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Virtual Real Porn Does Natasha Nice

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All right, friends, today we’ll consider Virtual Real Porn’s latest release, L.A. Holidays, starring Natasha Nice.

This movie will be evaluated using the guidelines clearly explained in the VR Porn Reviewing Standards Project.

By those standards, this is one of Virtual Real Porn’s better releases.


It has everything to do with the extended SS zone swimsuit teasing from 3:55 to 15:24.

natasha nice swimsuit

This approach is a throwback to VRP’s Nancy A outing; and, I’d like to see this often.

Additionally, VRP had Ms. Nice’s movements changing depth within the SS zone (as seen with those boobie bouncers!). This is how the fuck it’s done, son.

natasha nice big tits

You know, in some previous VRP analyses, it might have seemed like I was being tough on the boys by insisting that—albeit always competent—there was little boundary-pushing or straying from their general template. I believe that’s a fair criticism. Well…

Team VRP has answered with this release.

What I felt worked well

In addition to that fine opening work, there were close-ups sprinkled through-out: including a 14 second tongue-wagging beginning at 36:32 (also see 29:50 to 30:00 for more of the same).

Natasha tongue work was pretty awesome though a bit of convergence to my eyes

Natasha tongue work was pretty awesome though a bit of convergence to my eyes

For me (ymmv) Natasha’s face got slightly too close causing some convergence. But, generally, I think VRP is on the right track with their  attempt here, which is appreciated. And, maybe someone else experienced it differently.

Additionally, Team VRP pulled Natasha low in the frame for the doggy, titfuck, missionary (pictured below) and handjob.

And, while not directly truncating, this is also acceptably horny because it permits a greater immediacy, optical clarity and heightened realism.

Natasha Nice missionary

What a dramatic, much improved effect’s achieved by pulling the titfuck to that lower frame position!

Natasha Nice titfuck swimsuit

Some of the cowgirling morhped into borderline truncation.

Personally, I find framing variety to be effectively exciting.

The upper frame, for me, sometimes had a little SOSC wonkiness (slightly big), but not bad.

So, if you add up the minutes of film I just referenced: honestly, that’s a lot of high-quality VR porn. I’m just being straight with ya’ll.

Now, with that said, I have a few suggestions.

It’s all just one man’s opinion. I could definitely be asking for things that you don’t want. As mentioned, though, my reasoning is all explicitly detailed.

What I would have done differently

I would have gone straight for the ISSO and opened the movie at 3:35.

I would have pulled the reverse cowgirl (e.g. 34:52) lower in the frame: mirroring the pulled-down position of the doggy, missionary, titfuck and handjob sequences. I don’t understand reverse cowgirl that leans away.

reverse cowgirl natashanice

The doggy, for instance, was pulled low: awesome.

So, what the hell…why not truncate it for little intervals and then pull the camera back to the fuller pov?

Along a similar pattern, imo the missionary was well-framed: why not have Natasha push-forward for a bit? Fan of you fellas, but don’t understand why you’re not doing that…

The bentover handjob footage was off-the-hook, pure hornyness: and, excellent framing including her face. This would be a fantastic point to break POV and scan.

Natasha’s movement, though, gave nice depth change as seen in the pics below.

natasha nice bentover handjobnatasha nice ass and pussy

And, as I discussed recently in some detail, I’d add a truncated missionary with a roving pov inside the truncation that’s altering both focal point and depth.

All things considered: very damn horny  54 minutes, Natasha and VRP.

Team VRP, you fellas went bold, and it mostly worked in my opinion.

Thank you.

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