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Peeping Thom Power Moves For 2023 – Indie VR Thoughts

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As Indie As Indie VR Porn Gets

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Thom Peeping and the Peeping Thom VR porn studio. No, the work ain’t perfect, but this is as independent as VR porn gets, and I fucking love it for that very reason! That’s why I did a comprehensive Peeping Thom interview.

Other Indie studios reading this

Let me add something to the other studios that may be reading this. I like interviewing VR porn studios. And, the less well-known they are…the better.

To me, this is the most interesting thing in the VR porn universe. That’s to say, hearing independent voices express themselves interests me and many visitors here. I love the lack of external entanglements and the freedom these indie folks have to try new things. If you want an interview published here, let me know you’re interested. Don’t be shy, guys! Check out the recent Blush Erotica VR interview to get a sense of what you can expect.

Old PT review, Fuck Truck, X Hamster

Additionally, I reviewed Peeping Thom in November 2021. And, I must update that review because the work has subsequently improved. Furthermore, Thom launched another creative project, Fuck Truck VR. And, it delivers what the name promises. I’ve also been meaning to mention that Thom’s got an X Hamster page. And, you can also download Peeping Thom scenes at VRporn along with the POVR aggregator.

Disregarding VR Porn Templates

My favorite thing is how Peeping Thom eschews the established VR porn template.

I’m opening up a large conversation now. My first wonder, though, is does anyone contest that there’s a type of VR porn template? If so, leave it in the comments, and I’ll defend my view. It seems so self-evident to me, though, that I hardly feel a need to substantiate.

But, in brief,  for “mainstream” B/G VR porn scenes: we generally get a 1st person POV (for contrast, read about 3rd person POV) stationary camera throughout (with mostly unseen silent male actor)…and a little intro, maybe a brief tease, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, perhaps doggy, perhaps stand-up, climax, the end.

Now, to be fair, there are strengths to this. Namely, it consistently creates an erotic experience. It works. And, one might argue, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I, too, like this template. It’s easy to understand it’s prevalence.

And, perhaps most importantly, it’s widely accepted by the market: it’s financially viable. And, I ain’t making light of that! I mean, that’s what it comes down to, ultimately.


Now with that said…with my explicit acknowledgment of this formula’s strengths, I can also argue the other side that it’s all become kind of same-samey. So, you know, I fucking love pizza. But, you have pizza every day and you really start craving like a Whopper or…at the very least, a Big Mac. All right, so I’m not funny, but I’m never going to stop trying.

So…what’s cool about Peeping Thom is how these independent efforts gleefully disregard the template and try new things. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not as much. But, what I’ll always argue is who gives a fuck that there’s not a 100% success rate. That’s the way it’s always going to be when you innovate. And, that’s why I respect Peeping Thom. I love it when people try to take things in creative new directions. This life gets fucking boring, man. People like Thom keep me interested!

What’s new with Peeping Thom in 2023

So, with that intro dispensed, what’s Thom up to now?

  • The Peeping Thom website got a major overhaul for the new year. And, it’s looking damn good.
  • There’s a new Behind The Scenes video section
  • A ton of additional and new BTS content is slated to be added soon
  • Thom intends to continue championing creativity in his studio’s output while looking for ways to continually add new twists to VR porn scenes

Additional Indie Studios to Support

That’s what’s going down with PT. Support these indie studios, man. If you want VR porn innovation to continue, you MUST support these independent creators. Another indie veteran to look at is our good friend, Mr. Jimmy Draws…I mean, who else is giving you naked 3D sexfights! And, VR Smokers too, for that matter. Furthermore, don’t forget about the too often overlooked POV Central VR headed by good fellow Enzo! (Check out Maddy the Vampyre.) And, if you’re a BBW VR porn fan, you 100% want to check out Blush Erotica’s new project,

And, if you’re still horny for additional indie VR porn efforts, scroll down this list and look around. While you’re at it, scroll down this list also. There’s some interesting stuff out there these days, but you do have to look for it.

Happy New Year Thom, and good luck! Happy New Year to everybody, for that matter!

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