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Elsa Jean and a WankzVR Update

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August 3, 2016

All right, today we’ll consider WankzVR and their latest release, Game of Moans, featuring the lovely Elsa Jean.

VR Elsa Jean teasing in red leotard

Elsa Jean clothed teasing in a recent Real Teens VR release

This luscious and lithe blonde babe’s been making horny fellas hornier as she’s been disrobing lately in virtual reality.

The other day she revealed her youthful splendor for the Real Teens crew.

I’ll tell you what: if there’s one VR studio that I’ve really been wanting to recommend, it’s Wankz VR.

Why have I been wanting to recommend WankzVR to our readers?

1. Well, the truth is they’ve been doing a bunch of things right for some time. We’ve been following Wankz for a while now: First Look, Anticipating Wankz and Wankz Is Getting Very Close.

2. I’m reading that a lot of guys are having good experiences with WankzVR. This definitely gets taken into account.

3. Team Wankz seems to be cool… and, they’re definitely responsive to customer feedback. However, I can’t just recommend a studio because great folks run it.

No matter what… there are 3 main factors that must be met to receive a recommendation here.

Elsa Jean shoves out her naked ass

Elsa Jean provides the view that men folk most want to see.

1. Appealing and competent porn actresses.

2. Good and interesting positioning of the actresses and cameras: including close-up angles.

3. Proper scale… or, at least scale that feels right. This last point is intensely subjective and also controversial. I admit that I’m partial/biased towards a bigger scale.

In other words, given a choice between a scale that’s a bit big or a bit small: I’m going big every time.

Everyone has their own bias/preference… there just ain’t no way around that: and, it doesn’t do anyone any good if you try to hide it. You just end up misleading people.

Now, I haven’t been covering a lot of Wankz releases.

But, I’ve been watching them all. And, my consistent impression is that the Wankz boys are doing a brilliant job on points one and two.

Horny Elsa cowgirls Game of Thrones style

Horny Elsa cowgirls Game of Thrones style

That’s to say, I got nothing but good things to say about the actress selection and positioning/camera work. It’s the third point that’s been a consistent bugger for me.

And, it’s seeming, these days, like I’m having limited company in this opinion. However, I’ve got to be honest with you folks about my experience.

So, let’s look at this latest Elsa effort to make things more tangible.

Now, I need to tell you first that I’m using a Samsung S7 with a Gear VR.

And, needless to say, I have a particular facial structure… a particular distance between my eyes…

Game of Thrones HBO

HBO hit Game of Thrones lends itself well to a porn parody… but, then again… everything sort of lends itself well to a porn parody…

And, these things influence your VR experience. People have different experiences with virtual reality based upon their VR equipment and IPD.

So, with this Elsa VR: yea, it’s awesome. Hey, I’m kind of an Elsa fan, man! And, a ton of things were done right:

1. Elsa Jean: she engaged with the camera and… it’s Elsa Jean, man!

She’s a sexy young woman… and, I mean… what more can I say? Just take a look at the gal!

Piper Perri VR cowgirl

Piper Perri cowgirls for Wankz

As mentioned, to WankzVR’s credit, they have no trouble getting top-tier, American porn talent (and others also) before their VR rigs.

I mean, let’s just go through their last releases: Elsa Jean, Kristen Scott, Alice March, Sarah Vandella, Cleo Vixen, Peyton Coast, Marilyn Moore, Jenna Reid, Blake Eden, Tali Dova, Kate England, Nina North, Mia Malkova, Karlee Grey, Megan Rain, Marley Brinx, Amara Romani, Tiffany Watson, Riley Reid, Anya Olsen, Eliza Jane, Selena Santana and Jillian Janson. And, early on they even had Piper Perri…

Pokemon Strokemon creative porn riffing with Kristen Scott for Wankz VR

Pokemon Strokemon creative porn riffing with Kristen Scott for Wankz VR

So, those big names speak for themselves. I mean, if you’re the type of porn fan who likes A List porn gals… here you go, man!

And, it’s clear that the Wankz niche is similar to that of the newly formed Real Teens VR. That’s to say: Wankz does VR of skinny and incredibly pretty young women.

That works for me! I agree with your niche choice!

2. Great, clever concepts: The Wankz boys have got some clever brains on their payroll.

For example, this latest Elsa Jean VR, Game of Moans, is a creative riff off HBO’s crazy

You can't go wrong with the ole porn fave where you're fucking your girlfriend and her MILF mommy

You can’t go wrong with the ole porn fave where you’re fucking your girlfriend and her MILF mommy

hit, Game of Thrones.

Additionally, Team Wankz has riffed-off Pokemon.

And, of course, they’ve squeezed the horny out of some standard porn tropes such as the dorm room, mom-daughter threesome, private tutor, pool boy, strip club, maid… you get the idea.

So, all this is good.

3. Costumes: Generally, speaking: Wankz excels in this department. Bikinis galore! Yea, these Wankz boys have got a bit of a bikini

Hi Elsa. Wankz did a great job with the costumes and set in this clever Game of Thrones porn parody.

Hi Elsa. Wankz did a great job with the costumes and set in this clever Game of Thrones porn parody.

fetish. Don’t ever change, Wankz!

4. The sets: Also great. For one example, the Wankz boys spared no effort or expense in recreating a Game of Thrones type atmosphere for Elsa.

5. Color and lighting: professional and clean.

6. Close ups: plenty of horny close-up camera work. To the delight of many fans, these boys were rubbing that camera all over Ms. Jean!

I mean: if you ever wanted to ogle Ms. Jean’s hoo-ha… here you go, man!

Close-up Elsa Jean pussy

They got the camera… uh… pretty close to Ms. Jean

7. VR kissing: yep, excellent. Elsa did a good job with this.

So, I try to be fair. And, in all fairness: WankzVR, in my opinion, is doing a lot of things beautifully.

But, the scale…

I got to be straight with you fellas, and for me… it’s still just a bit too small. And, to be more specific, although it’s all-around too small for me: it seems, in particular, it’s too narrow.

I wish Gear VR offered a way to alter the FOV setting. I don’t know why it doesn’t. That could so easily solve this. My old Homido/HTC with VR Player Pro allowed for that.

Kiss Elsa Jean in a VR porn

Kiss Elsa Jean in a VR porn.. you know you want to!

It seems a real shortcoming that the whole Milk VR deal doesn’t have this option. Or if it does… somebody comment and tell me how that’s done. Or, likewise, if there’s some type of workaround, please comment about that also…

As I’ve been repeating: many people say the WankzVR scale is great. Unsurprisingly, in particular, Wankz has a lot of vocal fans in the Oculus Rift camp. And, some people maintain Wankz is producing some of the best VR to date.

So, you know… that’s the way it is…

And, this concludes my August 3, 2016 WankzVR update. Added 11/1/2016: WankzVR has since earned a very enthusiastic recommendation from us. Added 11/28/2017: Wankz is releasing super HORNY VR these days.

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