The FindVRporn Positioning Checklist Part 3

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The Positioning Checklist was becoming too unwieldy as a single-page document, so I had to break it up.

Table of Contents
Part 1. Intro, Instant Sweetspot Open, Spatial Correctness, Face, Cowgirl
Part 2: More Cowgirl, Stand-up, Solo/Tease, Sweetspot Zone
Part 3: More Stand-up, Doggy, Blowjob, About Depth, Bonus Content, Wish List. This is Part 3.

Here’s the FindVRporn POSITIONING checklist Part 3:

Shooting Doggy Style/From Behind Action

18. Upright from behind head/hair pull, minimum 3 minutes. Personally, this position is a MUST. There is not much in VR porn that is hornier than a well-shot, UPRIGHT/STANDING FROM BEHIND HEAD/HAIR PULL!! (as pictured by Zoey Monroe for WankzVR below).

Zoey Monroe head pulled back fucking

Zoey Monroe with erotic stand-up, head pull back segment WankzVR

The hair-pulling stuff isn’t absolutely necessary. What’s really important is the upright positioning. But, the hair-pulling stuff, in my view, intensifies the eroticism of this.

19. Doggy Pull Down (pop-up picture), minimum 2 minutes.

By pulling the woman’s doggy lower in the frame (demonstrated by Dahlia/WankzVR below) a greater immediacy (i.e. horny) is rendered.

Dahlia pull down doggy fucking small

This is a pretty good example of immediate doggy… this really gets accomplished by pulling the woman lower in the frame

20. Truncated Doggy: for a reference, see Kiara Cole Squeals On Wheels.

truncated doggy style Kiara Cole

Kiara’s doggy, pictured above, is truncated because part of her is pulled below the frame. This creates a realistic effect in the VR headset. To get Kiara’s doggy and more award-winning VR porn footage, take a direct look at the WankzVR site.

21. Standing Doggy: notice Alexis Fawx doggy on table with the standing stunt cock having some fun. Great positioning from Bangers that’s not seen very often in 3D porns.

standing doggy style Alexis Fawx for VR Bangers

This standing doggy style with Alexis Fawx animalistic on table is great stuff by VR Bangers

22. Prone Bone: for a reference, see Carolina Cortez’ Milf VR Sweet Carolina release. I’d really like to see this truncate-focused on the woman’s ass-hips. Personally, I’d like to see this positioning included much more.

Carolina Cortez prone bone sex screen capture MilfVR

Prone bone with Carolina Cortez for MilfVR… this is a position I’d like to see much more often in virtual porn movies.
To get this, plus more excellent VR, visit one of’s fave studios, MilfVR

Stand-up ain’t seen much: that’s a shame because it works quite well

23. Front-facing Standup Leg Up: For whatever reason, this FF Standup is rarely seen in virtual porn movies. Why not? I don’t fucking know, man, because it’s off-the-charts HORNY! Just peep at the screenshot below from CzechVR’s 182nd release starring Darcia Lee.

Darcia Lee front facing stand-up fuck

Front-facing standup comes across very high on the horny meter in virtual porn movies…. why on earth don’t see more of this positioning?

24. Front-facing Standup 4 Feet On Floor: This is perhaps the horniest, must underutilized VR porn position.

And, I just don’t understand why we don’t see it in every release.

WhoreCraftVR recently used it to great effect in their Britney Amber Call To Arms cosplay.

Britney Amber stand-up sex vr

Rarely seen, uber horny standup action 4 feet on floor. A WhoreCraftVR was my favorite release of 2018. Go to WCVR and see what I’m such a fan

Changing Truncated Depths

25. Changing truncated depths…This is something else rarely seen that would basically enhance the whole experience.

Blowjob: Rarely Shot Correctly IMO

So, in my opinion, blowjob footage should either be truncated (almost never done by anyone) or pulled down very low in the frame. We are seeing the pulled-down variety these days. See Mandy Muse Saved By The Bell and/or the In Search of a Good Blowjob article.

26. BJ Low in Frame: this is effective.

Carolina BJ ... her head seems a bit bigger than usual: which I consider to be a good thing

Carolina Cortez.. her head seems a bit bigger than usual: which I consider to be a good thing. I believe this is achieved by her head being lower in the frame

27. Bent-over blowjob, minimum 2 minutes. I’d really like to see this in virtually every B/G release.

Cropped close-up of Leah Gotti's ass and pussy

Leah Gotti sticks her ass out in a May 2016 Wankz VR release as she demonstrates a picture-perfect bent-over blowjob

28. Right-angle blowjob: I recently wrote about this when checking out Bangers’ Ella Knox movie. I feel it works quite well and isn’t seen much. The picture below will give you the idea.

Ella Knox blowjob VR Bangers movie

I felt this blowjob configuration was effective…and, I’d like to see it used more often

29. Spread Eagle Blowjob: Another interesting BJ config I also recently saw Bangers execute with Christiana Cinn. This is a great perspective that we need to see much more often.

Christiana Cinn spreadeagle blowjob

This new camera positioning was pretty damn horny! Oh, Christy baby!
Bravo Bangers! And, I’m going to tell you… let’s see this in a lot more releases…

bonus, stray thoughts, VR gold to come, more


1. Although controversial, if it were up to me, I’d say break 1st person POV all the time with quick black fadecuts that then refocus very close to the woman’s face etc. and then fade back to POV…this is something not seen much, though CzechVR is closest… Switch a few times into immediate 3rd person POV. Truth time: I’d like to see a lot of POV switches.

2. Work in moving camera. We first saw this from CzechVR, and they’re still the main proponent…and, truth is…nobody does it better. The key is to go slooooooooooooooow. slow. slow. slow. slow. slow.

3. As a very general rule, imo, it’s best to have the woman pulled down far in the frame: even to the extent where all that’s seen of the man is his thrusting dipstick.

4. Although, not strictly a positioning aspect, if the background provides maximum contrast with the woman, everything—including positioning—looks better…

5. Body Scans: Who’s going to do this first… and, why does everyone seem so scared to try? Just use a moving camera to scan around the woman at a distance of about 20 inches.

6. Okay, thank me later when you’re taking big checks to the bank. A JOI VR with nothing but a close-up on the woman’s face. I guess nobody wants to get rich. If I had the equipment/means, I’d start this type of studio myself.

All right, friends, that’s the end of the Positioning Checklist. This checklist should save a lot of typing as it can easily be linked.

I hope this article is useful to the studios. I hope this article is useful to you.

It took a ton of time to assemble this so I hope you enjoyed it. If you think it would be useful/interesting to someone else: please link to it. If you appreciate all the time needed to compile these features, and want me to be able to continue: linking to an article like this is the way to go.

If I’m simply being honest—while risking sounding arrogant—I will say that a VR porn studio could do a fuck of a lot worse than just following the checklist point by point. And, truth is…following the ideas here make studios money and bring general praise and accolades.

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