The FindVRporn Positioning Checklist Part 2

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The Positioning Checklist was becoming too unwieldy as a single-page document, so I had to break it up.

Table of Contents
Part 1. Intro, Instant Sweetspot Open, Spatial Correctness, Face, Cowgirl
Part 2: More Cowgirl, Stand-up, Solo/Tease, Sweetspot Zone. This is Part 2.
Part 3: More Stand-up, Doggy, Blowjob, About Depth, Bonus Content, Wish List

Here’s the FindVRporn POSITIONING checklist Part 2:

Cowgirl Continued

9. Sideways Squatting Bounce, although quite similar to Anna’s sideways cowgirl, I honestly think it’s worthwhile to make a distinction between that and the sideways squatting bounce cowgirl of Norah Nova in a VR Bangers outing, pictured below.

Norah Nova sideways squatting bounce cowgirl for VR Bangers

Norah Nova sideways squatting bounce cowgirl for VR Bangers

10. Scissors Cowgirl – this scissors cowgirl is great stuff that’s not seen all that much.

Scissors cowgirl front-facing by Britney Amber for VR Bangers

Scissors cowgirl front-facing by Britney Amber for VR Bangers

11. Scissors Reverse Cowgirl – likewise, the reverse scissors cowgirl, pictured below, isn’t seen too much either. I notice Bangers explores a lot of cowgirling posibilities.

Anna Bell Peaks reverse cowgirl scissors also for Team Bangers

Anna Bell Peaks reverse cowgirl scissors also for Team Bangers

12. Upright reverse cowgirl, minimum 1 minute, just what it sounds like…

Sandra Sweet Cat Czech VR beauty ass

Sandra Sweet Cat Czech VR beauty ass upright reverse cowgirl from CzechVR 2015 when the good folks had just busted onto the VR porn scene… those were the days…

The idea here is that the reverse cowgirl—at the very least—is upright; but, better yet, leaning towards the man’s face.

13. Standing Reverse Cowgirl Wide I’ve decided to call this SUMO COWGIRL: this is a very animalistic, erotic positioning that I think we should see much, much more often. Just so damn…animalistic, man! An extraordinarily wide standing reverse cowgirl is performed by Quinn Wilde for WankzVR in Wilde Storm.

Now, Quinn…that, my girl, is Goddamn horny…

Quinn Wilde erotic reverse cowgirl wide for WankzVR

Textbook reference for this standing wide cowgirl position… just so… let’s see more of this….

13b. Standing Reverse Cowgirl Sorta Sideways by LethalHardcore VR’s Samantha Hayes.

standing reverse cowgirl Samantha Hayes Lethal Hardcore VR

Interesting standing reverse cowgirl configuration by Samantha Hayes of Lethal Hardcore VR: check these guys out, I like them a lot

13c. Standing Reverse Cowgirl Narrow: this is great stuff. See blonde beauty Florane Russell execute the narrow version for Virtual Real Porn in Single As Fuck.

Florane Russell narrow standing reverse cowgirl for Virtual Real Porn

Oh, Florane baby!

14. Truncated cowgirl as seen in VRP’s Student Affair: at least a minute. Every release already has cowgirl, so yea…I want to see the camera zoom into truncated cowgirl every release also.

Truncated cowgirl Nancy A Virtual Real Porn

Nancy A in a very awesome and rarely seen VR porn position: Truncated Cowgirl!

Solo Stuff Is Fantastic In VR

No two ways about it. The VR porn medium simply lends itself extraordinarily well to the solo gal genre. The teasing and all of that…it just works. The key is proper close framing in the sweetspot zone.

15. Sweet spot (article) Clothed Teasing, minimum 2 minutes.

Penny Pax clothed teasing in VR porn movie by KinkVR small

Penny Pax demonstrates the power of clothed teasing in this very early KinkVR release

Clothed teasing is just incredibly powerful in VR. Newcomers ZexyVR have built their entire studio around this material. Pictured below, horny Sophia Smith gets her solo on for the Zexy gang.

Sophia Smith teasing ZexyVR

Gorgeous Sophia Smith has a knack for the clothed teasing

Properly Framed Missionary Can Make or Break a Release

16. Missionary push-forward (article), minimum 5 minutes.

Missionary push forward is just what it sounds like. And, it simply works!

Rachel Cavalli VR porn push forward missionary

Ms. Cavalli pushes that missionary forward in a very horny MilfVR release!

17. Truncated missionary (pop-up picture)article: minimum 3 minutes.

I remember asking for this before anyone had actually filmed it. The idea is that you don’t need the entire woman in the frame. She can be truncated (cut-off). This actually creates a more true-to-life experience: simulating when the man leans in during his fuck-and-buck action.

In VR, truncated missionary renders brilliantly. Period. Everyone should include it in every single heterosexual release. One of the most effective VR porn positions.

If you want major bonus points: fade cuts between truncated and push forward! Look at Giselle below. Very erotic stuff from WankzVR.

Giselle Palmer Truncated missionary

Giselle Palmer Truncated missionary WankzVR

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