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Scarlett Mae’s Maybe You Can Teach Me Review
  • 92%
    Actress - 92%
  • 93%
    Camera Close-ups - 93%
  • 89%
    Technical Proficiency - 89%


Scarlett Mae stars in Maybe You Can Teach Me for WankzVR. Team Wankz, unsurprisingly, brings the horny. Pictures, review and free preview download.


Scarlett Mae stars in Maybe You Can Teach Me

Scarlett Mae stars in Maybe You Can Teach Me

Hi friends, today we’ll discuss WankzVR’s latest release, Maybe You Can Teach Me, starring the randy redhead, Ms. Scarlett Mae.

We’ll also talk a little bit about the WankzVR studio. And, the preview will be posted as well.

So, my friends, if you read the reviews here, you’ve noticed that I’m a fan of WankzVR.

I’ve explicitly stated that their side project, MilfVR, is my second favorite studio. And, I pay for a yearly MILFVR sub.

As to WankzVR, I don’t really see how I couldn’t be a fan.

We were the first website to provide WankzVR any substantial coverage. And, in the comments, the owner said, “We’re working on all the issues you’ve brought up.”

Additionally, the WankzVR releases basically check off every point on the FindVRporn Positioning Checklist.

If you look at that article, you’ll notice many screenshots from actual WankzVR releases: with the suggestion being that their techniques are the reference.

My favorite aspect is a lot of the immediate and very close (sometimes novel) camera/body positioning used along with the high-quality VR optics.

Now, the other day on our homepage, in a very general way, I said: “Forget search engine rankings, ‘SEOs’, press releases, ‘social’ media, Twitter followers, awards, PR firms, publicists, agents and all the other tricks that don’t mean shit except to mislead people.”

truncated missionary Scarlett Mae

Scarlett Mae, above, in a well-executed truncated missionary segment

I got to thinking about the bullshit way so many things triumph in our culture.

Okay, so I noticed that the WankzVR page says, “Believe The Hype: XBIZ Awards Winner: Virtual Reality Site Of The Year.”

Now, honestly…when I look over awards results, I usually disagree with the results.

And, I often think that there’s a whole lot of behind-the-scenes politics, networking and bullshit determining things.

And, honestly, in most cases I’ll conclude the whole thing’s bogus.

But, WankzVR receiving accolades ain’t hype in my opinion.

Not to get too annoying-semantic, but the word hype suggests that the recognition isn’t deserved.

As I’ve said so many times, WankzVR releases a spectacular product that is well-worth the money for anyone who wants mainstream, American VR porn.

I wrote a somewhat controversial article that compared CzechVR to WankzVR.

truncated missionary Scarlett Mae

Fine example of the truncated missionary framing discussed below

I love that comparison because there’s no right-or-wrong to someone’s preference.

But…and this might sound like some phony baloney…but, I think a person’s thoughts in that comparison also reveals—how can I put it?—a person’s feelings about commodification.

Yea, this probably ain’t the time for extensive musing about the American commodification process of pornography. Right?

I mean…I’ve wondered if it hurt us that the analysis runs too lengthy…and, maybe I should just adopt the “pictures, free preview!!!” approach.

If you ain’t independently wealthy, you must exist and appeal to a market-demographic, consumer base.

How much of your output conforms to the market? How much of it shapes the market? Oh, these are also great questions also. Another time

So, although I’ve criticized the packaging of these porn movies, maybe it’s just a case where the narrative wrapper is needed for our marketplace.

And, just like I’ve had to adopt the “free preview blah blah blah” approach, the studios don’t want to veer too far out there…it’s understandable.


The Scarlett release.

It had the great optical-quality that WankzVR VRs consistently deliver.

That means, in brief, that the scaling, color, lighting, processing, frame rate, sound, general clarity and all that type of stuff is done well.

There were two main segments that, for me, shined most horny

Scarlett Mae reverse cowgirl

Well-framed reverse cowgirl: big in a good way.

That would be how the reverse cowgirl—pictured left—was pulled low and felt properly big.

This position, in my experience, is often shot in a subpar way that feels too distant and/or with a general faulty feeling: an incorrect sense of spatial correctness.

And, the truncated missionary segment (46:55 – 50:58) rocked like vintage Motorhead.

I’d like to see that even extended in length where a moving camera truncates the woman in segments with changing truncated depth. This is what I really fucking want to see.

WankzVR, in my view, reliably delivers first-rate VR porn optical quality.

Personally, as I said, I’d mainly like to see them experiment with even more truncation and moving camera. And, if not moving camera per se: then camera cut/fades into truncated moments. That’s what I want. But, I could say the same to every studio presently.

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