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100 Seconds With Ana Foxxx

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Hi friends, welcome to…the original, most singular, congenial, anti-Zeitgeist, VR porn review website on the Internets: the site where VR porn concepts first get formulated before spreading.

Here’s the FindVRporn review foundation, positioning checklist, SOSC supplement, performer checklist, SS Zone, and authenticity component.

Today we’ll consider BaDoinkVR’s January 4, 2018 release, High-Interest Bone: starring gal-gorgeous Ana Foxxx.

Ana Foxxx High Interest Bone header image

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Our present pontifications are primarily centered around mystical musings, righteous recriminations, asinine alliterations… along with 100 seconds of spectacularly-shot (reference-quality) upright from behind sexual action: …we’ll get to that positioning soon.

First, though, here’s an inspiring pic of Ms. Foxxx.

Ana Foxxx, there's a lot to like here

Ana Foxxx, there’s a lot to get horny about here!

What is it about a pretty gal in stockings that forever makes man minds malfunction?

All right, let’s get behind Ms. Foxxx…

The Positioning Checklist (pictured below) is the piece of the VR Porn Standards Project generating the most traffic: by a big measure.

The FindVRporn Positioning Checklist

Now, people ain’t fond of linking back to sources and giving credit, but here’s the truth. On second thought… In the words of Kurt Cobain…wait for it…Nevermind, man!

It’s just that the plagiarists, copycats, con artists, somnambulists, zombies, brainwashed nailbiters, middle-aged baseball card collectors, compulsive slot machine morons, and, of course the swindlers: they wear a righteous man down people. I said… down…people!

Well, this is human life on earth friends. Ain’t no way around getting swindled and conned and brainwashed. Moving along

Point #9 on our Positioning Checklist reads like this:

“Upright from behind head/hair pull, minimum 3 minutes. Personally, this position is a MUST. There is not much in VR porn that is hornier than a well-shot, UPRIGHT/STANDING FROM BEHIND HEAD/HAIR PULL!! (as pictured by Zoey Monroe for WankzVR below).

Zoey Monroe with erotic stand-up, head pull back segment

Zoey Monroe with erotic stand-up, head pull back segment

The hair-pulling stuff isn’t absolutely necessary. What’s really important is the upright positioning. But, the hair-pulling stuff, in my view, intensifies the eroticism of this.”

So, the most interesting aspect of this Ana Foxxx release is the 100 seconds of badoinking happening between 30:51 and 33:31 on the timeline. Pictured below is how the segment begins.

Ana Fox sex from behind

Optically, this simply worked.

And, as the 100 seconds proceeds there’s some depth-changes as Ana leans back a bit to a slightly more upright position.

Lean back further at Papa. C’mon Ana baby…. The depth change could have been a bit more pronounced, but that’s getting really picky. This was beautiful footage.

Honestly…these sort of VR porn optics do inspire me to exclaim, “This is how it’s Goddamn done, son!”

In the embedded preview below, you can see what I’m talking about by dragging the slider to the 2:30 mark.

Download Anna Foxxx preview

For this viewer, I could cut everything, keep those 100 seconds along with the well-shot missionary segment and call it a day. (The missionary was also framed beautifully, but I’m focusing on the doggy part because this is the first time I’ve seen it with this precise optical look.)

I’m not so difficult to please with VR porn movies.

Really, if the studio can properly frame-up just one sexual positioning: I’m a happy wacker…I meant to say camper!

So, why do I think this upright Ana banging was so off-the-charts?

The most honest answer is simple and hard to explain. That’s to say: it felt real.

But, what does that mean?

It means that the scale (size of things) and sense of spatial correctness (general look of things) felt realistic to the eyeballs. And, Ana’s body was beautifully positioned in the sweet spot zone.

That’s to say, there’s an optimal camera distance where VR porn shines horniest like the light of a thousand moons during an ancient and…very significant…pagan ceremony!

I would say much more on the topic except I’m late for my appendicitis appointment.

Still not funny

Hey, I never said I was the awkward and obscure Norwegian comedian, Daniel Simonson.

I wonder if awkward and obscure Norwegian comedian Daniel has ever watched a virtual porn release

I wonder if awkward and obscure Norwegian comedian Daniel has ever watched a virtual porn release.

Now, granted, this isn’t the ideal way to end a virtual porn review…but, we do our best, man…

Take Me To Ana Fox!

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