, you can correct it BEFORE it gets published.

CzechVR: Ok, thank you. And please correct my bad English.

Findvrporn: No problem my friend. You’re actually pretty good!  Thank you!

CzechVR: You’re welcome. Europe is still a small VR market compared to America.

Findvrporn requests a very specific CzechVR Fetish release

Findvrporn: Oh, something else I wanted to ask you: For CzechVR Fetish, can you please shoot a bikini cameltoe worship video where you have the woman try on multiple different bikini bottoms and panties and really zoom in there with your 3D camera?

CzechVR: I’ll forward to the production guys, but I can’t make any promises.

About Agatha Vega’s Tease You scene

Findvrporn: By the way, in CVR 537 with Agatha Vega… I just noticed this…but you actually kind of do what I was mentioning earlier.

CzechVR 537 with Agatha Vega

CzechVR 537 with Agatha Vega.
What’s so cool about this release is it has a 15 minute solo before the B/G section

“I imagine that in the beginning of the scene, you have a woman who’s awaiting the arrival of the male talent. She’s getting ready and then she sits down as she’s waiting and then just hold the camera in her face for a minute. If somebody doesn’t like that, they can skip the minute.”

In that scene there’s 15 minutes of a solo teasing before the male talent arrives to fuck Agatha. I fucking love that formula. It’s almost like a VR Intimacy scene stuck in the front section of a CVR scene. I’d just say during that first 15 minutes maybe have a minute or two of the camera right in Agatha’s face. What do you think?

CzechVR: I will ask my colleagues. I don’t shoot the videos.

Findvrporn: What are your responsibilities these days?

CzechVR: I am CEO. But I’m not on set anymore. Everything is at the discretion of my colleagues. I am the CEO, but we are a team. It’s a discussion. I will ask them what they think about it. But it is not suitable for every model. A minute of doing nothing but the face can look weird.

Findvrporn: You guys are the experts.

CzechVR: I think it makes more sense to me at the casting.

Findvrporn: You good folks know what you’re doing. You’ve been releasing great shit for years. I’m just on the outside looking in giving a few thoughts.

CzechVR: It’s alright. That is why VR intimacy was also developed.

Findvrporn: Yes, good point! It’s like I want to turn every release into a VR Intimacy release!

CzechVR: We want to continue with VR Intimacy. But we need girls like Cara Mell.

Findvrporn: Oh, a Goddess, my friend!

Visit CzechVR and see for yourselves exactly what we’re talking about in this interview

Note to readers about this interview

Note to readers: This CzechVR interview was done on November 6, 2022. It was read by the interviewee before publication to ensure 100% accuracy. As requested by CzechVR, I cleaned-up the text/grammar a bit so it reads better. I also changed around the order of the questions a bit to make the whole thing flow better. The meanings weren’t changed in any way. If you enjoyed this interview and want to be notified of new Findvrporn original content, simply follow me on Twitter.

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