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Penny Pax Returns

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All right, friends, it’s time to discuss the latest KinkVR release, Control Her Orgasms, which features Ms. Penny Pax and Sir Bill Bailey. (Penny keeps calling him sir, so hell…I will too…)

Penny Pax

Penny looks slightly distressed

Okay, so we last saw Penny perform in a unique, very horny-inspiring VR effort, Eager To Serve. That was good stuff. Because of these efforts, Penny and her KinkVR cohorts earned a special inclusion and discussion in the 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards sponsored by FindVRporn.com in conjunction with Oculus NSFW voting.

Now, friends, I can’t claim to be a Penny Pax authority, but her insight into the male sexual psychology distinguishes Penny from many other porn hookers. Oh, hell yea. She gets it. She understands how the male brain box works. Not many women do, which is sort of baffling: because, it just seems so obvious!

Penny Pax in Kink VR with legs spreadYou know…we’ve all endured porn movies where some clown-faced whore overwhelms with phony-porn-moaning and accompanying dialogue. You know…that inauthentic and cliche stuff doesn’t really get the man motor purring.

You see, Penny’s got a knack for embodying the dominated role. That’s to say, when the scenario calls for a submissive woman… Penny seems to clearly intuit what the viewer-man wants to hear. And, to her credit, she keeps a torrent of this juicy, linguistic lewdness flowing like a prolonged orgasm.

Penny Pax getting vagina spreadDeep-down, I do believe, all healthy, heterosexual men have—at least subconsciously—a desire to dominate a beautiful woman. Now, look…I ain’t trying to be your amateur Freud of an asshole here. I’m just trying to talk about real life honestly.

And, in my life experience, I’ve noticed a lot of dudes have these domination fantasies. Oh, you want an example? All right, so a couple guys see a curvy gal swish past them: tits bobbling like jello basketballs… you get the idea. One guys says to his friends,
“I’d like to fuck her ass until her eyes cross.”
His idiot friend replies,
“I’ll fuck her ’til she can’t walk anymore.”
Do you see what I mean? Do I need to even support this point? What the fuck am I doing here? I’m a man reviewing VR porn movies on a Sunday afternoon. Certainly I took a wrong turn somewhere in life!

Okay, moving along… Normal, healthy men want to pound and dominate beautiful women. It may not sound nice. It may not sound civilized, even… But, that doesn’t stop things from being true.

Penny Pax porn star tongue outAnd, in a long-winded way, I’m trying to say that Penny clearly understands this aspect of male psychology. I can tell by the type of dialogue she delivers. Everything is: “Sir this” and “Sir that” and “Thank you for slapping my cunt, sir” and “I’m a no-good slut, sir” and “May I orgasm, please, please, sir.” You get the idea.

So, in these reviews, there are three main variables I consider:

1. The performer.
2. The virtual scaling: do things look right in VR space?
3. Camera and human positioning.

Okay. I think I’ve covered Penny. As for Bill Bailey, the guy gets the job done. How many of you fellas want to switch places with ole Bill? C’mon…you know you’d love to jam a dildo pole up Penny’s pink pootanannie!
Penny fondled
And, the bulk of this movie consists of a helpless Penny having things done to her vulnerable vagina. This is fun stuff. I wonder if the Kink boys will take these fantasies a step further into a simulated rape scene. This is definitely an uncomfortable topic to discuss with most.

But, we are talking about fantasy here. Some of the more adventurous academic nerds out there have argued that these type of forced-sex imaginings are even quite prevalent among women.

Penny spanked with gizmo

Penny spanked with gizmo

Now, I don’t want to turn a VR porn blog into a Goddamn psychological bullshit of a mental-masturbation exercise…but, I’m just trying to say I’m not a freak for thinking that a VR porn simulated-forced-sex scene could be horny-exciting. I’m not advocating for anything illegal here, assholes! Anyway…let me change the Goddamn subject.

Okay. Points 2 and 3 above (scaling and positioning) tend to overlap. It’s a case where if one is wrong, the other tends to be janky also. In this case, KinkVR framed the scene skillfully. Basically, the bulk of it was a close-up perspective of Penny—tied-up—lying on her back as the pesky Mr. Baily poked at her.

The scaling was excellent. And, the camera location and Penny’s positioning worked fine for me. I’m viewing with HTC M8/Homido, and when things look right for me, they usually appear correctly with Oculus also. Gear VR tends to be something of a wildcard.

Penny Pax dildo pole

It’s the dildo pole!

A bit more must be said about human positioning here. KinkVR really framed Penny perfectly. They managed to fill the frame with her: nicely done. This aspect of VR is difficult to explain in words. But, if you understand this game, you’ll know what I mean. As usual, I’ll embed pictures in here: that provides the best idea.

So, you know…another good piece of work from KinkVR, who, by the way, is definitely ready to come out of beta.

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