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Violette Pure Returns – Pics, Video, Review

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January 20, 2016
Download CzechVR’s Violette Pure video

Well friends, three days ago I met this European beauty of a Goddess named Violette…hey guys, I don’t just say this stuff for effect: take a look at this girl!

This is exactly the sort of girl I see in my town… um, never!

You know, I’ve said it before, but there’s something about these countries… places like Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Hungary: these nations output a lot—and, I’ve walked the streets of all those places—and, I mean they produce A LOT of absolutely, gorgeous women.

Walking a Prague street is like being in an episode of The Twilight Zone. That’d be the episode where you wake up in a strange place and want to shove your tweenie in every woman you see!

They’re everywhere, man!

Victoria Puppy plays with her pussy

This…my friends… is Victoria Puppy!

Well, Violette is just such a gal. I discussed her vibe and look the other day when reviewing the uber-horny, solo girl effort: which features ole V diddling her Euro Hubba Bubba in very up-close and personal fashion.

You know, Victoria Puppy and Rita Sinclair and Zena Little and Katy Rose and Violette Pure…and, Czech VR: I like the unknown Goddess Euro babes you keep pushing at me!

Violette Pure's face in virtual reality

Love that Violette face!

So, sure…when I’m writing…I sometimes say things with some dramatic flair in an effort to make the writing fun…but, in complete seriousness: I really like these Czech VR women. Like…a lot!

All right, so before we get into this latest 3D romp, a couple things:

1. Please follow Czech VR on Twitter

2. While you’re at it, you might as well follow Violette also… right now she only has 575 Followers, which strikes me as a crime against humanity.

It probably doesn’t help matters that for some mysterious reason her tweets are protected until she approves your request. You just want to sort of say…V, you’re trying to market yourself here…don’t make it more difficult for fellas.

Okay, so in the VR porn reviews, there are three main variables I consider. Now, it’s true, I could use the term “factors” in place of “variables“…however, I find the term

variables seems to lend this whole VR porn reviewing process a more dignified gravity.

The three variables:

1. The woman: her appearance, performance, etc.
2. Scaling: are the proportions of the video correct?
3. Positioning: of both the performers and the camera…is it close? interesting? etc.

VIolette Pure down doggy style VR

Oh Violette doggy pussy!

Okay, so now let’s talk about what was done right in this movie…and where I think there’s room for improvement.

Violette Pure open mouth cowgirl sex

Open mouth cowgirling

What was done right in Czech VR 018 – Violette Pure:

1. Violette Pure… yea, enough said.

2. She’s shoving her pink panty ass at the camera lens! The universe just seems to approve of a pretty girl in cute panties… Hey, I didn’t make the rules. It’s just written into the design of the cosmos!

3. The close-ups on Violette’s vajayjay: I’ll tell you what…the Czech boys got their camera lens pretty close to this pristine, Euro pootanannie.

4. The cowgirl footage: Czech VR competently achieves a real-world scale and feel to their cowgirling hussies. Very enjoyable stuff.

5. The purple room and purple curtains: holy throwback to the sixties, dude! That’s a pretty cool bedroom, man! So much for the concept of immersion, but you know…I think people make too much out of immersion in virtual reality.

A lot could be said about this. I’ve said it elsewhere. I’m too tired right now. But, real immersion will come in augmented reality. Let’s face it, fellas…your torso and weewee probably don’t resemble the lucky stunt cock much either…

6. Violette: She does deserve a few more words. My favorite things about her are that she’s beautiful, skinny and is crazy for cock.

7. That money shot! Wowza. Well done, Mr. Angelo Godshack.

8. We get a quick 15 minutes: no plot, no dialogue, no bull …straight to V’s petunia, and let’s face it…enough said.

Okay, where do I think there was room for improvement in this movie?

1. More close-ups on Violette’s face. Friends, I know I’m sounding like a broken record on this one. But, I’m not doing my job if I don’t honestly make my criticisms. And, my honest criticism for all the VR studios is usually the same: HOLD THE CAMERA CLOSE AND LONG ON THE WOMAN’S FACE!

Violette happy bounces on dick

Violette’s happy cowgirl!

Violette Pure licks dick

Oh baby baby!

CzechVR is running a poll right now about camera angles, etc.: so, let them know what gets your lil guy perky.

2. Much of this movie’s cowgirling featured Violette leaning in: this is the correct way to do VR cowgirl. There was some where she was leaning back: this is the incorrect way. In my opinion, there doesn’t need to be any leaning-back cowgirl. None.

3. The opening teasing segment was good; however, it just makes one think that he’d like some more of that panty-teasing action.

All things considered, folks, this is some extremely horny VR.

I’m going to tell you, Czech VR: keep on bringing Violette back!

The people want a lengthy Violette panty-and-bikini tease…

And, about all that’s left is your declaration:

I wanna pump sweet Violette in virtual reality!

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