Cindy Shine for CzechVR face fetish release

Cindy Shine Coming Soon To VR Intimacy

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So, VR Inimacy is CzechVR’s dedicated face fetish studio…that means the videos emphasize the woman’s face. And, let’s just be candid: this shit’s pretty fucking awesome…

As we saw in the recent Victoria Puppy VRI outing, the Czech cameras did wander a bit south to Victoria’s…um…puppy.

Victoria Puppy pussy

The VRI cameras did mostly stay close to Victoria’s face, but there was a little wandering: as you can see pictured above

Hey, I never said I was Rod Dangerfield! …or Ernie Hemmingway! …or anybody with any type of talent!


You can actually download both the Stacy Cruz and Victoria Puppy VRI releases for free.

I’m following this VRI stuff because I think it’s extraordinarily well-suited to the virtual reality medium. For instance, have a look at this clip from the beginning of Victoria’s movie.

So, in that video above, you get some distortion because you’re watching it in 2D; but, it does convey the face fetish raison d’être. CVR, though, keeps things interesting through some camera switches (e.g. a tighter truncation that simulates a missionary pump-and-thump along with the aforementioned pussy part.)

But, the subject at hand is…

Cindy Shine!

Cindy Shine's face

As you can see, Ms. Cindy Shine has a very pretty face… …pictured above is Ms. Shine up-close during an early CzechVR casting release… Looking forward to seeing Cindy do VRI

Yes, friends, Cindy’s the next face beneath VR Intimacy’s smothering spotlight.

And, I’ll tell you who I want to see get the VRI treatment: Ssindy Rako, man!

Whatever happened to Ms. Rako!

Lola Myluv cowgirls

Another example of horny framing

I’ll tell you what CVR…

…if you boys want to really make man mind explode…do a VRI face fetish that alternates between Ssindy’s face and Lola MyLuv’s face…wait for itin the same release!

That would be some serious next-level stuff, gentlemen…

And, if you want to trigger The Rapture… then get Lola Bambola’s gorgeous gal face in the VRI action, man!

Lola Bambolas face as featured face fetish image

Lola, you are a damn good candidate for VR Intimacy, baby!

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