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VR Porn’s Unsung Heroes of 2021 Part 3

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Okay, so…2021….underrated VR porn…PART 3

You good folks saw PART 1 and you saw PART 2. I’m calling it “unsung heroes of VR porn 2021,” but another way to say it would be that we’re paying tribute to underrated VR porn studios.

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I LIKE BRINGING ATTENTION TO UNDERRATED VR PORN STUDIOS! I think that might be my favorite type of content to create. Unfortunately, I can’t do that 100% because of needing to exist, but there’s a balance!

All right, in those first two parts I went through the VR porn studios that I feel are most intensely underrated: what I call unsung heroes.

Truth is, though, that there are a bunch more studios that I feel don’t get properly recognized.

CzechVR Fetish Branch

So, these Euro pervs have been around since the start. Their flagship scenes tend to receive a lot of positive attention on Reddit. But, in the larger commercial world we live in…I still feel they do not get the credit they deserve. Not even close.


Well, I’ll speculate it’s partially because they mostly film European talent that tends to be considerably less famous than their top-tier American counterparts. I could say more, but I think that’s the main reason.

And, a lot of people don’t know that full access to CzechVR Fetish content comes with your regular CzechVR subscription.

And, when it comes to the specific CzechVR Fetish branch…it’s a crime how overlooked and underrated this specialty project is…there’s content on here…how can I explain this?

Let’s put it this way: suppose you’re craving a particular type of porn content…let’s call that craving an itch…well, there’s content on CVR Fetish where ain’t nothing else anywhere’s going to scratch a particular itch like CVR Fetish can…

…I’m writing like I’ve got a hangover, but I think you folks get the idea!

Stacy Cruz latex and ponytail VR porn scene for CzechVR

Welcome to CzechVR Fetish!
This is gal gorgeous Stacy Cruz in Fetish 289.

Also, have a look at the preview for CzechVR Fetish 325, Latex Joy, featuring Jenifer Jane and Lilly Bella.

Visit CzechVR and give these folks the support they deserve!

LethalHardcore VR

Everybody here knows I’m a fan of Stoney Curtis’ unique brand of 3D perversion that mines warped power discrepencies. Great, great shit! Every time I’ve ever mentioned LethalHardcoreVR it seems like the next thing I’m talking about is how underrated they are…

Let’s name a couple LethalHardcore VR scenes that just fucking rock to hell and back:

Chloe Temple Pussy For Sale

It’s no secret that this website is fond of Chloe Temple. She’s beautiful and fucks in VR with a unique passion, and she’s got a beautiful fucking face…and, if there’s one thing I thank God for every day…it’s that beautiful-faced women exist!

Ya’ll think I’m kidding around! I’m not kidding! I could just stare at a pretty face like I’m a complete nut. Thankfully, I’m handsome as hell and women don’t mind. But, what if I weren’t!

Chloe Temple Pussy For Sale by LethalHardcore VR

Chloe Temple Pussy For Sale by LethalHardcore VR You play Chloe’s Scout master. She has come to you asking how all of these girls are making so much money just selling cookies. When she realizes there is money in selling that sweet tiny pink treat between her legs, her Nookies” she is excited to show you just how good she looks and feels.

…When I came up with Face Fetish VR…I was serious that I could be totally happy with a VR release that just pointed the camera at the woman’s face. AM I INSANE?

My Neighbors Daughter Is My Cock Slut starring Marley Brinx

Marley Brinx My Neighbor's Daughter is a Cock Slut

Marley Brinx My Neighbor’s Daughter is a Cock Slut… the simple truth is that Marley’s one hell of a porn actress.

There are dozens of other fine examples, but I just wanted to put a couple down to give some idea to those wholly unfamiliar with LethalHardcoreVR. You can also read our LethalHardcoreVR overview: The Cerebral Side of 3D Porn.

Check out this fun preview from Schoolgirl Kay Learns To Squirt From Her Tutor starring Kay Lovely.

LethaHardcoreVR most certainly doesn’t get the credit they deserve! Keep going Stoney and LHCVR!

I’m also proud to say: Findvrporn has a very special 40% LethalHardcore VR discount.

Go to LethalHardcore VR, sub and download Chloe and Marley and tons of other world-class VR Porn scenes


It might surprise some folks that I’m listing VRporn.com here as an unsung VR porn hero. For one, they’re an aggregator that doesn’t produce scenes. Second, some might think they are properly acknowledged.

They’re not.


Because, as I’ve said, dollar-for-dollar they’re best value in the VR porn world. And, I don’t see that opinion expressed much. And, honestly…that surprises me. It surprises me that I don’t see that viewpoint expressed much more.

So, either I’m wrong or this organization is an…unsung hero of the VR porn universe. Honestly, I don’t have any inside information about this, but it just kinda-sorta seems to me that their marketing could be more aggressive. Anyway…

You can get scenes from tons of different studios. I consider a VR porn subscription to be mandatory for any VR porn enthusiast.

Reality Lovers

Reality Lovers is also criminally underrated. This morning I watched their scene Play Girl Stories with Oceane. And, honestly: this is Goddamn world-class VR porn. The production and moving camera work is pretty damn nice. In fact, let’s embed this Reality Lovers Oceane preview below and you can get a little sense of the cinematography that so impresses me.

Now, obviously that’s just one example. But, I wouldn’t have Reality Lovers on this list if there weren’t many examples of unrecognized greatness from them. For starters, ALL of these Play Girl stories videos are fucking great!

Another brilliant release is the 3rd person POV scene is The Bangover starring Vernea Maxima

Chloe Lamour pink bodysuit Reality Lovers

It’s gal gorgeous fuck Goddess Chloe Lamour in a pink bodysuit in a Reality Lovers 3D.
I think it’s LOVE this time!

Okay, so…I feel like between the first two parts and this one I’ve covered quite a damn few of the VR porn studios that I feel are underrated. I don’t feel like I hit everybody, though, so let me go through some of my files here and maybe we’ll just quickly include the remaining ones because this special feature about 2021’s underrated VR porn studios has taken up a lot more time than I had anticipated…

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Darkroom VR

Darkroom VR needs to go on this underrated list…FOR SURE! But, I was a little hesitant because explaining their trip is challenging. Let me point you to our Darkroom VR review.

Little Bitch by Darkroom VR

Little Bitch by Darkroom VR

Scarlett Jones Alone in the Woods for Darkroom VR

Scarlett Jones Alone in the Woods for Darkroom VR.
As you can see this Darkroom VR stuff can get a bit wild.

And, something else about Dark Room… you ain’t going to get their videos at the aggregator/ “VR Porn Netflix” sites… God, I fucking hate that expression “VR porn Netflix”… anyway, you ain’t getting Dark Room scenes anywhere but Darkroom.com. Yeah, that’s the way it is….

Check out the video preview below for I’m You Bitch starring May Thai.

That gives you a feeling for the DarkroomVR flavor. Check out the cowgirling at the end of the preview. What do you think of the shadows coupled with May’s emotional intensity? Great stuff!

At this particular moment in time, there’s a sale going, but I’m sure that’s about to end.

Anyway, I’d pay full price for a subscription to DarkRoom VR…actually, that’s exactly what I did do a while back.

Download Darkroom VR scenes and experience the unique Darkroom 3D horny

VR Intimacy

This is face fetish VR porn and it fucking rocks, man!

The whole idea is intimacy and an emphasis on the woman’s face. Now, the people who see these VR Intimacy videos fucking love them. But, they’re underrated in the sense that they’re not reaching the number of people and media sources that the work merits.

Kate Jones

Kate Jones definitely has an appropriate face for Face Fetish VR

Download the face fetish videos and with the 3D face in your face…rock out with your cock out, man!

VR Latina

Man, VR Latina has some Goddamn horny scenes. For me, they’re a bit hit or miss…but, man…when they hit the target, it’s meaningful. You want an example: Small But Cool starring Jessica Rios. FUCKING LOVE THIS SCENE!

Blondie Fesser Craving My Curves for VR Latina

Blondie Fesser Craving My Curves for VR Latina … with Blondie: the word curves comes to mind along with… HORNY!

Download VR Latina scenes now

VRP Films

Prime example of a studio that’s underrated as fuck. I also think their output is uneven, but that could really be said for ANY VR porn studio out there. VRP Films has some work that is very damn technically competent. And, this is a studio you hear almost nothing about.

Shalina Devine She Tastes SO Devine VRP films

Shalina Devine She Tastes SO Devine VRP films

Download VRP Films scenes and get to it…

All VR porn

This is what ALL VR says about themselves: “AllVRPorn serves up sizzling encounters with today’s hottest British and European pornstars, letting you into their lives and their panties via the awesome power of VR tech.”

I see they’ve rapidly added a bunch of scenes in a pretty quick time frame. Truth is I wrote a review not too long ago, but I’ve only checked out a couple more of their scenes. When making judgments, I like it best when I’ve seen most of the available releases.

But, the same thing always applies…these new studios need support in order to make it.

Oh, yea…I just remembered…here’s what I previously wrote about VR porn studio overlap vis a vis All VR Porn:

PerVRt and BabyGirl and Terrible, and it looks like we can now add Allvr.porn to this list, I think…I just don’t get it, guys…I need somebody to explain all the different branding to me… the “why” of it…and “why” do I care…fuck if I know…it’s kind of my job to care, I guess…”

In other words, it appears to me that all four of these studios are done by the same folks. Now, as I said elsewhere, the PerVRt stuff has truly improved significantly. But, honestly, I don’t have the energy right now for the whole PerVRt Babygirl Terrible All VR thing at the moment. Just use the links and check it for yourself.

Covert Japan

It’s Kool and the Gang to have some studios dedicated to Japanese VR porn content. There’s some folks who rave about certain Japanese VR porn releases that, apparently, aren’t really easy to come by here in the USA where I’m based. Anyway, who cares. I’m tired. I’m descending into a tired mood. I was deadlifting HEAVY this morning. That really puts the zap on a fella.

Covert Japan VR porn studio review

Very cute … it’s Covert Japan

Okay, so Cover Japan, let’s check the review.

“So, a lot of VR porn viewing can be subjective. Now, to my eyeballs the Covert Japan scenes I viewed appeared to have a scale that was a bit small. Additionally, the overall optical visuals could be more crisp/sharper.

With that said, the overall quality crossed the necessary threshold for enjoyment, in my opinion. And, if you’re horny for Japanese VR porn content, you definitely don’t want to skip over Covert Japan (or JVRporn also for that matter).”

Let’s Go Japanese Cospla starring Ramu

Let’s Go Japanese Cosplay starring Ramu


Download Covert Japan scenes and have some horny fun…

And, while you’re at it…

You also might want to download some scenes from Asian Sex Diary and don’t forget about the JVR VR porn studio which also focuses on Asian women.

Some more VR porn underdogs to end this feature

So, this special, three part feature about underrated VR porn studios is really about underdogs. FINDVRPORN likes underdogs because FINDVRPORN IS AN UNDERDOG! Capitalism gets everything all fucking consolidated. You see it everywhere in every vector: and, the virtual porno industry is no exception. While meanwhile interesting little unique motherfucking projects like this get ground under BIG DOLLAR POPPA’S heel…and, they came for findvrporn.com too!

But, I ain’t fucking selling, man! The offers are there, but here’s my response: #FINDVRPORNFOREVER

So, anyway… click these links and it will take you to the review pages of these underdog motherfuckers, man..

Babygirl Studio

House of Lust



VR Stars

Ebony VR Solos’

Ebony VR Girls

Amateur Couples VR

X Virtual

Ellie Louise VR Review

Erotic Sinners Review

WoowVR Studio Review

Kinky Girls Berlin

Plus 33

Peeping Thom

Only3X VR


VR Teenrs

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All right, hope everybody enjoyed that and maybe learned a little something about what VR porn’s out there these days.

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