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Virtual Pee Review – How Is This Piss Porn?

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Hi friends, so March 2018 we first looked at the Virtual Pee studio. The following part was written in January 2019.

Previous criticism of Virtualpee

And, my main criticism at that point:

“…if that camera could have been pushed a bit closer, the release would have been spectacular.”

As I said in March: “Watching, I found myself thinking, ‘You fellas are doing everything right. Just get the camera closer.‘”

So, there are many factors considered when rendering a review’s judgment.

At bottom, though, it does kinda sorta come down to: Is the image clear and are the cameras close?

I mean…there’s a lot more to it, but if you don’t have close-and-clear none of the other things really matter much…

So, about nine months have passed.

Did Virtual Pee make any progress?

Indeed they have.

I downloaded and quickly jumped through five recent Virtual Pee movies. I watched the Oculus files which are 3960×2160.

There was some quality inconsistency across releases.

I Want To Download Some Virtual Pee Scenes

Kate Fresh legs spread shows pussy

Oh, Ms. Fresh.
Kate, there’s a lot to like about you, baby!

For instance, I don’t understand why the January 5, 2019 Vinna Reed release pushed the distance back while the August 2018 Jenifer Jane outing and December 2018 Kate Fresh scene nailed the sweetspot zone: while recreating a convincing sense of spatial correctness.

Jenifer Jane in spandex spread legs

Hey, Jen… you already know FindVRporn is a fan, baby… you look good in spandex!

In Jenifer and Kate’s movies, the viewer gets a first-rate optical experience of these gals diddling themselves, posing a bit, and, of course, urinating.

And, if you’re extracting the credit card for a Virtual Pee subscription, I would imagine that’s just what you’re after.

Kate Fresh about to virtual pee into a clear cup

Kate Fresh about to virtual pee into a clear cup

And, the VR porn optics in those two releases look pretty damn good. Honestly, they look better than I was expecting.

I feel like my judgment’s still a bit incomplete, so I’m presently downloading some additional Virtual Pee scenes that I’ll simply look at on my desktop.

So, I just scanned through Sasha Sparrow in Fingering Her Pussy, Adele Unicorn in Golden Pussy Pump, and Amanda Estela in Gulping Her Piss.

Jenifer Jane VR porn pissing for Virtual Pee

Jenifer Jane perverse VR action on her pristine pussy

5 elements of a Virtual Pee scene

Okay, so there seem to be five fundamental elements of Virtual Pee scenes:

  1. Some solo gal teasing (clothed and nude)
  2. Some dildo action
  3. Maybe a pussy pump part
  4. Peeing
  5. Pouring pee over herself

They run five to ten minutes and get straight to the action.

And, I don’t really need to see much more.

If VR porn is your thing…and pornstar gal pissing is your thing…then, you have two choices: Virtual Pee and CzechVR Fetish releases.

You won’t go wrong either way. But, Virtual Pee unquestionably has the most pee-pee content. That’s a fact. So, if you asked is this best VR pissing site…yes, I’d have to say it is…

Adele Unicorn pumps up her pussy...

Adele Unicorn pumps up her pussy…

...and, then Ms. Unicorn bounces on her dildo... Hey, these VirtualPee releases are all right!

…and, then Ms. Unicorn bounces on her dildo…
Hey, these VirtualPee releases are all right!

And, I see Team VP’s got a special where you get the first month for twenty bucks.

So, if you’re horny for 3D peeing, head over there and download their free trailer and evaluate for yourself.

Findvrporn suggestion for Virtualpee

As for me, I’d just say to Virtual Pee…use the Jenifer Jane and Kate Fresh releases as your template. Duplicate the camera positioning and techniques employed in those releases.

I’d love to see Virtual Pee continue with the clothed teasing segments…and, even zoom the camera in a bit tighter for some truncated, slowly moving camera bodyscan type of stuff.

Not many are using such techniques, and this would really help you to distinguish yourselves further.

The peeing, personally, isn’t quite my thing, but I think you nailed it in those movies beautifully, nonetheless.

I hope to see a consistent release trickle from you in 2019!

Hey, I never said I was Rodney Dangerfield, man!

I Want To Download Some Virtual Pee Scenes

I’m now adding in the first Virtual Pee review directly below:

March 6, 2018

What’s Up With

Hi everybody, today we’ll take our first look at a newer VR porn studio: VirtualPee.


The folks behind this VR pissporn project seem quite experienced: having already developed WetandPissy, ViPissy and Got2Pee.

The VirtualPee gang in their own words:

“a realistic view of our gorgeous girls pissing and really putting you in the driving seat of the best VR piss porn around.

For your pleasure we have both brand new faces and stunning well-known pornstars…”, (and, more succinctly they say):

“Premium European Pissing Content.”

A VR porn studio dedicated to 3D gals peeing

Vinna Reed for Virtual Pee

Honestly… I agree that Ms. Vinna Reed represents premium European content

Okay, to state the obvious: today we’re considering a VR porn studio devoted exclusively to the female peeing/urination fetish.

To my knowledge, VirtualPee’s main competitor in this space would be some releases offered by CzechVR’s Fetish branch.

However, Czech’s branch does much more besides urination (e.g. facesitting, latex, etc.).

To my knowledge, VirtualPee is the lone studio aiming exclusively at this 3D European pissing specialty.

So, rendering a verdict about a VR porn studio—or anything, really—is intensely subjective.

Some of the major factors considered are the general optical quality of the work (scale, color, lighting, etc.); camera positioning; performances; targeted consumers; value, etc.

You can read a very thorough explanation of our standards here: VR Porn Standards Project. I’ll be using all of those ideas in this article: though, I won’t provide complete explanations here.

Okay, so for me the bottom line with VirtualPee is that they cross my personal quality threshold.

That means, I’m seeing the necessary optical quality, filming methods and general erotic sensibility to recommend them for a particular consumer.

Is Virtualpee worth the money?

And, for that particular consumer, VirtualPee certainly warrants the $19.95 for a month’s subscription, which will allow download of their—at the present moment—17 videos.

Vanessa Hill in a peeing VR porn movie

Oh, Vanessa Hell…you kinky baby!

So, what do I mean by “for a particular consumer”?

That means…if you’re a guy who’s:

1. Horny for female urination/pee watersports 3D porn

2. A fan of the mainstream porn/beauty aesthetic.

By that I mean, most dudes are horny for beautiful women like Victoria Pure, Licky Lex, Antonia Sainz, Vinna Reed and the like. I know I am! And, you get that caliber of woman here.

Ethnically/racially it appears, to me, that most of the models are of a European/White or Spanish/Latina background.

I Want To Download Some Virtual Pee Scenes

The women who have performed for Virtual Pee?

Virtual Pee blonde babe Vinna Reed lets her urine fly in this release

Virtual Pee blonde babe Vinna Reed lets her urine fly in… release

  • Miky Love
  • Victoria Pure
  • Mag Ray
  • Amanda Estela
  • Annabelle Doll
  • Claudia Macc
  • Dafne
  • Lady Dee
  • Licky Lex
  • Vany Ully
  • Antonia Sainz
  • Foxie T
  • Rachel Evans
  • Vinna Reed
  • Vanessa Hell
  • Chrissy Fox
  • Tera Honk
  • Lady Dee

Let’s Keep Going

So, I downloaded 4 videos: Dafne, Vanessa Hell, Victoria Pure and Vinna Reed.

And, as mentioned, technically-speaking what I saw crossed the needed threshold. I wouldn’t call the work visually spectacular; but, it was most certainly damn competent.

The clarity and scale was quite good. I don’t understand why they’re filming with a 360 degree setting and then limiting the horizontal frame of view. But, regardless, the end product works.

The women, in my opinion, were great.

The lighting, color and general look of the VR imagery was all professionally rendered. And, the content absolutely delivers what’s promised: the self-described “premium European pissing content.”

Yep, yep. Ain’t nobody getting tricked here. Team VirtualPee delivers a bunch of movies that look good and feature young Euro hotties making wee-wee all over the place.

Virtual pee’s camera positioning

The reason I call the videos I watched “damn competent” rather than spectacular hinges upon camera positioning.

If you’ve read this website’s reviews, you’ve seen me constantly make this same criticism. And, if you want to know exactly where I’m coming from, read The FindVRporn Positioning Checklist.

The important sweetspot zone

But, to be brief, in VR porn there’s a sweet spot zone where things simply look the horniest. It’s a distance that’s very close to the camera: without being too close!

Now, to be fair, a lot of VirtualPee’s work that I viewed was actually hovering around the rear of the SS zone (or just beyond it).

But, consider the Vinna Reed Ride It Cowgirl release. What an awesome little five minute video. I’m not particularly attracted to this watersports genre,  but I appreciated the quality, Vinna and this release’s compactness.

Personally, I really, really like a 5 minute VR porn where every second is well-utilized. In my view, that length is very agreeable.

The only thing…if the camera could have just been nudged about 18 inches closer to Vinna.

That’s my main criticism.

I wouldn’t really call the video footage “too distant.” But, in my opinion, if that camera could have been pushed a bit closer, the release would have been spectacular.

Watching, I found myself thinking, “You fellas are doing everything right. Just get the camera closer.”

Maybe incorporate a little moving camera, more cuts changing distance, you know…

There were moments where I felt VirtualPee had the distance perfect: totally wired-in horny.

For instance, in Victoria Pure’s Pure Pissing release, for reference, the distance was perfection at the 5:50 mark. Here are two screenshots of when I thought they had a very horny distance.

Victoria Pure at about the movie's 6:01 mark taking her shirt off before doing sprinkle. I personally feel that VirtualPee has the right distance at this instant.

Victoria Pure at about the movie’s 6:01 mark taking her shirt off before doing sprinkle.
I personally feel that VirtualPee has the right distance at this instant.

6:10 at the timeline, Ms. Pure dumps a pitcher of urine over her tits. Once again, I believe this is the optimal distance to keep Victoria from the camera.

6:10 at the timeline, Ms. Pure dumps a pitcher of urine over her tits.
Once again, I believe this is the optimal distance to keep Victoria from the camera.

Only thing I’d really encourage the Pee Gang is just shoot the whole dang video at that 5:50 mark distance.


If you’re a fan of VR , attractive European women urinating…I’m tempted to say, “then absolutely check out the free previews.”

However, I don’t know about all the free previews, but the one I watched didn’t reflect the actual quality subscribers get.

So, instead I’ll just say if you’re into the above-mentioned stuff, a month sub should serve you well.

Also, considering these folks are only 17 videos into the game, I am actually expecting spectacular VR from them in the future.

I’ve seen this pattern before, and in many cases studios seem to have a longer learning curve than…what I’m trying to say is that VirtualPee is off to a fantastic start.

Keep perfecting your craft fellas.

Good luck!

I Want To Download Some Virtual Pee Scenes

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