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Introductory Part

All right, friends, this is a multipost.

Anna Polina and Sienna Day in a VRP feature

Anna Polina and Sienna Day in a VRP feature

What does that mean?

Well, you know… these days everything has to get a cute name, man!

But, basically… the VR porn releases are… um… releasing fast these days, man! It can be hard for a fella to keep up.

Let’s do this thing. We’re going to talk about virtual porns starring Joanna Angel, Natalie Cherie, Misha Cross and maybe some others that get released as I’m typing this.


Joanna Angel face VR

Hi there J

Misha Cross missionary leaning forward

This is missionary-lean-forward performed by Virtual Real Porn’s Misha Cross. This is a very good way to shoot missionary in VR porn movies.

Okay, so today we’ll be looking at VR porns featuring:

  • Joanna Angel
  • Natalie Cherie
  • Misha Cross
  • Anna Polina
  • Sienna Day
  • Kara Cherry
  • Abella Danger

Let’s start with Ms. Angel

Cherie Deville face-sitting VR

Oh, Cherie baby… your pussy in my mouth… NOW!

All right, Joanna’s VR was shot by the HoloGirls boys and girls. And, I’ve already done a pretty deep analysis of this company (see here and here).

Now, my general conclusion was they’re getting better… but, not quite at prime time. And, I was quite impressed with one of their Romi Rain VRs. And, the Cherie Deville one was very cool, too. OH, Cherie baby!

So, here’s the thing we’ve got to talk about first: Cinematic View.

What the does cinematic view mean?

It means when the porn gal is giant-sized in your HMD. Now, I’ll be honest with you boys. The first few times I saw this, I didn’t like it.

Joanna Angel screaming

Joanna Angel: now this is an authentic porn star. Seriously.

Anyway, you know… this Joanna Angel cinematic VR is good, fun stuff. There’s a couple reasons—at least for me—why this particular giant-woman VR works.

1. The JOI genre: yes, when the woman’s big, cinematic face fills the screen and she delivers a jerk off encouragement dialogue… it works. At least for me. It just works in a way that the POV sex scenes on a giant scale don’t work for me.

2. Joanna Angel: I was only slightly familiar with Ms. Angel before this. I can now better understand her popularity. She delivers a dialogue that’s got a je ne sais quoi—or should I say… wait for itje ne sais joi—quality to it. Sorry for using pretentious French shit, but it’s most… wait for itapropos

Yea, she does a great job with it. And, it’s hard to pinpoint the precise reasons why she succeeds where others fail.

Joanna Angel's face

Joanna, you’ve got a new fan

Joanna’s encouraging monologue has a desperate, psychotically-tinged quality that works. The close-up on her face… those eyes: like part of a malicious, celestial body crystallizing into existence and transmitting crazy little glimmers.

I don’t know, but it worked man. I recommend this particular video.

And, I’d like to see another JOI video in VR shot at scale from Joanna. I think Ms. Angel’s got a new fan.

Natalie Cherie Hardcore VR

Natalie Cherie glamour cowgirl

Natalie Cherie hits the fellas with what I call her “glamour cowgirl”

Natalie Cherie… she’s one of my favorites. Kind of the prototypical Czech VR girl: pretty, young, European, blonde, skinny, horny.

Download Goddess Nathalie Cherie!!!

The scaling: it’s fine. With Czech VR it basically always is… I’ve commented before that in my HMD… maybe the scale is just slightly small. But, really… everything they do looks good.

Close-ups: yep, they got the camera near Natalie’s face and hip-thrusting action. Well done.

If somebody told me I had to spend the rest of my life stranded on a desert island… and, I could choose any one woman to accompany me… I’d declare, “Ms. Cherie, grab your panty collection, we’re going on vacation.”

Czech VR is always damn easy to recommend.

If you’re looking for high-quality VR porn, just subscribe. Trust me.

How I Met Misha Episode 1

Misha Cross sucking cock

Oh, Misha mouth love

All right, so Misha Cross is quite popular in the VR porn world.

Hell, she was the people’s choice winner in the 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards presented by FindVRporn in conjunction with Oculus NSFW voting.

So, hey… that kind of says it all.

That ain’t some bogus award. The winners were truly determined by the entire voting system over at OcNSFW.

So, I ain’t blowing smoke when I say the gal’s popular in the VR porn world.

Here’s the thing… I’ve written so much about Misha on this blog, you know, I might have run out of things to say about her.

Misha Cross has some man cream on her twat hair

Misha Cross has some man cream on her twat hair

Just as usual, Virtual Real Porn does a great job with a Misha Cross VR. And, as usual, stunt cock Miguel Zayas gets the job done. Oh, you lucky fucker… literally!

The scaling is fine: like usual. The sound is good. The 3D effect is pronounced: as always. There are no stitching problems. Everything is proportional, like usual.

Misha gives a good performance: like always. There’s an extended clothed teasing. And, probably the best aspect is the missionary on a table with Misha leaning-in.

So, you know… good stuff. No surprise there. You really need no other reason to subscribe to VRP besides knowing that they’ve got the exclusive VR contract with Misha

That’s it. Head over to VRP and download Misha.

This was going to be the end of the article… but, more was just released… so, let’s keep going… and drinking…

Superheroes Premier 2 w/ Anna Polina, Sienna Day and Adrian Dimas

Okay, just the other day I discussed Part 1, and that analysis still applies regarding the gals, scaling, etc.

I mean… basically… Anna and Sienna are sexy. There’s only so many ways to say it. But, they already know every hetero cowboy out there wants to lasso their ponies… Ah, that one didn’t quite work, but I’m getting tired man!

Anna and Sienna Day's gal holes on display

Anna and Sienna Day’s gal holes on display

The scale is correct. The technical aspects of 3D, stitching, sound etc. are correct. My only technical complaint with VRP would be sometimes the color seems a bit odd.

Anyway, this is a horny outing. In this go-around, they’ve brought out the man meat in the form of Adrian Dimas. And, the gals use their pootanannies for some up-and-down action.

The best aspect—just as in Part 1—is the close-up positioning: Sienna and Anna keep their faces stuck to the camera. A LOT. And, this is just what we want.

Some folks, in my view, don’t accurately gauge the sort of sexually-emotionally-needy nature of men. I could easily type out 10,000 words discussing that. But, another day, friends…

Now, go FUCK some VR Superhero PUSSY! NOW!

Kara Cherry In A Moving VR

Kara Cherry coming upstairs in a VR porn movie

In a VR porn first, Kara Cherry ascends the stairs with a moving VR camera recording the action

And, when I say moving VR… I mean, the Czech boys are getting experimental with their cameras, man!

This is a first. And, I applaud them for their experimentation.

I had sort of overlooked—or simply not thought about—how VRs always keep a stationary camera. Well, the Czech boys are challenging that convention.

Kara Cherry vibrator pic

Kara Cherry and her fancy vibrator

Does it work?

Yea, I’d say it makes things more interesting: for instance, when they got the horny brunette coming up the staircase at you. And, hey: that looks like a pretty fancy home, guys! Well, good for you, boys! Living large in the porn game, man! I’m still eating Spaghettios, though! Peanut butter on a good day!

I long for a lobster, man! Maybe in 2018.

Anyway, Ms. Cherry does some horny stuff with a very fancy vibrator gizmo. And, you know, this is Czech VR, so rest assured you’ll get a perv’s-eye view of her gal holes!

Download Kara Cherry

So, make your declaration, man!

I want to perv-out on Kara Cherry! NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Cinematic Abella Danger blowing smoke in your face

Okay, this is a HoloGirls cinematic release. What that means—as earlier discussed—is that the woman is HUGE.

Now, when I first saw these, I thought that it was a technical error. And, I didn’t like it. AT ALL.

But, I never want to be the type whose opinion can’t change. And, I never want to be so proud—or stubborn—that I can’t admit it.

And, the truth is… I’ve come to kind of like the cinematic approach when it’s a close-up, framed view of the woman’s face. That works for me.

And, in this case Ms. Danger blows smoke in your face. And, it really tricks your mind. It’s a trip, man.

And, HoloGirls VR is getting closer yet to receiving the our endorsement.

And, I could say a lot more, but this post really ought to end, man!

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  1. Love the reviews, man! Keep them coming. I’ve been reading your articles for months but I have never tried VR porn; waiting for my rift to come in the mail. You’re always telling your readers to leave a comment, so this is it! What site do you prefer the most? (Might be a tricky question since they all release different and similar content). Also, I thought VRP was the best site but BaDoink may have surpassed them, your really endorsing them. Especially with that new camera rig they use now. I have a account for Naughty America so I’ve been downloading all there VR porn in preparation for receiving my Rift. Again, keep the reviews coming! Thanks

  2. Post

    Hi Desmon, thanks man.

    It was my feeling that there’s some people out there, like you, who are coming by on the daily… and, I was thinking it’d be nice to interact a little bit…

    That’s kind of interesting that you’ve been reading all these articles and haven’t tried VR porn yet. Once you do try it, I’d be interested to hear your impressions contrasted against what you were expecting from reading this blog. I’d actually be damn interested to hear that…

    About the best VR porn company… the way I see it BaDoink, Czech, Kink, NA and VRP all produce high-quality VR porn. I think they’re all worth the money…

    And, the choice depends upon what sort of women/content you’re looking for. So, Czech has got the slinky Euro gals, NA will have more MILF stuff, Kink content is sort of wild, VRP is Misha and company…

    And, you mentioned BaDoink… there’s no getting around that at this moment in time—technically speaking—they’ve now set the standard concerning image quality/clarity.

    Like I say, the other companies I discuss do good work, but the BaDoink boys have taken it to a new level with their new equipment. There’s no way around that…

    So, what’s happening, of course, is what happens in all industries: the competition pushes others to step-up their game… and, Czech is doing this now with their new camera and also incorporating motion…

    You ask what site I prefer the most… that’s a tough question, but these days I am digging the way the new BaDoinks look on my Gear… because, the 3D and color and everything is just really nice…

    Thanks for commenting and have a good time with your Rift…

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