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Misha and Amirah VR Porn Review

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All right, friends, today we’re going to discuss Misha Cross and Amirah Adara in a lesbian, strap-on VR effort called At The Changing Room.

Amirah schoolgirl clothes

Amirah as quite a schoolgirl

Okay, so… let’s see how the Virtual Real Porn boys describe their latest effort (lightly-edited):

“It all starts with two hot and sexy college gals—Misha Cross and Amirah Adara—alone in the changing room. That’s a good start, but things only get hornier… Strap-on-action, pussy licking, kissing, touching and wild orgasms await you. “

So, you’re clearly about to get hit upside your headset with some lesbian VR. And, to what extent you dig this largely will depend on how much you enjoy gal-on-gal action.

Okay, so as visitors to this site know, I do these reviews based upon three main factors:

1. The women: do they make a fella all sorts of warm-and-fuzzy horny? Do they give an authentic-feeling performance?

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? Or is the gal’s head the size of a cotton ball while her torso’s as big as a Buick? Now, even if the footage is slightly bigger than world scale, I can live with that if the proportions remain correct.

Misha Cross thong in ass crack

That’s a Misha ass

3. Positioning: of the women and cameras. Are there enough close-ups? Close-ups are important. Are they getting the camera rig tight on the gal’s face?

I don’t care if you’ve got a 25 year-old Anita Dark look-alike… if you don’t get the camera rig close, you’re simply doing it wrong. Holla!

Misha Cross

Hi there, Misha

So, let’s go through these things.

The female performers are Misha and Amirah. Now, I’ve written about them both before, so I’ll try not to repeat too much. I also don’t have the psychic energy for the repetition.

All right, so let’s start with Misha. She’s been on quite a roll lately: I mean, she was the 1st Place Winner of the 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards in Conjunction with Oculus NSFW Voting! Enough said… And, now we have her in the same VR frame as Amirah… this is bound to be good stuff.

Amirah Adara's thong ass

Oh, Amirah baby!

Now, in respect to scaling. It was accurate.

And, as I’ve remarked before, it seems like when the scaling’s correct, there’s not much more to say except… wait for it… guys, the scaling’s correct.

The movie aspect most lending itself to discussion is positioning.

And, that will be discussed below.

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie:

1. Lesbian VR: okay, if you’re a high-tech fella who gets weenie-inspired by some pretty gals in 3D lesbos action, than this is for you. And, I see a lot of online feedback praising the hell out of this movie.

I can def appreciate gorgeous gals going gaga over the other’s girl glory, but when it comes down to it… if I’m being honest, I’d prefer it to, at some point, become a threesome where an angry alpha starts raucously pumping pootanannie.

Oh, those schoolgirl panties!

Oh, those schoolgirl panties!

2. Schoolgirl fetish: Likewise, if you’re a horndog whose weenie wags at the sight of the schoolgirl accouterments, than this is certainly for you!

I mean… the plaid skirts and plaid panties are horny. And, the close-up on Amirah’s plaid panties: HORNY! HORNY! HORNY!

I don’t know what it is about sexy panties on a pretty gal, but that’s always enough to get this man mind all sorts of befuddled!

3. Amirah’s opening teasing: ah, great stuff. This is just the type of action that shines brilliantly in virtual reality.

4. Amirah shoving her ass out: ah, when this young lady—with plaid thong jammed in her ass crack—shoved her posterior out… well, Amirah’s aware of her most winning… wait for it… asset!

5. Misha shoving her ass out: yep, Misha also stuck her big thong ass at the camera. That was also some fine work.

What about this movie could have been improved?:

1. The lighting: There was a fluorescent light in the background. That wasn’t optimal.

Misha licks the black dildo

Misha licks the black dildo

2. The POV: Now, I want to be careful with this one, because some folks might dig it. What am I talking about? This movie used the fuckee’s POV. What does fuckee’s POV mean?

Okay, suppose Misha’s wearing the strap-on and she’s pumping Amirah. We get Amirah’s POV: as if the VR viewer’s getting dildoed.

That doesn’t work for me. It’s not my fantasy to get ass-fucked by Misha with a dildo. My fantasy would be the opposite.

So, in the example listed above, it should have been Misha’s POV: in other words, the VR viewer is looking at Amirah as she gets fucked. We want to see Amirah’s face as she take the dildo.

Makes sense, right? We want to feel like we’re pumping Amirah or Misha. Hope I explained that well.

Amira fucks Misha

Amirah fucks Misha

3. More close-ups: Although this movie did provide close-up footage of the gals’ faces, asses, panties, etc. … Well, that was good stuff. And, you know how this goes: the more close-ups you get, the more you want.

Interesting POV

Interesting POV

That just seems to be an intrinsic aspect of VR. It’s called Virtual Guy’s Rule. The more close-ups you get, the more you want.

Now, all things considered. If pretty gal, lesbian VR gets you horny, than this is one you don’t want to miss.

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