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Natalie Cherie and Victoria Puppy… Together! Preview

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February 3, 2016

Friends, I’m going to tell you: when I saw the listing for a Natalie Cherie and Victoria Puppy lesbian VR porn… well, this should be pretty awesome.

Natalie Cherie kisses Victoria Puppy

Aggressive Natalia kissing Ms. Puppy

Natalie spanks Victoria picture

Aggressive Natalia spanking Vicky’s pink panty doggy

Seriously, if you got a headset and you like pretty gals… and, you’re wondering where to buy some VR… trust me… I rarely act like the typical pushy, spammy guy… but, I’m saying this to assist your pursuit of happiness: as guaranteed by our Constitution!

If you’re like me… and slinky, blonde gals inspire your little guy, and you don’t know where to get some good VR porn… I’m telling you: just go buy a Czech VR subscription right now.

Natalie fingering Victoria Puppy's pussy

Natalie Cherie locating Victoria’s pootanannie puppy style!

Look, I don’t bs anybody. Any company that manages to get a couple of gals like Cherie and Puppy together in the same VR frame. Well, God bless you Czech VR! Don’t even wait, man. Life is unpredictable. You could get run over by a cranked-up truck driver next Tuesday!

One never knows. But, in that week… before the truck driver runs you over… You could have been having VR funtimes.

Natalie fingers Victoria

Natalie’s at it again!

Okay, calm down. Let’s put things into some sort of perspective here. You guys always get me off track! Okay. Perspective.

We last saw Ms. Natalie Cherie two days ago. And, it was… horny! Coincidentally, in that post I also put a pic of Ms. Puppy: to demonstrate the strength of Czech’s stable.

Now, someone might not like it that I’m referring to CzechVR’s collection of VR gals as being a stable. Well, too bad!

Victoria Puppy sucking Natalie Cherie's tit

Vicky Puppy sucks the Nat nipple

Now, as far as Vicky Puppy goes… well, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, Victoria Puppy, Be My Doggy! Now, granted… that’s not very funny.

But, friends… I have limited humor skills. And, at least I’m trying. I’m putting in a good effort. Sure, I’m failing… but, the effort is there!

Now, I’m presently downloading this new movie, so I haven’t watched it yet. So, can you guess what I’m wondering?

That’s right. I’m wondering if the third character is going to make an appearance in this movie?

Who’s the third character?

Natalie double doggy dildo

The famous Black Doggy Style Chair didn’t make an appearance in this VR… but… Purple dildo did!

Why, THE BLACK DOGGY STYLE CHAIR! Also, known as the BDSC. And, are the gals going to take turns perched on the BDSC shoving their pale, Czech asses skyward? The perverts… I mean… the people want to know!

And, more importantly:
Are they going to be in that purple room we saw before?

Okay, so… let’s see how the Czech boys describe their latest effort:

“We all love lesbians and that is why we decided to bring Natalie Cherie and Victoria Puppy together. Because there is no reason why we shouldn’t enjoy blondes in stereo, right?”

Victoria Puppy doggy style pussy spread

Oh, Victoria baby!

Why, hell yea!

Give me some young Czech blondes in stereo, man! I want to blast my stereo today, brother!

Okay, so I watched the movie. It’s insane. I mean… it demonstrates that—sometimes in life—keeping things simple brings the most brilliant results.

So, let’s go through these things. The first point is easy: these are two absolutely gorgeous, blonde European babes. Skinny. Bouncy. Tight bodies. And, Nathaly (that’s her Czech name)… I need you to always keep your hair in a ponytail like that! That’s an order! Great!

The scaling was on-point. Things looked right. Czech almost always gets this right. Not much to say about it when it’s done correctly…

Now, the positioning… well, the camera stays tight on this blonde action. And, that’s how it should be. I don’t want distant-feeling, 360 degree panoramas. In this movie, there’s doggy in your face… and, just general mayhem.

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie:

1. Victoria Puppy doggy with her pink panties down. HORNY!

2. Victoria with her legs spread and the close-up camera work. HORNY!

3. Natalie’s aggressive opening actions right out of the gate. Natalie’s not some passive daisy. This gal is DTF!! That was kind of unexpected. She projects a more demure vibe. It’s that ponytail. Ponytails on a pretty gal head make my man mind malfunction. I’m not kidding!

4. Natalie’s black thong. Nat, you look all sorts of fine with a black thong jammed where the sun don’t shine! The universe approves.

5. The purple dildo is back!

6. And, the purple dildo is such a beloved fan favorite that I’m … wait for it… mentioning it again!
Victoria Puppy thumb in doggy style pussy
7. Vicky down doggy!: Victoria Puppy, you look beautiful with your ass in the air. I really, really need to go back to Prague, man. I ain’t lying when I say there are a bunch of Vicky Puppy types out there!

8. Pretty much everything.

What about this movie could have been improved?:

Natalie Cherie spread

Natalie Cherie spread

1. More close-ups of the gals’ faces.

2. Have the gals do an extended panties dance with a lot of close-ups. That almost sounds funny, but it’d be awesome.

3. When getting dildoed, have Vicky yell (in the Czech language): “Dildo my twat, baby!” I know that sounds kind of ridiculous, but I’m not trying to be funny.

4. I’d like to see both of them in bikinis and yoga pants and lingerie… and those sort of teasing scenarios.

5. That’s about it.


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  1. I had the same reaction when finding this video… and subscribed to CzechVR right after reading your article ๐Ÿ˜‰ Having watched several videos from VRP & BadoinkVR this one was really crazy IMO. I loved Victoria Puppy on POVcentral but this takes her to the next level.

  2. Post

    Hey Brother Joe, thanks for commenting again. You know, it seems like 10 years ago people commented on websites a lot more.

    Now, it seems like people keep the discussion more so on Facebook, Huffington Post, Reddit, etc.

    Not that I’ve seen too many VR porn discussions at Huffington. And, I hate Facebook. I think it’s had a shitty effect on the culture.

    Anyway, yea… amazing video! Without a doubt. Czech VR’s been knocking it out of the fucking park lately.

    I wasn’t familiar with Ms. Puppy prior to Czech VR stuff. But, yea… she’s a beauty. I’m hoping that we see A LOT more VR work from her. I want them to get Ms. Puppy to dance around in a bikini with a lot of close-up action.

    Anyway, thanks

  3. I noticed that you don’t have many comments on your site indeed. Maybe you should open it to public comments instead or requiring a registration? For instance I only registered to ask you my question about BadoinkVR, but I would have commented your other articles before if there were no logging system. Anyway I’m sure your blog is useful to many people who appreciate your enthousiasm like I do ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And yes I completely agree about Ms. Puppy, she has this hypnotic effect that works so well in VR :))

  4. Post

    Hey brother, the thing is … I don’t have that much web site expertise… and, I configured it like that to stop spamming sort of comments from easily getting posted. Bots (and some people, too) don’t want to have an interaction… they just want to promote their bullshit.

    “Anyway Iโ€™m sure your blog is useful to many people who appreciate your enthousiasm like I do ๐Ÿ˜‰”

    Thanks brother… nice to have you sharing your thoughts over here.

    Oh, yea… the other thing I’ve considered is that it seems a lot of people keep VR porn conversations on certain subreddits… for instance, I get into a bunch of discussions over at Oculus NSFW …

    Also: it seems like comments might have a snowballing sort of effect. In other words, if there’s no comments, people don’t feel inclined to leave any… Maybe you’ve started something!

    Either way, I’ll keep doing the reviews.

    Anyway, thanks man……..

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