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My Personal Fave Thus Far

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Hi friends, in the past, we’ve done our 2015 and 2016 VR porn movie awards. The winners were determined by Reddit. It was really important to me that it was fair.

I knew there were flaws with this method, but there’s going to be flaws/bias with any method. That’s just the truth.

But, it was the most fair solution I could figure out.

And, people really enjoyed both of those special features.

Feedback was awesome. The articles generated an insane amount of traffic via retweets and all that shit…millions of Twitter views, etc.

So, why didn’t I do it this year?

Well, no offense meant to anybody, but when I look at awards results these days…I tend to think this to myself: “Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just all the bullshit happening in the world these days got a fella fucked-up.

So, I ain’t out to push storm clouds over anybody’s VR porn parade (in particular the various awards winners); it’s just that after having been involved with this stuff, I find myself…you know…the ehhhhh part.

Hey, I ain’t saying I’m right.

Ssidny Rako CzechVR

Very horny work, Ssindy!

I’m just being honest with ya’ll.

I ain’t saying that the winners aren’t worthy and deserving of praise.

I definitely ain’t saying that.

Everything that wins seems to be a competent, professional product.

But, it’s just I been around too long.

I’ve had my face shoved in dogshit too many times.

And, forgetting about VR porn for a minute: I know how popular culture works. I know how American fame works. I’m familiar with marketing, markets, advertising, agents, publicists, social media, search engines and all the rest.

I know why some books are exalted by The New York Times and why certain books go nowhere. I’m just so damn acquainted with our cultural aroma…that…well, about our awards…I kind of said, you guessed it… “Ehhhhhhhhhh.”

I just wasn’t feeling it. Maybe it was depression, bipolar, OCD, addiction and all that shit…

Does any of that make sense?

But, today I was going through some stuff from 2017.


I don’t know, man. I was just sort of putting things in perspective. Either that or I was horny.

Ssindy Rako face

Oh, Ssindy baby!
I really think it’s love this time!

And, I took another look at Ssindy Rako’s casting release.

And, she’s a bit on the obscure side. No offense meant. But, she really has very little fame or acclaim.

She don’t even have a Twitter account. She’s got a . You click that today and you  get this, “The term you entered did not bring up any results. ”

And, you know what?

There ain’t no wrong or right to this, but watching that Ssindy Rako release I thought to myself, “This is actually the best VR porn movie I’ve seen…period.”

And, like I said…this is just my opinion.

But, it kind of reinforces my thoughts about the limited meaning of followers, accolades, search engine rankings and…many of the metrics we use to rate things.

I mean… This release by a somewhat overlooked studio: starring a basically unknown woman mostly went completely under the radar. And, at the moment, I think it’s the best VR porn release I’ve seen. And, I’ve seen quite a few.

Now, like I said, this is all just one dude’s opinion. That’s all it is… You get these douchies who act like their preferences are the final word: that ain’t me.

Hey, I’m just being honest with ya’ll.

So, you might be thinking, “What the heck’s the big deal about this Rako gal?”

Well, I previously wrote about this young lady and the missionary hoverface camera technique. And, I said then:

The camera positioning AND Ssindy’s expressiveness manifest magic in my man mind: via a phone stuck to my face. This is some crazy voodoo, man.

And, sometimes we discuss these things at great length, but it’s all pretty simple.

  1. High quality camera that got really close to Ssindy
  2. Ssindy’s expressive-gorgeousness did that magic thing where a “connection” is formed in VR.
realistic missionary vr porn pic example

This is a very realistic way to shoot missionary for virtual porns.

And, my friends, that’s it.

There’s the camera.

There’s the woman.

And, the woman—-if she’s a star—has a whole array of intangibles zipping around her. And, Ssindy, to me, is a star.

My personal winner for 2017 is the relatively unknown Ssindy Rako in Czech VR Casting 105New Chick in VR.

This movie went live the first few hours of 2018, but it’s close enough. For me, it marks the end of the year in porn 2017.

Maybe we’ll do a more elaborate FindVRporn 2018 VR Porn Movie Awards next year.

Probably not.


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