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Lethal Hardcore VR Takes It To The Next Level With Kenzie Taylor

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Hi friends,

It’s happened a number of times here.

What’s happened a number of times here?

Well, sometimes a studio releases a movie that’s such a significant quality jump a guy exclaims: These fellas just took it to the next level.

Such is the case with Lethal Hardcore VR’s 5th release, starring Kenzie Taylor.

Cheating Housewife Kenzie Taylor cropped image

Oh, God… cheat with me Kenzie!
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We’ve discussed this before with Wankz, BaDoinkVR, VRcosplayX and others.

Ashley Lane

I thought Ashley Lane’s release was pretty good.

And, it was, literally, just a few days ago that we took our first look at the new Lethal Hardcore VR unit.

Next Level Stuff

And, today I’m saying the Lethal boys took it to the next level?


What does next level mean?

It means that today’s release—Cheating Housewife Kenzie Taylor Needs a New Lover—is off-the-chain-horny.

Kenzie’s Lethal Missionary

What particularly rocked the horny meter was the Kenzie missionary segment.

Kenzie Taylor vr porn missionary photo

Kenzie Taylor’s nicely set-up here by the Lethal Hardcore gang

You’ll notice the male actor is standing. Kenzie’s balanced on the couch arm pushing forward. The camera framing is close: without being too close.

Video Sample To Demonstrate

Here’s a 7 second embedded, video clip to demonstrate what I’m talking about.

In the movie, that particular missionary framing runs from 29:35 to 31:05.

So you know where I’m coming from…that alone is enough for me to give this one enthusiastic weenie…I mean…two enthusiastic thumbs up.

What makes it so horny?

To answer fully, see our positioning checklist guidelines.

To answer quickly:

1. The framing/camera position
2. Kenzie’s unwavering, direct eye contact
3. The perverse dialogue about my pussy this, fresh cock that, my lame husband doesn’t fuck me, etc.
4. Kenzie’s face and body
5. Did I mention those Goddamn enormous nipples!

More Than Just A Sexy Blonde

And, about Kenzie Taylor…forget for a moment about this blonde’s blissful beauty and the bodacious, boobie bouncers that you’d like to squeeze for a few years…

Kenzie Taylor giant tits in a vr porn movie close-up

Those Kenzie tits and nipples.
It’s hard to criticize those mammary monsters in any possible way…
But, I think the background (wall etc.) should have been darker.

Additionally, Kenzie—on the level—is really quite a porn actress. Really, surprising!

Such perverse dialogue and enthusiastic fucking! Oh, Kenzie baby!

Some women just intuitively understand how to awaken the inner pervert that resides in the deep recesses of every male mind.

Kenzie’s such a gal.

This whole release surprised me.

I was not expecting something this well done. Honestly.

Other noteworthy positives, for me, included…

Some optical-hornyness with the sideways-on-the-couch cowgirl featuring Kenzie’s nuclear undulations.

I’d last for three hip swivels, man!

Kenzie knows how to swivel those horny hips in a sideways cowgirl sequence running 40 seconds in length

Kenzie knows how to swivel those horny hips in a sideways cowgirl sequence running 40 seconds in length

The upright cowgirl worked great. This is typically filmed well across all studios.

Upright, head back, boobs out cowgirl by Kenzie Taylor

Upright, head back, boobs out cowgirl by Kenzie Taylor

There were some varied close-ups sprinkled around.

What would I have done differently?

  1. Although I kinda raved about the missionary, I would have included a transition to truncation. 100%.
  2. They had Kenzie in that mind-bendingly horny black corset sorta lingerie get-up. A close-up body scan there was a missed opportunity.
  3. Much more face close-up time/VR kissing segment.
  4. Truncate part of the blowjob footage.
  5. More extreme squatting cowgirl hoverface segment before pulling it back to where it was.
  6. And, definitely pull Ashley lower in the frame during the stand-up portion.

All things considered, as mentioned, this release was an unexpected horny sunbeam flashing this gloomy life.

Well done Kenzie and Lethal Hardcore VR.

Lethal Hardcore VR is on our radar now.

To clarify…remember that a subscription to the cosplay VR studio WhoreCraft VR gets you this Lethal HardCore VR sub as a bonus.

I took that deal myself.

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