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Darcia Lee – To Truncate Or Not Truncate

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Hi friends, welcome to FindVRporn.com: the site where VR porn concepts first get formulated before spreading.

All reviews on FindVRporn are buttressed by a deep conceptual foundation which we pioneered and you can read about further.

Today we’ll consider Virtual Real Porn’s March 2018 release, Thief In Training.

Thief In Training, starring Darcia Lee and recently released by Virtual Real Porn

Thief In Training, starring Darcia Lee and Nick Ross released by Virtual Real Porn

This effort runs 21 minutes and was lightly tap-dancing around the pornstar punishment border.

I say…hey VRP boys: polka-stomp your way past the border and go full Captain Caveman!

Hey, I never said I was Ernie Hemmingway!

still not funny

So, below we’ll be discussing another VR porn concept first coined here: truncated footage (e.g. truncated cowgirl, truncated missionary, the rarely seen truncated doggy, etc.).

The basic meaning is that the woman is pulled down low in the frame (with part of the woman’s body hidden from view): filling the visual region with an immediacy that could potentially (maybe) sacrifice a bit of realism for—in my opinion—a ton of the horny.

I never said I was Goddamn Ernie Hemmingway, man!

The Basics

So, let’s get the basics out of the way.

Darcia Lee cowgirl

Darcia Lee cowgirl

Virtual Real Porn was the first in the game. They’ve been releasing a competent product for years that I’ve been praising and recommending to consumers seeking consistently horny 3D porn featuring conventionally beautiful, mostly European women.

And, unsurprisingly, this release is no different. You get a VR which satisfies all the technical optical requirements we have: e.g., things like scale, color, sound, clarity, sense of spatial correctness, etc.

My major Virtual Real Porn criticism has primarily been that—in my opinion—they don’t push the experimental boundaries.

I get the impression that they’ve found a fine formula that reliably succeeds…and, indeed they do have that: thus, they just stick to it.

The Framing

Nancy A in a very awesome and rarely seen VR porn position: Truncated Cowgirl!

Nancy A in a very awesome  Truncated Cowgirl!

I believe it could fairly be argued that Darcia should have been pulled lower in the frame during every positioning.

People want different things. Certainly.

But, in this man’s opinion, there was far too much of the man’s body (torso) visible during the blowjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggy. I readily acknowledge there’s a valid counter-argument.

This studio knows what they’re doing.

They’re capable of shooting in different ways. In the one Nancy A release (pictured above left), I enjoyed and praised how they truncated the camera framing.

And, likewise, with Claudia Bavel and Sofia Star I saluted the tighter framing.

At this time, CzechVR and WankzVR (pictured right) most effectively and frequently truncate VR porn footage.

truncated missionary Scarlett Mae

Beautiful truncation with WankzVR’s Scarlett Mae

So, there’s really no question concerning VRP’s capabilities. They have a horny trick bag. They don’t always opt to dip into it, though.

I’ll presume that Team VRP feels that this present filming style—incorporating more man body—is desired by subscribers.

And, I can see that side of things: though, I disagree with the perspective. But, one could argue that the inclusion facilitates a deeper level of immersion for the viewer.

Here’s the thing: like so many things in both virtual porn and life: there’s no right or wrong to this issue.

If a viewer prefers more inclusion of the male actor: that’s legit. As mentioned, I could see why somebody would feel that way.

However, there ain’t no way for me to stop being a person with my own individual preferences.

Darcia Lee doggy style

Darcia doggies

And, I can evaluate technical competence fairly regardless. But, personally, to get 3D rowdy-horny-happy: the studio must truncate. So, I ain’t hiding my biases, fellas.

With that said, though, what you get here is absolutely competently delivered in every possible way: Darcia’s performance, the optical quality, etc.

Thematically, I thought this release was on the verge of going nuclear-horny. The set-up is that burglar Darcia is caught-stealing and receives a retalitory man-thumping.

Oh, damn VRP…you’re skirting around the sizzling edges of something I’ve been anticipating: a VR following the pornstar punishment formula. Who’s going to deliver this?

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