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Gianna Dior Stealing Hearts

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So, recently we discussed VR Bangers’ progress in depth.

One indication, for me, that a studio’s coming correct—or, at the very least, providing desired innovation—is when the movie makes me add new entries to our positioning checklist.

That repeatedly happens with the Bangers gang: as they, to my delight, creatively explore positioning/framing (e.g. in particular: many cowgirl variations, spread eagle blowjob, etc.)

To Bangers’ credit, they’ve got me wondering if their life purpose is to uncover the entire array of cowgirl variations existing in this universe: and, then subsequently deliver that to the horny masses via VR porn movies.

For me, Gianna Dior makes this a hard drive keeper…that Italian/Native American ethnic-mix of gal beauty hits a fella like a field of tan tulips smoldering in a sun storm.

Hey, I never said I was Ernie Hemingway.

I’m just trying to state the obvious: Ms. Dior is beautiful.

For me, the best bit was the front-facing scissors cowgirl (34:20-37:29), pictured below. The way Gianna’s right knee juts deeply inward creates a rarely-seen configuration and realistic effect.

Nice sideways scissors cowgirling from Ms. Dior in a Valentine's themed VR porn release... sort of an American Beauty element?

Nice sideways scissors cowgirling from Ms. Dior in a Valentine’s themed VR porn release… sort of an American Beauty element?

You also get just the sorta close-up that you want of Ms. Dior (pictured below):

Gianna Dior pussy closeup in vr porn

Oh, Gianna baby! Don’t ever change! Keep that hairstyle, too! Both of your hairstyles!

Additionally, there’s other good cowgirling (with subtle variations), some aggressive blowjobbing and tit-fuck action along with various close-up shots.

I’ll embed some pictures and the video trailer.

All things considered, VR Bangers continues their 2019 roll. And, Gianna Dior, unsurprisingly, delivers a first-rate, professional performance with a…heavy dose of horny!

My impression remains the same that VR Bangers remains a studio to watch in 2019. And, we’re only 6 weeks into the new year…and, my general impression/prediction of 2019 in the VR porn world remains the same: there’s a lot going down…both in this heterosexual stuff; but, also in solo gal and sorta experimental releases.

And, more than previous years, I find myself really interested in…and curious about…exactly how things will stand come 2020. I don’t know why I’m getting so focused on that…something to do with the…nevermind

Concerning the present release…for fans of Ms. Dior…fans of that exotic sorta beauty (you know what I mean…you just don’t see gals like Gianna at my local mall, man!)…or consumers who are looking for a GFE (girlfriend experience) type of VR…this release is one to check out.

Additionally, you can see free previews for all Bangers VRs at their website.’s VR Bangers discount! 50 cents/day- Click the banner below to take advantage of this special price.

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