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Alina Lopez New Years Wankin Eve Thoughts and Pics

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New Year’s Wankin’ Eve by WankzVR
Starring Alina Lopez
59 minutes

Hi friends, in the latest WankzVR Alina Lopez effort, many things are simply done correctly.

WankzVR (along with MilfVR) consistently check off multiple boxes of our positioning checklist.

The checklist’s main concern is camera placement in virtual porn movies.

One point that I’m pretty…um…rigid about is that there should always be an Instant Sweetspot Open.

In the present New Year’s Wankin’ Eve release, this requirement is met. The first 4.5 minutes features a sweetspot Alina in a coquettish, clothed teasing bit of flirtatious funtime.

Instant Sweetspot Open clothed teasing, pictured above, is the perfect way to open a VR porn movie

Instant Sweetspot Open clothed teasing, pictured above, is the perfect way to open a VR porn movie

This is how it’s done, son. It’s so easy to accomplish. It simply makes sense. It always 100% works. And, it may have been my favorite segment of this movie.

Sometimes it seems forgotten that people are strapping shit to their heads and charging credit cards because they want a horny 3D experience to maximize their wack intensity.

Hey, I just report the facts of reality, man!

The missionary framing was also well-executed. In particular, the set-up seen at the 21:52 mark below.

Realistic missionary framing with WankzVR's Alina Lopez at the 21:52 mark

Realistic missionary framing with WankzVR’s Alina Lopez at the 21:52 mark

So, between gal-gorgeous, straight-haired-brunette Alina; the initial, sweetspot teasing; the pussy-posing that skillfully danced right up to convergence’s dreaded line; and the missionary framing; the admission price is already justified in my estimation.

My negative critique, at this point, could also apply to many studios.

I’m still not seeing everything that I think would make for the absolute horniest release. I think missed opportunities include the resistance to break POV (particularly on BJ and cowgirl).

I’d like to see slowly moving body scanning along with more creative truncation (even if it disrupts POV). I’d love to see the POV/immersion sacred cow get some sort of bovine problem this new year. Hey, I never said I was Ernie Hemmingway, man!

And, I find myself thinking during various positioning that there is still too much of the male actor visible (e.g. stand-up).

Here are some additional Alina Lopez pictures from the movie:

To wrap-up, we have another first-rate WankzVR release, which is just what we’ve come to expect. Nice work WVR and Alina.

If you are a particularly strong Alina fan, you can show your support by voting her Girlsway Girl of the Year.

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