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Luna Star VR Porn Review – Naughty Athletics – Yoga One on One

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September 5, 2016

Luna Star, Ryan Driller

Naughty Athletics – Yoga One on One

Luna Star is trying to teach you yoga, but you’re way more interested in checking out her ass, so Luna decides that the best workout for you might be pounding her pussy.

Luna Star VR Porn Pictures

Here are a ton of Luna Star pictures from this scene.

Here is a very upright reverse cowgirl. This works so much better than when the woman is leaning towards the guy's feet.

Here is a very upright reverse cowgirl. This works so much better than when the woman is leaning towards the guy’s feet.

I must say: I love Luna Star Yoga VR! What I would give to have a Luna Star yoga instructor. My actual yoga instructor is pretty hot. But, she DOES NOT have a Luna Star ass!

Luna Star picture bent over panty pussy

Oh, gosh all this horny Luna panty stuff going on…Luna Star Yoga Porn is a genre I can endorse!

Yoga One On One, VR movie, released by Naughty America VR September 2016

Yoga One On One, VR movie, released by Naughty America VR September 2016

Luna Star missionary

Luna looking good missionary

Luna Star blowjob VR

Oh Luna… please don’t stop the mouth magic

Luna at the movie's end

Luna at the movie’s end

Hi, I'm Ms. Star: your yoga instructor for today

Hi, I’m Ms. Star: your yoga instructor for today

Luna Star handjob

Oh Luna, please don’t stop with the happy hands

Luna Star bent over in blue yoga pants

Oh, Luna baby!

This is the brilliant way to shoot VR cowgirl: leaning in at the camera! Excellent

This is a horny way to shoot VR footage: first person POV. It creates the illusion that the VR viewer is a participant in the fuck action.

Luna Star upright cowgirl vr

Oh, Luna with a very upright cowgirl… I like it! A lot!

Luna Star virtual pussy picture

This movie offered some great close-ups on Luna’s gal parts

doggy style Luna Star Naughty America VR

Luna Star fucks on exercise ball

Ms. Star got creative with the exercise ball. I’ve seen those in my gym. Man, I’ve been… wait for it… doing it wrong all these years! I need to see if that brunette in the tight spandex can help me with this…

Luna stretching

Luna stretching

Review Of This Luna VR

Luna Star: Honestly, I think this whole yoga/aerobics instructor set-up is a tractor trailer filled with gold… and, if a fella don’t get worked-up by Luna Star in skin-tight, yoga pants… then, I’m guessing there probably ain’t any woman on earth who’s going to register on his weenie meter…

So, yea… I like Luna. She’s got the looks, but more importantly: she’s got the porn persona… all the little, borderline intangible qualities of expression, movement and sexual grace that totally sell the movie.

It’s always interesting to see when a beautiful porn starlet also has good dramatic skills. And, Luna shows that here. She seemed so familiar with all the stretching and posing: I’m guessing Ms. Star enjoys attending yoga classes.

Scaling: All right, we need to discuss this a bit.

So, the NA scale has been debated here and elsewhere.

And, the thing about VR scale is the variables: VR headset, a person’s facial structure, the technical aspect of the cameras used, etc.

So, the same movie will look differently to different people: even people using the same headset. That’s just the way it is…

With that said, the studios have gotten to a point where different individual people (who represent the average, so to speak) watching the same movie will often have a somewhat similar experience: even across different headsets.

Honestly, this ain’t an easy achievement. This stuff has a very high hornyness payoff, but it’s tough.

I’ve watched it progress… and, clearly everyone’s trying damn hard, but it’s implicitly challenging.

To Naughty’s credit—and, the other major studios also—they’ve actively sought and responded to consumer feedback. This is important!

So, I’ve often described NA scale as slightly big in a good way. Others have agreed. Some have called it perfect. Some have said it’s giantess women.

I’m just telling it straight… With all studios, you hear different scale experiences…

Now, here’s the thing.

With VR porns, at this point, it’s simply not possible to make everyone happy. I’m just stating the difficult truth.

But, at this point, honestly: it’s a weird situation because I think the shortcomings are more with the video viewing software than with the studios.

So, as mentioned, studios try to use a method which brings the greatest horny to the most pervs.

Now, with that preamble out of the way, the scale here—for me—is slightly small. A bit too small… for me! I’m emphasizing the for me part…

Also, I’m a bit confused because it sounds like no tech changes were made with Gear VR production methods.

So, similar to the bewildered gentlemen featured in the Geto Boys’ hit song of yesteryear, My Mind Playin’ Tricks On Me: I just don’t know how to process this yet…

Anyway, NA will sort this out. Or, I’ll sort my boggled brain and interior optical apparatus out.

If there’s one thing you can count on, they fine-tune and attempt improvements. And, man… I ain’t just saying that. I’ve watched their VR department from the beginning.

Cowgirl: Excellent parts where Luna’s hovering and leaning in…

Reverso: I find reverse cowgirl works best when the woman is very upright (pictured below): or even leaning back towards the fella’s torso.

VR Missionary: Again, NA has gotten better at closing this distance. What I’d like to see is the camera pan very close to the woman’s face during VR missionary and then zoom out a bit.

At any rate, I find missionary works best when the gal pushes herself towards the camera as pictured below.

Athletic, Yoga Instructor Theme: There’s a porn sensibility that’s not used enough, but when flexed it’s always horny.

What is it?

Let me try to put this in words. Okay, a narrative’s created in which the woman is doing highly-sexualized things under the guise of the actions having a legitimate, nonsexual purpose.

So, we saw this with Nurse Kagney.

And, here: when Luna’s shoving her aerobics ass in your face because she’s demonstrating a yoga stretch.

This may be the horniest porn sensibility in my view.

Missed Opportunity

You know. This featured plenty of clothed teasing from Luna: that was my favorite part of this feature. My missed opportunity list often begins with an absence of clothed teasing and facial close-ups.

So, this movie could have given more up-close face time along with Luna Star VR kissing… maybe next time on that…

And, I’m interested to see the scale adjustments made after this release.

And, I’m waiting on the new Gear VR video player I read about yesterday. It’s supposed to be released this week.

If you’re a VR porn perv, a spandex/clothed teasing perv and/or a Luna Star fan (and, if you’re not a Luna fan… why the hell not!), this is must see VR. I’d like to see a lot more Naughty America yoga releases.

I hope we see Luna back in VR soon. As in… REAL SOON! And, Luna: don’t forget your stretch pants. Oh, Luna baby!

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