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November 14, 2022

After a thorough analysis of NA’s Real Girls Now augmented reality project, I thought our visitors might want an interview with the Naughty gang. This one’s shorter than the recent CzechVR interview. That’s okay. There’s room for variety. And, I’ll see what response/questions people email to me: which might call for a Part 2 to this.  Also, if you want to see all the new interviews that are coming soon, you can bookmark or follow on Twitter.

If you have a VR porn studio or are in some way involved in the VR porn industry and you want an interview here, use the contact form. I’m interested in everybody of any success level. It’s a great way to get some free exposure: for everybody, but especially for a smaller outfit that might be flying beneath the radar. But, I’m very interested in the larger more prominent studios also! And, there’s some exciting ones scheduled to be done pretty soon. So, keep an eye out.

Naughty America’s been doing things their way since—technically—2001. They innovated all manner of interesting reusable templates that exerted a huge influence upon how the porn industry writ large unfolded. And, likewise, they were the first major USA porn ogranization to launch a dedicated 3D porn studio in 2015.

If you’d like to take the NA deep-dive, see our  Naughty America VR page that’s been getting continually updated since NAVR started. I always thought it was cool how they had the nerve to get in so early.

Whatever your thoughts about Naughty America…and, they do seem to generate a lot of strong opinions from people…but, whatever you think of them, there’s no denying that they succeeded in creating a very distinct brand. That’s to say: a product and persona that has a well-defined look, aesthetic, feel and pornographic Gestalt. And, there’s no denying that they had a major impact on VR porn and the way it unfolded. And, they’re telling us that in 2023 they’re going to “go big or go home.” Well, we already know they ain’t going home.

So, here it is…a quick interview with the legends, Naughty America.

The Naughty America VR Interview

1. What gave Naughty America the courage to enter the VR porn industry so early?

NA: We have always been early adopters of the latest and greatest technology, and on the forefront of believing in seeing what works. As soon as we put a headset on, the awe factor left us speechless, and we knew the consumer would fall in love with the intimacy of VR immediately.

Julia Ann riding cowgirl in virtual reality

Julia Ann riding cowgirl in a very early virtual porn release from Naughty America Vr.

2. I can relate to that. I had a similar experience when first putting on the headset and seeing, truth be told, the first NAVR release. Along those lines, what is a Naughty America VR scene trying to accomplish?

NA: The ultimate intimate experience. You are 100% immersed, which we feel has been more than accomplished.

3. Is there a future for VR porn miniseries like Randy’s Roadstop?

NA: Absolutely.

Randys Roadstop drilldo graphic

Graphic from NA’s miniseries: Randy’s Roadstop… a VR porn miniseries from yesteryear

4. What was the most successful NA VR porn scene of 2022? Why? How do you define success?

NA: That is subjective to each individual. The return of Nikki Benz is a great start, and the VR remasters have been quite a hit!

Kayley Gunner & Nikki Benz & Savannah Bond & Dan Damage in Naughty America VR

Nikki Benz, Kayley Gunner, Savannah Bond & Dan Damage for Naughty America VR

5. What other VR porn studio did you like in 2022? Why?

NA:, because it is the ultimate GF experience!

Emma Hix Tonight's Girlfriend VR

Emma Hix Tonight’s Girlfriend VR

6. I like TGVR and wrote some thoughts about it previously. What’s in the plans for NA VR in 2023?

NA: Go big or go home!

7. Do you think that—in the present moment—VR porn has changed society in any way? In other words, do you think it’s had an effect on dating etc. in real life? And, a similar question: do you think it will change society at all down the line…say 15 years from now when it’s become much more mainstream and even more sophisticated?

NA: Great question, during the pandemic I’m sure VR porn helped millions get through an isolated time, and kept many busy, in a feel good, positive way. VR can be a lone sport, and a fun escape, however, it does give great appreciation to human touch, and enhances your dating/sex life. You have to find a healthy balance for both.

8. That’s an interesting point you make about the pandemic. And, I think it’s valid. While people are frequently critiquing the porn industry and making negative assertions, there are positive things that they never mention. How is the Real Girls Now AR project being received? What are your thoughts about the future of AR porn?

NA: Real Girls Now has been so well received, beyond expectation. AR porn is the future. The future is here.

9. Why haven’t more major 2D porn companies entered into the VR space by now?

NA: Not sure, I can ask my magic 8-ball. 🙂 I keep my focus on Naughty America.

10. From a business perspective, how has VR porn changed since 2015?

NA: The tech, the players, the headsets, they have all come so far. It’s crystal clear VR is here to stay and will only get better.

11. Yes, I don’t think there’s any denying that. And, honestly…after seeing your AR project, I’m more convinced than ever that we’re on a path that ultimately leads to who knows what…the brain implants I imagine…holographs over top sex robots…who knows? But, I agree, there’s no turning back. Thank you for the interview. I’ll be keeping an eye on you good folks: the AR part in particular.

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Visit Real Girls VR (discount link)

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