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The dawn of augmented reality porn

Naughty America VR’s (review) newest venture is an augmented reality project called (findvrporn discount code link).

The bottom line is that this, needless to say, isn’t a flawless AR porn incarnation; and, it wouldn’t be fair to expect that. This is a brand new technology, and we’re not in the Black Mirror era yet. This AR, though, is exciting, novel-as-hell and surprisingly fucking horny. And, those on VR porn’s business side—who aren’t actively developing in this niche—will be compelled to reconsider their future timelines.

Emma Hix was my first AR experience

I experienced Emma Hix dancing on my bed. It’s a trip. The Emma AR dance was my first real (non-hack) augmented reality porn (i.e. passthrough) experience. And, it was pretty damn cool. Descriptions and screenshots are going to be inadequate. It’s really something you have to see for yourself. And, my bottom line is that it’s pretty fucking cool. I wasn’t expecting it to be this good.

It’s not perfect. Nonetheless, I didn’t think this early effort would be this Goddamn horny. And, as we’ve seen, 3D pornography can allow for an intensely erotic time while still having some technical shortcomings.

And, what I do on these pages is explain why 3D porn efforts succeed or fall short. Well, like I said, this is a tough one to describe. What’s being created is the illusion that the woman is in your room, on your bed, etc. And, this isn’t something out of Star Trek TNG, but it’s new and fun. I like it.

This reminds me of my first VR porn experience

And, much like the day I first watched a Virtual Real Porn scene through a Google cardboard: my jaw dropped as augmented Emma walked about my room. My brain got more than it anticipated. I’ve been waiting for some time now to have a legit augmented porn experience.

Naughty America goes first – I like that!

Naughty America has been subject to various critiques online. I’m not the ultimate authority about Naughty America, but—Findvrporn has also been on the receiving end of some online bullshit—and, I know that there’s often more going on than what’s readily apparent. 

Ultimately, my mind is elsewhere, though. That inside baseball and subreddit propaganda doesn’t really concern us here. We’ll leave that for the message boards. Have a ball, guys. Our main concern is discussing horny 3D, why it’s horny, and what consumer best matches its particular hornyness.

Now, about why I respect Naughty America.

It’s quite simple. They have the cojones to dive face first into the deep end. And, damn early: before anybody knows how dangerous that dive might be…we saw this in the realm of VR porn, certainly. It was those first NA VR porn scenes in the summer of 2015 that inspired me to register this domain name.

They were the first major USA porn outfit to do VR, and that’s not forgotten over here. Props to them and Virtual Real Porn, BaDoinkVR, VR Bangers, Virtual Taboo, CzechVR, WankzVR and all those who arrived early to this 3D art form.

And, while other big porn companies waited things out—most are still waiting—the NA gang was blazing the path: along with a a very few other brave early entrants. I respect that. A lot! Major props to everybody that’s currently in the game. The rest will be joining you soon enough. The inevitability is just becoming increasingly indisputable.

You might as well get in now and start building up your 3D library, guys. Putting it off is just placing you at a greater disadvantage than you’re already at. And, make no mistake, if you haven’t entered yet, you’re at a disadvantage. If this new AR porn project reinforces anything, it’s that this KY ain’t going back into the tube, ever.

Hey, I never said I was Ernie Hemingway!

Ernest Hemmingway face

One can’t help but wonder how Ernest Hemingway would feel about augmented reality porn.


I think this AR shit is awesome, and I’m going to be following it very closely and writing about it. I’m convinced.

RealGirlsNow Discount

And, I also got a findvrporn special discount VIP pass  REAL GIRLS NOW month for $19.95 so you can see for yourself. You can get a taste without too much of an investment risk. I’m curious to see how other people put this AR experience into words and judge it. Anybody who’s tried this out, go ahead and leave a comment below about what you think. All thoughtful (non-spam, non-agenda) comments are published here: whether ultimately a negative, positive, or neutral judgment, it doesn’t matter. If you’re a consumer with thoughts, don’t be shy: go ahead and leave them.

It’s AR time with RGN (RealGirlsNow)

And, now with augmented reality porn (or mixed reality) at its very infancy, once again the Naughty bunch dove first. And, they’re again pioneering the way.

So, I  gave their augmented reality project, Real Girls Now, a good once over. And, mind blown. Because, as mentioned, my initial gut reaction was, “Damn, this is a lot better than I was expecting!”

As mentioned, you won’t get the full mental trickery with this. It’s first generation stuff here. Mainstream color passthrough doesn’t even exist at the present moment! But, make note: it will soon! Very soon!

Additionally, you can’t expect first generation to be fourth generation. You remember what the early VR porn scenes were like? We’ve seen this stuff come a long way in eight years or so.

But, at some point…just like what the Virtual Real Porn gang did with VR porn…at some point, there’s got to be somebody who’s the first to thrust their crotch forward. And, it appears like NA’s the one.

AR allows for many new possibilities

This isn’t just having a model superimposed over your physical space. This Real Girls Now application allows you to use the controllers to grab the model, bring her close, spin her around, etc. This is some wild stuff.  You can get creatively pervy with how you position the woman vis a vis your body. A lot of possibilities have just manifested.

Two main options of RealGirlsNow currently

You’re presented with two main options:

1. Passthrough private show. The woman is augmented into your physical space. You can put her up on the bed with you. This requires a Quest 2 or a Quest Pro.

2. Immersive World Stripclub. This is the virtual reality option. You’re in a fairly elaborate strip club here. This requires a Quest 1, Quest 2 or a Quest Pro.

The second option is interesting. And, I could picture consumers enjoying it. But, in my opinion, it’s the passthrough, private show option that gets me reaching for my credit card!

How do you use AR porn?

It’s not too complicated.

1. You basically enter into the Meta browser of your Oculus Quest.

2. You then sign-in with your username and password.

3. And, you select whether you want the Passthrough private show AR or the stripclub.

4. From there, it’s all pretty intuitive. There’s not much of a learning curve to this. Start playing around with the controllers for a minute and you’ll figure it out.

It really is that simple. If you’re generally familiar with your Quest, just sign yourself in and you’ll figure out how this application best corresponds to your personal funtime.

Some of the AR performers

As mentioned, I have much more interest in the AR part of this project. I imagine most reading this might agree. So, some of the pioneering women taking this first AR plunge include Emma Hix, Casca Akashova, Jewelz Blu, August Taylor, Stephanie West, Scarlett Sage, Jazmin Luv, Alex Coal, Emily Right, Vanessa age, Jill Kassidy, and legend Lexi Belle. I was pleasantly surprised to see Lexi here.

Need to find more synonyms for the word surprise

Proofreading this article, I realize that I need to find some new ways to express surprise. I keep mentioning how this or that surprised me. But, that really is part of the bottom line here. This project came at me like a curveball.  Since VR porn started, there’s nothing that’s awed me the way this has…the last thing that kind of knocked me back a bit like this was probably WankzVR’s 2016 cinematic, full movie production of Zombie Slayers.

Zombie Slayers WankzVR

WankzVR Zombie Slayers was an exceptional release.
I don’t even know how to succinctly caption this movie. Just join and watch it.
This one has held up very well over the years and is one of the coolest VR porn features I’ve ever seen. Still.

Can you manipulate the performers in AR?

Indeed, you can. It’s possible to grab the model and pull her closer: which, naturally, creates a larger scale. In addition, there’s the option to quarter-spin a model. This held my attention. And, again, I was surprised by how good the whole thing looked. If you’re feeling pervy, you could definitely while away some hours just playing around with the positional aspects of the augmented woman.

The website isn’t polished

The website looks like an early draft that was quickly put up. And, I’ll presume that some further work will be done on it to create the more professional appearance it deserves.

How does the website describe itself?

“Welcome to Real Girls Now, the Original AR Porn Site

Real Girls Now is the original AR porn site and strip club experience in the metaverse. Watch Augmented Reality porn on WebXR & all compatible AR Devices!”

Additionally, there are other major shortcomings to the website, but we’re not really concerned with web design and usability here. We’re concerned with whether the 3D project is horny…and, which consumer is a good match for that particular brand of hornyness. So, let’s consider that now.

The Horny Outweighs The Imperfections

Much like I’ve learned while writing about VR porn the past seven years, the AR porn experience is difficult to capture in words. With VR, since the viewer is submerged in a completely virtual world, a vocabulary developed about how to discuss it: terms like scale, squatting cowgirl hoverface, sense of spatial correctness, sweetspot zone, etc.


Well, AR requires a different lexicon that doesn’t exist yet, but it’s quite likely some of the terms will once again originate in these pages. One of the new terms has to be something like blend success…that’s not quite it, but something like blendedness…you need a variable that succinctly captures how well the augmented portion created the illusion of being in your physical space.

Now, there are going to be other variables that are damn important. And, some of them will overlap with VR porn and some won’t. I’ve already formulated that in my mind. But, for now, let’s just focus on blendedness. I think we all might agree that this is at the list’s top. You ultimately want an illusion that your actual physical space isn’t augmented…no, you don’t want that…you want the illusion that your physical space ISN’T augmented. Let’s call this blendedness.

Well, honestly…this RealGirlsNow stuff had a much better blendedness than I was expecting! I was surprised. I was expecting this first-gen incarnation to be a lot clunkier. Props to NA for such a good first iteration.

So, while, as mentioned, this isn’t a flawless experience. When the weenie hits the Fleshlight, this shit is still a fucking horny and unusual good time. In other words, the horny outweighs the imperfections.

Who’s this for?

If you’re a VR porn consumer, like myself, who loves solo performance, you are going to fucking love this. For any solo fan: this will make you go fully cuckoo.

Even if you don’t go for the solo stuff in VR, I’d suggest you give this a try. It’s different, and you might find the augmented aspect provides an eroticism that you don’t get submerged in a virtual world. I can’t answer this for you. This is something that really needs to be tried.

If we’re going to be really honest here. And, sometimes that’s not easy. But, let’s say you’re a guy who likes jacking-off in front of a beautiful woman:  this is your Utopia. Then this application is your personal angel descending, grabbing you by your dipstick and transporting you to heaven. Why? Because you can see yourself jacking while your brain is getting tricked into thinking that the augmented woman’s before you. Louis CK would LOVE this shit! And, it would have saved him some embarrassing press!

Who else is this for?

Horny women will love this!

Once again to my surprise, there are some male performers—such as Johnny Castle—who do the whole pose-and-swing-the-dick-around AR routine.

You know, this is the first type of porn that I can picture A LOT of women finding seriously appealing on a large scale. Through my personal experiences with women and my time working in the adult industry: this is content I could picture a woman enjoying for her masturbation enhancement.

While women were a minuscule fragment of VR porn adoption, I think we might see an interesting evolution of marketing strategies. When women catch onto this AR stuff, I think a lot of dildos are going to get a workout.  I might be wrong about this.  Time will tell.

Those curious about the future of porn

And, if you like porn and you’re curious about what the future of porn will be like, you 100% want to check this out. This is the first real glimpse, I think, of AR porn.

For what it’s worth, I don’t believe that VR porn will ever be finished. I see AR developing right alongside the VR. And, we definitely can better envision the future of VR vs. the future of AR. Ultimately, though, I think the possibilities with AR are far more mind-blowing and complicated to implement requiring much more sophisticated technological supplements and such. That’s a discussion for another day.

Surprising amount of AR content on RGN

I also want to add that for a brand new launch, there is a surprising amount of content. You have the option to enter a rather complex virtual reality environment. It’s a simulated strip club. So, you have the 3D strippers and also 2D monitors in the background playing porn scenes. Personally, my interest is mainly the augmented aspect.

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