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Christie Stevens Is Still An Angel Face

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Christie Stevens reverse cowgirl with a twist

Love this reverse cow with a twist

Christie Stevens wide straddle reverse cowgirl

Oh, Christie…so flexible!

Christie Stevens reveals blue bra as she takes off her shirt

Take it off, Ms. Stevens!

Christie Stevens legs spread fucking

Feet up baby!

Christie Stevens fucking

Fuck Christie… fuck !!!

Christie Stevens masturbation segment

Christie Stevens masturbation segment

Christie Stevens jacks off cock

Oh, jack Christie… keep jacking!

Christie Stevens face

Love that beautiful Christie face

Christie Stevens bent over blowjob

Oh, Christie!
I really like having a stepmom!

Christie Stevens blowjob

Oh, suck… Christie… suck!!

Christie Stevens upright cowgirl

Simply beautiful

Christie Stevens sitting near you

This is where your heart starts going nutso… Christie Stevens sitting near you

Christie Stevens pornstar in skirt and blouse teasing

This Christie stepmom needs to be banged. NOW!

Big version of the Christie header image

Big version of the Christie header image

Christie Stevens BaDoinkVR scene

Well friends, we got a little behind, but there ain’t no way we can let Angel Face Christie Stevens go by without saying a few words.

I’ll tell you, 2017 has been a good VR porn year thus far.

I ain’t lying. You know that saying, “Success breeds success.”

In the words of American hero Kurt Angle: “Oh, it’s true! It’s damn true!”

Watching the progress of an outfit like BaDoinkVR reinforces the observation that successful folks focus on constant craft improvement and originality.

Most articles here consider studios who are constantly improving and refining their VR techniques: while consistently bringing quality and pursuing the ultimate 3D, virtual naked lady dream…meaning, the 3D virtual naked lady is indistinguishable from reality.
Speaking of dreams: OH, CHRISTIE BABY!!

And, sure… we can get corny, but Confucius was corny as hell! As was Abe Lincoln at times. And, nobody’s saying they ain’t also got some wisdom!

But, let’s get to it here…

Because, friends… there’s something going on here in 2017!

I ain’t lying!

VR porn—on the whole—is succeeding, man.

And with VR porn’s success, I’ve observed a direct correlation between: 1.) The mercury bursting through the top of the wackability index, and 2.) a number of VR porn studios who have really fine-tuned their horny and are consistently releasing it.

You know, even if the 2017 VR Porn Movie Awards were held today; it’d be a highly-contested humdinger with multiple, excellent arguments to be made that any number of releases should take the crown. 2015 VR porn movie awards header image

The 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards was a good time… and, let’s have a good time right now with this one, men!

2nd Annual VR Porn Movie Awards 2016

The 2016 VR Porn Movie Awards

It astounds me that there’s already enough legit entries for it to be held today.

That shows me things are on the right track.

There’s already as many contenders as there were for all of 2016, it seems.

I ain’t bullshitting you. I follow this stuff pretty closely and there has been plentiful HORNY VR the past few months.

Another sign of success: seeing studios launch niche, side-project studios: we’ve seen entries from Wankz (Milf-oriented), NA (big tits oriented), Virtual Real Porn (all sorts of stuff! amateur, cams, for female consumers, gay, trans), CzechVR (fetish, casting) and BaDoinkVR (cosplay). If niche, side-projects are popping-up: one can presume the studio’s doing well.

So, I last discussed Ms. Stevens’ VR efforts a while back.

And, yea, I called her Angel Face. And, yes, that’s corny as hell. But, look at that face, man!

I love that Christie face! Oh, man…there just ain’t nothing on earth like a beautiful woman’s face!

I’m’ sticking with my Angel Face characterization!

In the words of Ralph Bunche, “Hearts are the strongest when they beat in response to noble ideals.”

Still not funny…and a bit bizarre even…and, man…we’re having fun today. Compete successfully on your own merits and…

…Let’s do this thing, amigos!


Title: Banging My Stepmom
Release Date: April 20, 2017
Stars: Christie Stevens
Length: 28 minutes
Main sex positions: clothed teasing, female masturbation, handjob, blowjob, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, missionary, body popshot.
Formats: ; Android Cardboard Smartphone (60fps and 30 fps); Oculus/Vive (high and low quality versions); Samsung Gear; 2D.
Genre: Hardcore sex VR porn, stepmom theme
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7
Software used: Deo VR and Milk VR
Synopsis (partial): “Trophy wife Christie Stevens is about to marry your father.

She assures you she’s not a gold-digger and loves him; they’ve just had… a few problems in the bedroom.

Lucky for you, she wants to keep this in the family, and she walks into your room wanting you to help her with her problem.

Watch those massive double Ds bouncing in VR as you bang your hot new stepmom. ”

Oh, man…I like massive, double Ds bouncing amidst Ms. Stevens’ missionary magic!

The Horny

So, the summary is that this Christie release is optically beautiful with an accurate sense of spatial correctness.

It represents the BaDoink boys next-leveling things.

And, to my sensibilities, I’ve also seen Naughty and Czech next-level this year as well.

Now, there’s something a bit puzzling here…and, I don’t want to go too deep, because the speculations would run very long…but, here’s the thing…

When I watch this in 2D on a computer screen it should not appear as good as it does in a VR viewer.

Maybe I could have skipped that part, but I find it interesting.

In most cases, by this point, I can watch a VR porn file on a 2D computer screen; and, I can fairly well imagine how it will look in a VR viewer.

You can tell a lot by the position of the bodies in the 2D frame: particularly by seeing what’s at the top, middle and bottom of the frame. And, by having some familiarity with the particular studio’s previous efforts.

So, in this case, my preconceived expectation differed a lot from what I saw in my Gear VR. I wasn’t expecting it to be nearly as immediate and spatially congruent (based upon how the 2D video appeared to me).

Now, maybe this doesn’t matter. Maybe it’s getting lost in the weeds. But, I do find it a bit puzzling.

And, even the color/lighting of the 2D file looks way the hell off: but, again…it’s beauty in the headset.

I don’t know, man! It’s a magic file, maybe!

The Best Thing About This Release Was The Reverse Cowgirl: I bet that’s something you never expected me to say.

Generally, at worst I find reverse cowgirl to feel excessively distant. At best, I’ll find it interesting, but not particularly exciting.

Usually, the spatiality of it doesn’t feel right for me. That’s to say, if you break down different points in the frame, it doesn’t add up right.

When previously it worked, for me, the woman would be upright or manage to lean towards the man’s face.

In this release, Christie is sometimes leaning towards the fella’s feet; sometimes upright and sorta sideways (pictured above); and sometimes wide-straddle leaning away (pictured below).

And, the surprising achievement here is all of those reverse cowgirl segments projected what we call a sense of spatial correctness: along with the desired, accurate-feeling immediacy.

Looking at the 2D file, I ain’t sure how the boys did it. But, that’s what my eyes are seeing. Bravo on that…

The Front-facing Cowgirl: It also looked great. They switched up the distance between lean-back, upright, and smothering. That’s just what you want: over at MIT they call this variable cowgirl distance.

Various Close-ups and Horny Posing: You get this. Of particular horny note: the bent-over blowjob.

Oh, Christy baby! HORNY!

The standout-sexual section, without a doubt, was the Missionary-Push-Forward. Without a doubt. Optically beautiful! Why? It felt realistic.

When Christie leans the missionary back—pictured below—the spatiality and realism decreases.

And, there’s also horny stuff where this young lady lets her gal fingers do the walking.

Oh man, another winner. And, for me, this one may even challenge Richelle… Oh, goodness gracious.

What would I have done differently/added?

Well, I’m still lobbying for the close-up, full body scan. We’ll see…

Enjoy fellas.

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