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Virtual Taboo Prepares To Rock 2018

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I ask you this: What other VR studio has created a character named Dr. Hans Jerkoff?

Oh, man…love it. Just my sort of humor. Okay…

Hi friends, so we first looked at the Virtual Taboo gang at the end of 2015: back when they were first finding their way in the VR space and being ignored.

Virtual taboo article picture header

The Virtual Taboo boys crossed our radar in 2015

Interestingly, the same pattern holds true for us and the WankzVR boys, whom we discussed as they explored their initial virtual vision.

Next, what happens is we get copied yet again and then told by the copycat how lame we are…lol…it’s a trip, man!

Now, returning to our main topic: it’s not unusual for the early work of a VR porn studio—or any creative endeavor, really—to be rough. That tends to be the pattern.

But, you can kind of sense a studio’s potential. How? Well, that might have to be a separate article.


Shortly after our initial coverage, the VT boys did indeed take their horny to new heights with the Blondie Fesser release.

Virtual Taboo offers a free, full-length Blondie Fesser video

Here was that Vitrual Taboo Blondie release.

Oh, Blondie baby!

Blondie dildo doggy

Blondie dildo doggy close-range Taboo style

And, at that point I said I could, in good conscience, recommend them to our readers.

It ain’t hard to double-thumbs-up a Blondie VR with that quality level and close-up action (as pictured left).

Now, my friends, life’s a mixed bag.

And, in that mix might be a maladjusted copycat’s endless nonsense: attempts to sow doubt.

So, let me clarify something:

If I’m willing to spend my own money on a VR porn studio subscription: the studio gets recommended. It’s that simple, friends.

And, with that Blondie release, I concluded that this is work I’d pay for…

All right, so a friendly face of Virtual Taboo is our good fellow, Marcos.

He recently announced that in addition to Virtual Taboo’s web redesign, they acquired a new rig: doubling the resolution. So, in 2018, I anticipate we’ll see these new efforts.

Now, being honest, I already thought the quality was good. So, I’m looking forward to seeing this new work.

The other noteworthy development I’ve seen from the Taboo boys is the evolution of the Virtual Taboo DNA. When the boys were getting started, the taboo in their name aroused some questions: because, the videos seemed to be fairly conventional, heterosexual action.

Virtual Taboo's Stepdaddy Is My Sugardaddy

Virtual Taboo’s Stepdaddy Is My Sugardaddy, starring Katrina Moreno.

I now see that the gang has fleshed-out their inner taboo as the content appears to have heavily veered into step relationships: that’s to say, there’s a whole lot of hump and grind action going down between stepmoms, stepsons and stepsis, e.g. Stepdaddy Is My Sugardaddy, pictured below.

Additionally, generally speaking, transgressive relationships are clearly a focus.

In the VR porn world, I’m not aware of anyone else so committed to this niche who’s doing it at this quality-level. There is (or was? …not sure) MetaVerseXXX: but, their trip—while certainly wild—is a bit different.

Another thing, VT’s filming some fine women: Cayla Lyons, Ania Kinski (pictured below), Nathaly

Ania Kinski spread eagle fucking

Ania’s looking pretty virtually taboo spread-eagled for VT. We recently discussed her horny CVR outing

Cherie, Keira, Taylor Sands, Carolina Abril, and Katerina Hartlova to name just a few.

So, in summary, I like the present Virtual Taboo videos.

And, when I consider the announcement that the quality will further improve…well, I’m looking forward to it and will certainly discuss the developments in 2018. It’s good to have small studios like VT who are really going their own unique direction.

As I’ve said several times previously, “Good luck Virtual Taboo. We’ll keep an eye on you fellas.”

Click to visit and join Virtual Taboo

Click to visit and join Virtual Taboo

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