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Vinna Is Czech VR’s Latest Blonde – Pics, Previews, Review

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Download Vinna Reed Solo 3D video preview
Bonus 3D of Vinna Fucking

February 14, 2016

Well, friends, I’ll tell you what: Czech Vr has a special knack for convincing young blonde gals to venture into some risque VR scenarios. Yea, I’m using the word risque! I mean… Katy was planting a carrot in her blonde garden!

Katy inserts cucumber inside Rita Sinclair's pussy

Katy cucumbers Rita’s pootanannie

And, if that weren’t enough, soon after… corrupting-influence Katie was cramming a cucumber at Rita Sinclair’s cute lil cabbage patch! You gotta watch out for gals like Katie Rose, man!

Either that or be sure to keep the fridge stocked with veggies! And, ladies… you might want to keep your legs crossed while ole Katie’s around. I mean… you never know when an eggplant might get shoved somewhere!

Sexy Vinna

Sexy Vinna

Initially, I started discussing how the Czech Vr boys film an array of hot-young, yellow-haired hornball gals. These are some youthful over-achievers!

I mean… Katy Rose, Natalie Cherie, Violette Pure, Victoria Puppy Style, Sandra Sweetcat, Roxy Black, Nikki Dream… and, now…

Yea, the latest Czech VR Euro blonde is Vinna Reed. Well, welcome to the team, Ms. Reed! Now, show us what you got, baby!

Okay, so these reviews are based on 3 main factors:

1. The woman: I usually try to be funny here, but I’m starting to accept I’m just an unfunny guy.

But, you know… I often go on here about passion and authenticity and so on. But, it’s kind of obvious, right? Is the woman sexxxy? Does she get the man motor purring?

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? Is it immersive? Or is the woman’s head the size of Eastern Europe while her torso’s the size of Belarus?

Yep, remember what I said about the unfunny aspect?

3. Positioning: of the woman and cameras. Are there enough close-ups? Close-ups matter…. a lot: their importance can’t be overstated. If you look at any VR porn discussion, people are frequently bitching about a close-up shortage

Okay, let’s peek at the Czech VR synopsis:
“A smoking hot blonde is waiting for you in our private VR viewing room. She has a fit body and perky breasts that could fit the palm of your hand just perfectly. Watching her tease … ”

That works for me! I always love it when a smoking hot blonde is waiting for me!

What do we really know about Ms. Reed?

My research has revealed the following:

Vinna Reed

Wag that finger, baby!

1. She starred in a VR porn movie that Czech VR released on February 13, 2016.

2. She’s only following 63 people on Twitter. I better be #64!
3. Her favorite past times include wearing plaid shirts while wagging her finger around.

Let’s talk about what was done right in this movie:

Vinna takes off shirt

Take it off, Vinna!

1. Vinna Reed: Friends, just look at the pictures. This is a good-looking gal.

I think I want to marry her! Too bad I’m such a dysfunctional guy. She’d conclude I wasn’t marriage material. But, I’d make you happy girl! I’d play guitar for you. Ah shit… I’m bad at that, too.

2. The outfit: Oh, man… I like the shorts and tank top. If Vin were my gal… well, first thing is I’d call her that: Vin. Suck, Vin.. Suck! I’d be saying that an awful lot.

Poor thing would come down with a case of lockjaw. But, if Vin were my gal, she’d be ordered to wear either shorts or yoga pants. Mostly yoga pants. And, a pink thong up her ass too, of course…

Vinna doggy style VR

Oh, the blatant Vinna doggy in your face!

3. The Vinna opening teasing: Oh, you like sucking on that finger, baby! We’ve discussed here, many times, that pretty gal teasing works exceptionally well in VR. And, the Czech gang gives us about four minutes. And, the camera was kept pretty tight. Good stuff.

4. Vinna’s VR instincts: Some gals seem to instinctively understand how to interact with a VR camera rig. Vinna is such a gal. She engages well with the viewer. Well done, young lady!

5. Vinna’s doggy in yo face! There’s a Czech VR technique that’s become a fan favorite. I call it the Doggy In Yo Face VR Technique.

So, you’re naturally wondering: What’s the doggy in yo face VR technique?

Vinna gorgeous ass!

Vinna gorgeous ass!

Well, lil grasshopper, it goes like this. You take a pretty gal. You put her down doggy style. And, you then shove the 3D camera where the sun don’t shine. Czech does this particularly well. And, so does Vinna.

The mark of success is when the viewer fella feels strongly-inclined to step into the movie.

6. Vinna’s doggy: yea, I’m listing this twice. Why? Because, this was just really well done. Vinna’s doggy in VR would be enough for me to spend $84.95 for 180 day access.

I’m not just saying that. I mean… maybe I’m a pervert… actually, I’m not… let’s face it: every red-blooded fella out there is in favor of seeing many, many young and sexy Euro gals shoving their naked asses up in 3D. I mean… this is just part of being a man…

Vinna VR double dildo doggy

It never ends! Vinna VR double dildo doggy!

After watching this movie… if the devil entered my room and said, “Punch your best friend in the face three times and you can do Vinna doggy …”

Well, I’m sorry Tony, but next time you see me… right after I say, “Hi there, Tony,” … I’ll be punching you in the face three times.

7. The scaling: it’s fine. Everything basically proportional and looks great. Czech generally nails this.

8. 11 minutes: When you get right to the action, that’s all you need.

What about this movie could have been improved?

Vinna shows pussy

Vinna shows pussy

1. You know, Czech got just about everything right with this… in particular, they got the Vinna doggy right! But, they should have held the camera tight on Vinna’s face for a few minutes.

Yep, I’m always saying the same thing… a close-up where that beautiful Vinna face is filling the frame. And, hold it there for a few minutes.

You know, over at Unsafe Oculus, Uth5000 said something I thought was very insightful. I’m going to quote it here:

“Many of the best moments are fleeting because the studios make the mistake that something always needs to be happening.”

I agree with this. He continues to say this,

“Seems like a no brainer to have the actress come into intimate distance at the end of each scene with a close up of her face. Again, stay longer there than you think you should. Trust that it’s okay to linger there.”

Vinna in virtual reality porn

Vinna in VR

Right, I agree with this.

Czech VR is doing a fine job in bringing very HORNY VR porns to us men fellas of the world. And, at this point: everything’s looking good…

Let’s just spend a bit more camera time on facial close-ups.

That’s it…

All things considered, I loved this Vinna VR!

I wanna mount Vinna DOGGY.. and pump… REALLY HARD!

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  1. Vinna Reed is a pretty amazing model too… now they really need to shoot b/g videos with her and Victoria Puppy as well!

  2. Post

    Hey, what’s up brother Joe…

    Yea, I’m with you on that, man. I wasn’t familiar with Vinna, but DAMN! Me like. Czech is assembling quite a stable of VR girls! And, it’s kind of awesome and interesting how they’re all not very well known, but absolutely gorgeous!

    It demonstrates that porn fame has a lot more to do with your zipcode and agent than beauty and performance talents…

    And, right… I didn’t realize it until you mentioned it, but Puppy did a solo VR and a lesbian one… and, she hasn’t been pumped by a man fella as of yet…

    I imagine that is on the horizon………..

  3. Yeah and they could do something about Nathalie Cherie too by the way :)) If you like czech girls you should take a look at povcentral ( ), it’s not VR (only 3D) but the guy who runs the site always comes up with the cutest girls from there. Hell he should do VR his site would blow up.

  4. Post

    Oh, man… the homepage of that site is incredibly horny. Just being honest here… I don’t think our most famous porn celebrities in these parts outshine those more-obscure gals…

    And, that’s not knocking the American stars at all… a lot of them are outstanding…

    I see on another page they say this:

    “Your subscription gives you access to a library with more than 325 episodes, plus an all-new virtual sex experience each week.”

    Virtual sex experience??? I guess that’s what you’re referring to as not VR but 3D… but, what does that mean? You use a headset to view it?

    Btw. if you didn’t know, Czech just released a hardcore Vinna VR today. I’m downloading it now. I think there servers are getting pretty hard these days because the DLs have slowed down a bunch, lol … all good

  5. Yep I watched the new video with Vinna Reed. IMO this is the best hardcore video they have released yet, that missionary position on the sofa was crazy!

    As for povcentral the videos are regular 2D POV videos with some of them being also available in stereoscopic (3D) versions. Nothing interactive if that’s your question. You can watch them on a 3D display but it also works nice with a VR headset (I have the homido). Obviously you won’t have the sense of immersion of VR but on the other hand definition is better with a simple 1080p file. If you want to give it a try I can send you a sample of those I have. Or maybe just ask Enzo, the owner of the site, very nice guy.

  6. Post

    Hey man, I’m using a Homido also.

    Here’s what I’m wondering. On a technical level, how do the stereoscopic videos from them compare against Czech VR?

    I’d be glad to see a sample of one. (Just one is fine) … I’m trying to figure out if I should be covering them here…


  7. Hi there,

    Enzo Barracuda, owner of POV Central.

    First, thanks to Joe, for the nice endorsement! I appreciate your support of my project.

    Now about POV Central. By virtual-sex, I mean the style in which the videos are shot, not the technology. What I mean is that my shooting technique is intended to replicate the sights and sounds the viewer would experience during a sexual experience. It is virtual since the experience is being mediated by computer technology. But they are not true VR.


    VR is the next logical step in my efforts to create immersive virtual-sex experiences. I have been shooting 3D material for some time and, as Joe notes, they will work fine with a VR setup, but they don’t give you the full VR experience. I am currently in the process of shopping around for the right equipment to shoot 3D, 180-degree VR content. To be honest with you, I am not happy at all with the setups I see for sale right now — they are too much products of people setting trying to jury-rig something, anything, so they can rush into production. There are a lot of nice setups with VR only, but no 3D. I don’t see much point in doing that though. If you have VR, you should also have 3D, in my opinion.

    Anyway, this is definitely something I am working on, and by all means drop me a note at if you are interested in more information, samples of what I am doing now, etc. I am becoming a fan of your site, by the way, I really like your review style!

    Enzo Barracuda
    Owner, POV Central

  8. Post

    Hi Enzo, man… thanks for stopping by and the detailed information about your company. It appears to me you’ve founded one hell of an organization there brother …

    I was looking at the homepage of your site, and—on the level—it looks like you’ve got an incredible sense of HORNY, man!

    I’ll tell you what you already know… you take those gals and get them in proper VR POV, and you’ll hit it out of the park… that will be a success, no doubt, particularly as VR porn’s slowly and steadily getting more popular. Right now, there’s really hardly any consumer equipment available, and there’s still a lot of interest, etc.

    And, about the POV perspective in particular… this is exactly what people want and demand for VR porns. The main criticism always leveled—including by me—is that the VR camera doesn’t spend enough time in close-up perspective…

    I’ve heard—that at this point—VR rig set-ups take customization to get correct. Additionally, I’ve seen companies struggle with their early efforts before they get the hang of it…

    I’ll also say that it is indeed possible, right now—although, I imagine difficult—to shoot very competent VRs.

    BaDoink, in particular, has just upgraded their equipment, and it’s producing very good results. We’re also seeing high-quality VR from Czech VR, NA, Virtual Real Porn and it appears that Virtual Taboo is getting their act together as well…

    I will send an email, because I’d like to evaluate the experience of watching what you have in a headset. I’m curious about that.

    Also, thanks a lot for the compliment about this site. That makes me feel like I’m on the right track…

    thanks man

  9. Nice that Enzo dropped by 😀 I’m glad that you consider VR Enzo, I thought maybe it was too much of an expensive technology for a small site like yours. But if you find the proper material there’s no reason it doesn’t work, you have the best models (along with Badoink’s models who are really sick too) and you have a trustworthy payment system contrary to Badoink. Czechvr is nice too but the same girls look really worse on their site without any fancy make-up and clothes (Vinna Reed for instance). And Virtualrealporn I’ve stopped watching their videos for some time, IMO their models are average (except for a few ones).

    So virtualrealguy I hope Enzo doesn’t mind but I already sent you by email a sample I have from Povcentral with Samantha Jolie. One of their hottest videos IMO 😀 I think it’s best to watch it with a regular video player to respect the 1:1 pixel ratio, but you can also tweak the settings of your VR player and correct the distortion. Enjoy!

  10. Post

    Joe, thanks ….. I got it. So, do you know what settings to use on VR Player?
    Added: I got your email. I’ll add the info below:

    “I use AAA VR app, with regular SBS video mode (not 180), and then distortion correction on and I set the FOV to 130 or something like that.”

  11. Hi guys,

    Enzo again.

    I am also using a Homido and have found that this particular app called SBS 3D Player is pretty easy and straightforward for watching 3D videos without having to fiddle around with any settings. It’s got a nice feature to rewind or fast forward by tilting your head left or right.

    I’d recommend Victoria Puppy: Party Girl, the Sitting Blowjob clip, for a very nice example.


  12. Post

    Hi Enzo, first… thanks for the emails and all the information. That’s appreciated.

    I’ve been a little busy, but I will have some additional follow-up questions, because I think you have an interesting perspective to add: as someone successfully producing 2D porn who is transitioning into VR.

    And, if your VRs are done following the same method as your 2D stuff, you’re going to have a lot of fans. People are demanding VRs that have a lot of close-up camera work. And, they’re only getting that in somewhat small amounts.

    That, by the way, is what I was referring to when I asked you why some content producers make simple things complicated.

    About SBS Player, I just downloaded that upon your recommendation. I’ll give it a spin.

    I’ve been using either VR Player Pro or AAA VR Cinema.

    Thanks for everything.

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