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First Look At Lethal Hardcore VR

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Update April 2021 – Lethal Hardcore VR has become one my favorite all-time studios (updated LHCVR review), and there’s a certain particular type of perversion that they deliver better than anyone. If you’ve watched their work, you already know what I mean…if you haven’t watched any scenes, it’s a little complicated to explain, but basically…a lot of the scenes create a power imbalance between the stunt cock and the female star: with the female star almost always having the lesser power increment.

This can be seen in scenarios with a gal dealing with a probation officer or working as a babysitter, etc.

But, the thing is…director Stony…he’s got a really good insight into what the average man mind finds horny.

Anyway, findvrporn highly recommends Lethal, and we’ve got a fucking awesome 40% Discount for you!


Nov. 2018

Hi friends, the other day we took our first look at the WhoreCraft VR studio.

Arya Fae starred in a very horny WhoreCraft cosplay

Arya Fae starred in a very horny WhoreCraft cosplay

And, the WhoreCraft gang measured up quite well against our standards.

Now, a WhoreCraft VR subscription also gets you access to their other virtual branch: Lethal Hardcore VR.

While WhoreCraft, obviously, mines interesting fantasy/cosplay terrain; the Lethal Hardcore stuff appears to be much more conventional, Americana porn action.

Ashley Lane

Ms. Lane

So, I see the Lethal gang released something today: Ashley Lane is a Desperate Housewife, starring, as you might expect, the slinky, sorta strawberry-blondish stunner, Ms. Ashley Lane.

Here’s the set-up: “Ashley is married to a boring accountant that doesn’t fuck her much. She married for love but is not in heat and finds her pussy soaking wet daily…”

What the hell’s wrong with this number cruncher?

Now, Ashley’s the type of gal a fella just wants to grab and grope and flip around and pulverize with his peenie ’til the cock-crazy cutie’s eyes do their crazed-crisscross.

I ain’t lying! To my man eyes, this horny harlot is all sorts of fine as strawberry wine!

But, I turned the sound down and put my attention elsewhere, because my main interest is..

How does this movie’s 3D optics look

Ashely Lane missionary in a vr porn

I found this missionary framing effective

I found the WhoreCraft optics and filming techniques to be first-rate: that is…in their later releases.

I would anticipate that the Lethal branch would share the same quality.

And, the point of this piece is to find out.

And, yes, the general 3D, scaling and spatial correctness was fine to my eyes. Let’s get more specific.

Missionary Framing

For me, the best segment of this movie was the missionary framing running from 32:53 to 35:37.

A few notes about the missionary in this movie:

1. There are several segments that sort of pull Ashley lower in the frame. As a general rule I find that being lower creates a greater realism.

2. There was no truncated missionary switch as seen in the WhoreCraft Nina Elle effort.

Nina Elle missionary for WhoreCraft VR review

I found the Nina missionary framing to be a bit hornier. I actually would have liked an additional switch added for a segment of even greater truncation.
There is no right or wrong. But, FindVRporn has been advocating that every release features about four missionary switches.

This is highly-opinionated stuff, but in my view, a truncated switch is mandatory. Personally, I want to see WhoreCraftVR and Lethal Hardcore VR incorporate truncated missionary segments in every release.

For a textbook truncated missionary, see the picture below.

Textbook truncated missionary VR reference performed by Patty Michova for CzechVR

Textbook truncated missionary VR reference performed by Patty Michova for CzechVR

3. Notwithstanding, watching the Ashley missionary segment noted above made me…wait for it…really, really, really horny for Ashley!

Smothering Chest Kiss

For a brief instant, we saw something rarely seen in VR porn releases: and, very effective I’ll add.

It’s the actress doing a sorta smothering chest kiss with the top of her head close to the camera lens.

Smother chest kiss from a desperate housewife

Smother chest kiss from a desperate housewife

This is the type of thing that won’t come across well in a 2D pic. But, while seen through a VR headset, such a shot revs up the realism.

Opening Sweet Spot Action (pictured below)

In the opening, Lethal Hardcore did a fine job of getting Ashley into VR porn's sweet spot zone

In the opening, Lethal Hardcore did a fine job of getting Ashley into VR porn’s sweet spot zone.

Read more about VR porn’s sweetspot zone. The basic idea is that there’s an optimal distance where VR porn frames look the best. LHCVR found the range pictured above.

Shortcomings: room for improvement imo

Ashley Lane stand-up fucking

Would have preferred this pulled lower in the frame then with a truncated switch to back of head

I ain’t the final word on shit. And, I find it irritating when someone takes that approach.

With that said…

My criticisms of this release are similar to the same criticisms I have of most releases from any studio.

With a few exceptions here and there (like certain CzechVR work, for example) there is a resistance from studios to…what people refer to as breaking POV.

If I’m being totally candid, I’ve always considered this whole POV/immersion thing to be silly. Now, I sure as hell ain’t saying I consider superbly realistic 3D optics silly…but…

Generally, I’m not mistaking myself for the often tattooed stunt cock with the six-pack abs and fifteen inch dipstick who’s pootanannie plowing a 36 DD Goddess beside a Bev Hills poolside.

You probably notice in the hundreds of reviews here the term immersion is rarely mentioned. I don’t like the term. I find it overused and a bit misleading.

So, in this one: for the cowgirl, reverse cow, BJ and stand-up, I would have liked less of the male’s body visible.

For example, pictured left, too much man visible in the stand-up.

I would have had the stunt cock pull that beautiful bitch’s head back by the hair as the camera’s framing pulled downward running from Ashley’s ass to the top of her head.

For a reference, see Zoey Monroe pictured right.

Zoey Monroe head pulled back fucking

Zoey Monroe with erotic stand-up, head pull back segment for WankzVR.

And, as mentioned, I want truncated switches on all positions.

I ain’t saying the LHCVR footage was bad. It was good stuff worth firing-up the headset to enjoy.

But personally, I want things pulled lower in the frame. And, I want POV broken for segments to get a more smothering perspective. And, I like seeing little segments with slowly moving camera, truncation, body scan, camel toes, polka dot panties, riveting gazes…

Final Word

Now, with all that said, I ain’t expecting every minute of a virtual porn release to be spectacular.

In this case, the various close-ups of Ashley, along with the mesmerizing missionary segment, make this worth the price of admission.

Additionally, this company got me to pull my credit card out because of the WhoreCraftVR output.

So, all of this Lethal Hardcore VR stuff is a very wonderful bonus. In other words, you subscribe to WhoreCraftVR and you also get Lethal Hardcore VR.

Good luck Lethal Hardcore and Ashley Lane.

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