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First Look At DDF Network VR

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October 2021 update

I did the due diligence. I am declaring DDF VR to be defunct. We’ll keep this page and review below for historical purposes. They had a couple releases back in the day that were pretty fucking horny.

Original January 2018 DDF Network VR review

Hi friends, welcome to FindVRporn.com…the original, most singular, congenial, anti-Zeitgeist, VR porn review website on the Internets: the site where VR porn concepts first get formulated before spreading.

Here’s the FindVRporn review foundation, positioning checklist, SOSC supplement, performer checklist, SS Zone, and authenticity component.

All right, friends, let’s check out the European VR adult entertainment studio known as the DDF Network. 

The DDF NetworkVR website

The DDF NetworkVR website isn’t “feature rich.” But, Kitana…I like your features, baby…

DDF Stars As Of January 2018

Presently, there are 61 gals who have shot virtuals for DDF, including:

Aletta Ocean, Angel Wicky, Antonia Sainz, Athina, Belle Claire, Candee Licious, Cara Mell, Cathy Heaven, Cecilia Scott, Cherry Kiss, Haley Hill, Karol Lilien, Kayla Green, Kesha Ortega, Kira Queen, Kitana Lure, Lady Bug, Lady Dee, Layla Price, Lucy Heart, Naomi Bennet, Nathaly Cherie, Nesty, Niki Sweet, Nikky Dream, Satin Bloom, Vanessa Decker and more.

Looks like a good line-up.

What's not to like here? The DDF gals work for me. How about you?

What’s not to like here? The DDF gals work for me. How about you?

Is DDF Worth the subscription cost?

FindVRporn’s First Look studio reviews attempt to quickly overview the studio’s general quality.

A major interest is if there’s a correct sense of spatial correctness. I also see if the previews suggest the studio understands the body/camera postioning aspect.

That’s mainly our concern. Those factors are enough for me to determine whether I think they’re worth the cash.

And, of course, during that evaluation I’ll get a sense of what consumer matches the studio’s output.

It’s important to emphasize that people experience the scale/optics of virtual porn movies differently. What follows is one man’s experience. You mileage may vary. There’s just no way around this.

With that said, though, it does seem that a consensus does generally arise about a studio’s work.

So, I watched a bunch of DDF’s free previews. And, props to DDF NetworkVR for offering a free, one-minute preview of every release. I consider the free preview policy to be mandatory for a VR porn studio.

And, it’s a rarity that FindVRporn.com will discuss a studio that doesn’t offer at least one free trailer so the consumer can fire-up his headset and evaluate before firing-up his credit card. Granted “firing-up a credit card” doesn’t quite make sense, but it sounded good at the time of typing.

Tina Kay VR handjob

I like Tina a lot, but the scale in her movie was too large for me.

So, how is the DDF sense of spatial correctness, general optics, etc.?

Well, quality varied across videos. This is fairly typical of all VR porn studios in my experience.

With Tina Kay’s Blown Before Midnight release and Lady Bug’s Coming For You effort, I experienced some convergence/focus problems. Additionally, the Tina Kay scale was too large.

Honestly speaking, those two previews suggest a subpar quality that I can’t recommend.

On the other hand, this is really damn interesting because the November 27, 2017 Kitana Lure Cybernetic Pleasure footage is fantastic and unusual in a few ways.

Kitana Lure promo for DDF NetworkVR release

I was appreciating a lot about Kitana’s release. In particular, the optical width felt very right.

To begin, it has an excellent scale that’s big/realistic in a way that’s rarely achieved for my eyeballs. In particular, it’s the width that feels right.

This is important and—it seems to me—too often not specifically cited.

For me, an insufficient sense of width often ruins doggy realism. Remember, though, as suggested earlier, this stuff is intensely subjective and all one can do is relay his experience.

I mean…in respect to scale/size/SOSC…it surprises me to say this…but, the three seconds of Kitana Lure doggy style here was among the very best that I’ve seen in any virtual porn release.

Oh, Kitana baby... I like the width of your Goddess ass

Oh, Kitana baby… I like the width of your Goddess ass

I don’t know. So go figure, man. I find the whole thing a bit odd, but I just report what my eyes see. They weren’t getting the color/lighting quite right, but I’ll be damned I liked the feel of the sexual footage: and that doggy-width in particular.

Next, the scale/sense of spatial correctness along with the perfect camera positioning on the reverse cowgirl was nuts.

Kitana Lure reverse cowgirl blonde

Oh, goodness gracious….
What a dream to have Kitana spin around and bounce her pogo parts on your peppy pecker.

And, Kitana’s cowgirl was perfectly framed-up also.


The DDF’s sales model perfectly suits the uneven experience I had with their releases.


DDF NetworkVR has an interesting pricing scheme

DDF NetworkVR has an interesting pricing scheme

Well, as pictured above, you can buy individual movies. You know, I like that model when it’s coupled with every release having a free preview.

Would I spend a fiver on Kitana’s movie? Why, hell yes, I would. Would I spend it on Tina’s? Nothing against Tina, but no.

So, you get the idea.

If you’re searching for horny VR porn…and, if you see a model at DDF VR that you like…it’s worth your time to download the free preview and give it a spin to see if you want to drop a five spot.

Did that use of “five spot” sound hip? At the time, I thought it sounded hip. I’m not so sure now. Does anyone even say “hip” anymore? I need to…oh, nevermind man.

Good luck DDF.


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