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CzechVR Just Shot Their Face Fetish Release

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My friends,

Huge news!

CzechVR just made a statement.

Hello there. We are thrilled that we can announce we have been able to shoot an experimental face fetish footage and it will be released very very soon. 😉

So, this is gigantic.

Some of the people reading this…the ones that upvoted and left their suggestions…ya’ll made this happen.

You demonstrated a huge hunk of fellas want to see the outcome of this creative conception.

Really, really damn curious to see this! That ain’t hype, friends. I’m curious, man.

For a full recap about this face fetish content and how it came about, please see, CzechVR Officially Confirms Forthcoming Face Fetish Filming.

I believe this development is significant and may prove quite influential.

Meaning: that it may likely influence the addition of a FF segment in standard hetero 3D sex movies. Truth is…this is what viewers have been requesting for years.

An Overwhelming Irony

There’s an overwhelming irony, of course, as my wildly-popular post trilogy which demonstrated the demand for this—through votes and comments—was also deemed spam bringing a ban upon yours truly! Oh, man…that’s rich!

And, this official announcement was just made in one of the aforementioned posts!

That’s a really hilarious kick in the seat, my friends!

So, honestly…nobody knows how this will turn out: except CVR at this point.

As you can see, Team Czech is calling it experimental face fetish footage.

And, that’s just what it is…experimental

And, that’s how this virtual content advances. There has to be experimentation, risk-taking.

Because, I suspect this FF stuff, in a way, bypasses the typical definitions of pornography and hits the libido from an entirely novel angle. We’ll see…

And, you know, I just realized: this was requested like five days ago, man! And, they already shot one…awesome.

One smart thing CVR did was wrap their three studio branches into a single subscription price.

That way, nobody ever gets cheated. In fact, you could say that everybody’s always getting a bonus.

Because, no matter what, you get the standard, hetero 3D bump and pump through the main studio.

And, you can expect that in the fetish branch…it’s like an experimental lab…

…you know that boundaries are gonna get banged a bit in that branch. That’s its very nature.

And, if somebody doesn’t dig it…well, they’ve still got the hetero 3D, which is what most subscribers join for anyway.

Honestly, man…this is a pretty clever little model those boys put together.

Mad props Czech fellas!

I’ll be looking for this.

Face Fetish VR Update

On December 7, 2018: CVR releases a free, full-length face fetish movie starring Jennifer Jane. And, it’s pretty damn cool.

How you like my “spam” now?

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