Savana Styles fucking against wall

Could A VR Studio Shoot This Please?

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I saw this video on Twitter.

I believe the beauty…who ends up putting her feet and knees on the wall…I believe that’s Ms. Savana Styles. I like her. A LOT!

So, if you go to the 12 second mark and watch…the segment of interest runs from 12 to about 53.

Could somebody shoot this please?

And, it would be major bonus points if you keep the cosplay element. And, MAJOR BONUS if you do it with Savana!

Is there already a VR example of this? If so, let me know in the comments.

We have a fairly comprehensive positioning checklist. Would love to add this to it. What would it be called? Maybe: Knees On Wall? or… Savana Style? or…

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