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Rachael Cavalli, 2018 VR Porn Predictions And Some Tangents

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Hi friends, reading back this post, it’s clear I aimed to talk about Rachael Cavalli’s new VR Porn movie; and, it appears we strayed into some tangents.

Life’s like that.

You start talking about Rachael Cavalli and next thing you know…you’re weenie-deep in tangents.

I still uphold tangents as being a good thing.

A lot of folks used to enjoy when life was a bit more leisurely, meandering, softly-speculative…occasionally melancholic, even…

These Twitter feed days, many have been conditioned to expect info McNugget-packaged for quick absorption via a finger scroll.

Here at FindVrporn.com we celebrate fundamental and eternal ideals: tangents, musing, misery, hypomania and…even… just taking your time in life, man!

All right, so, lately we’ve been discussing the WankzVR/MilfVR output.


Because it’s horny.

Could you explain in more detail?

I find that their camera proximity/positioning methods create an erotic intensity worth recognizing (e.g. Richelle’s missionary pictured below).

In other words, it’s…horny.

47:59 on the timeline... the camera positioning on this missionary is excellent

47:59 on the timeline… the camera positioning on this Richelle missionary is excellent

It’s that simple.

And, while reviewing 2017’s VR porn output in preparation for the 2017 VR Porn Movie Awards…honestly…it became poignantly clear that WankzVR/MilfVR repeatedly used their camera/positioning and framing techniques to masterfully maximize the viewer’s immediacy and general verisimilitude.

In other words, it’s…realistically horny.

I ain’t trying to lube anyone’s Fleshlight here. It’s just true: they repeatedly created beautifully-realistic segments.

I also ain’t out to blow smoke up anyone’s Fleshlight, either.

There was also much distant footage that I, personally, would have cut. To be fair, though, I could say the same of every studio.

And honestly, in my opinion, from a purely technical standpoint: the moving camera, POV switches and truncated framing segments from CzechVR are more creatively-horny.

But, when Wankz/Milf is quaking, the Fleshlights start shaking, man.

Hey, you know I ain’t never said I was Ernie Hemingway.

With that said, 2018 is shaping up to be damn interesting.

Now, those thoughts and articles like this are intensely subjective opinions: there ain’t no way around that.

There’s skepticism about Internet articles: and, that’s a good thing! These days, especially, I’d say skepticism is needed.

Glamour cowgirl from Ms. Cavalli

Glamour cowgirl from Ms. Cavalli

I tend to discuss the movies I like. And, I explain why I like what I like and how, in my opinion, to horny-heighten.

And, I don’t want to be too repetitive, but it is important to emphasize that all verdicts will have limitations, because sexual desire/fetish is so insanely varied, there’s certain to be disagreement.

Sense Of Spatial Correctness In VR Porn

However, that’s why I like evaluating the actual VR optics, positioning and a metric we coined from necessity: sense of spatial correctness (to address the gravity aspect). This is far less subjective (though, still certainly inevitably variable).

…almost all agree that they want the woman close to the camera, scaled properly with an intense realism.

About the realism part, there ain’t too much debate. I could add a footnote about the giant scale experiments, but it remains that realism is a good focus.

Work Hard, Play Hard – Rachael Cavalli VR

That brings us to today’s topic: Ms. Rachael Cavalli in MilfVR’s 50 minute, November 30th release, Work Hard, Play Hard.

Work Hard Play Hard background image

Work Hard, Play Hard from MilfVR

So, about Ms. Cavalli: when experiencing her performance, dialogue delivery, salacious gaze, beatific boobie bouncers, and marvelous moan magic; a fella’s honest conclusion is that this gal puts the twinkle, twinkle in porn’s star.

If a fella were to see Ms. Cavalli coming his way… he’ll just wanna doggy her disappearing daylights until the cows come croaking home.

I ain’t lying!

I mean…as a porn professional, she’s got the requirements. That point doesn’t need much defense.

The MILF Part?

The MILF part: I don’t know.

There ain’t no doubt she’s a BBILF: if BBILF means beautiful blonde I’d like to fuck.

But, she seems a bit young for the MILF role. Again, I ain’t any final word on that.

Okay, so I was impressed with the positioning/VR optics of the Richelle Ryan outing. That link explains it in detail. And, I’m looking for that sort of thing here…

So, how was the positioning here?

At 40:46 we get excellent VR porn missionary in this man's opinion

At 40:46 we get excellent VR porn missionary in this man’s opinion

Okay, the cowgirl footage was realistically-horny: which is typically the case.

The best for me was the missionary push forward from 40:42 through 43:10 (with peak horny happening at 40:46, pictured below). I ain’t dropping bologna at your doorstep boys when proclaiming that segment sends the horny meter mercury towards Mars.

And, why not be completely honest with you?

I could keep that segment, the facial close-up bit (pictured below), a little hoverfacing, cut the rest of the footage, and feel like that alone was worth the admission price.

So, I mention that so you know my perspective. There’s particular things I’m looking for…and, in various Wankz efforts, I’ve seen them do all exceptionally well. Though, has any single release combined them all?

But, if it were up to me and I were able to script my ideal content; I’d want the following components included in every release (picture examples are from various studios).

What are the components I’d want in every release?

1. Face close-up time in sweet spot zone, minimum 3 minutes.

Pictured above, 3:36 on the timeline, Rachael's face hovers in the VR sweetspot

Pictured above, 3:36 on the timeline, Rachael’s face hovers in the VR sweetspot

2. Sweet spot clothed teasing, minimum 2 minutes.
3. Bent-over blowjob, minimum 2 minutes.
4. Missionary push-forward, minimum 5 minutes.
5. Truncated missionary: minimum 3 minutes. If you want major bonus points: fade cuts between truncated and push forward!
6. Standing from behind head/hair pull, minimum 3 minutes.
7. Immediate doggy that feels big enough, minimum 2 minutes.
8. Squatting Cowgirl Hoverface, minimum 2 minutes.
9. Ten finger reverse cowgirl, minimum 1 minute… as seen in Deadpool.
1. Switch a few times into immediate 3rd person POV.
2. Work in moving camera.
3. As a very general rule, imo, it’s best to have the woman pulled down far in the frame: even to the extent where all that’s seen of the man is his thrusting dipstick.
4. Although controversial, if it were up to me, I’d say break 1st person POV all the time with quick black fadecuts that then refocus very close to the woman’s face etc. and then fade back to POV…this is something not seen much, though CzechVR is closest…
5. Although, not strictly a positioning aspect, if the background provides maximum contrast with the woman, everything—including positioning—looks better.

Wrapping It Up

Well, my friends, enjoy December. This is one of my favorite months. And, about this movie in conclusion?

Well, it’s another solid release from Wankz/Milf. Thanks to those good folks for the fine entertainment.

Thanks to Rachael Cavalli for getting me so horny.

Looking forward to what you good folks do in 2018.



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