2nd Annual VR Porn Movie Awards 2016 PART 2

The 2016 FindVRporn Movie Awards – PART 2

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VR Porn Movie Awards Part 1

Other Movies That Were Praised – The People’s Choice Section

Now, it’s important that we recognize other movies that received praise and votes in the poll.

The Virtual Taboo boys received mentions for many of their releases including Beautiful Morning, Only Happy When It Rains, and Mode Love. Here’s a few pics of some of what the boys were up to…Viola Bailey in Mode Love

Viola Bailey's beautiful face in Beauty Morning for Virtual Taboo

Viola Bailey’s beautiful face in Beauty Moing for Virtual Taboo

Zoe Doll in Only Happy When It Rains

Zoe Doll stand-up sex

VT’s Zoe Doll in some rowdy rainy stand-up doinking

Maybe Onix Babe gets the award for best VR tan lines!!! On, Onix Babe, baby!

Onix Babe tanlines in Virtual Taboo movie

Onix Babe’s got some hoy tanlines!

And, nobody mentioned Sicilia Model…but, I’m mentioning her…because, I love you, Sicilia!

Sicilia Model doggy style pose

Oh, goodness gracious! Ms. Model’s down like a doggy again…

The Czech VR boys received praise for their releases including Alex Black, Vanessa Decker, Kattie Gold, Katy Rose and others. And, speaking of Kattie Gold… oh, Kattie baby!

Kattie Gold cowgirl

Kattie Gold cowgirls for Santa in this Czech VR release

I have to admit… I’ve had a special place in my horny for Ms. Alex Black for some time now!

Alex Black naked

Alex Black is a Czech VR beauty! And, she made a BIG IMPRESSION on a lot of fellas… how about bringing Ms. Black back CzechVR boys?


Alex Black getting fucked spread wide

Great sense of scale in this movie of beauty Alex getting thumped

Between CzechVR’s regular hardcore, casting and fetish…there’s a lot to like and enough to satisfy a diverse range of tastes.

Daphne Klyde thong up ass

Oh, Daphne Klyde your ass looks so tempting with a red thong jammed all up in there!
Czech VR, the people like your style!

That concludes the People’s Choice Section

All right, friends… there you have it. As repeated, the entire Internet was welcomed to participate in those results. And, that’s what the Internet decided, gentlemen.

cowgirl vr

Phoenix Marie bounces a cowgirl for Naughty America VR in an August 2016 release

Here Begins findvrporn.com’s Opinions

All right, friends, so that info above is basically the public voting results stated plainly without opinion or editorializing. It’s extremely important for these awards to be set-up in this manner. I’m now going to give some of my opinion about the results and VR porn 2016 stuff.

Natalie Cherie doggy style pose

January 2016 opened with a splash as Natalie Cherie shoved her beautiful doggy our direction for Czech VR

You could stop reading right now if you want to! I ain’t holding a Fleshlight to your head, man! Still not funny

HologirlsVR 2016

Now, of course, please bear in mind that I did not see every release! And, there are some newer studios that I’m not that familiar with yet.  First thing…there were no mentions of HoloGirlsVR, and I do think that’s an oversight.While Team Holo’s work has been uneven—I’m just being honest from my pov, man—they have unleashed some horny on the masses: including the very first facesitting efforts…

Cherie Deville facesitting

Oh Cherie baby! The blonde beauty in a very early facesitting VR attempt for HoloGirls VR

Sure—again, in my opinion—they often miss the mark (for a variety or reasons): but when they hit the mark… they really hit it! …and, it’s a mark that no one else is even aiming for, man! (e.g. Mistress T stuff, their groundbreaking attempts at orgy, facesitting, girlfriend experience, etc.)

Sasha Leigh facesitting pic

This is an example of uber pervy facesitting featuring Ms. Sasha Leigh

So, while I don’t think that, for example, blonde Goddess Sasha Leigh’s (love you, Sasha!) facesitting effort—pictured above and below—was the best VR porn scene of the year, I do feel that it and some of their other releases have earned them at least an acknowledgement in this article.

Sasha Leigh facesitting VR

Sasha Leigh facesitting VR for an early Holo release

So, these people’s results, while they wouldn’t quite reflect my picks: the results are sensible, and I don’t think anyone can say, “Damn, those boys got it totally wrong.”

WankzVR 2016

The Wankz boys and Riley Reid did this year what the Virtual Real Porn gang and Misha Cross did last year. And, to my eyeballs, for most of 2016 Wankz was doing everything right except the optical scale was a bit too small for me…though, many people disagreed with my impression.

Zoey Monroe Megan Sage WankzVR article feature image

Zoe Monroe and Megan Sage ! Nicely done…

With the September 2016 Zoe Monroe/Megan Sage release, I, personally, saw the breakthrough I needed to recommend paid subs. I thoroughly documented my experience with the WankzVR optics…and, we were the first website to even cover them in any depth.

Wankz VR big graphic for feature article

This is a collage of early Wankz VR releases

As we went deeper into 2016, the Wankz boys really began dishing out very horny VRs that leveraged high-quality images, but more importantly…close and interesting camera perspectives (e.g. this Nikkita missionary perspective/action).

Nikkita pic for vrgoodguy 2016 picks

OH, Nikkita

FindVRPorn 1st Place Pick for Most Creative VR Porn Movie of 2016

WankzVR’s Halloween special feature, Zombie Slayers, featuring Adriana Chechik, Arya Fae and Megan Rain is FindVRporn’s 1st Place Pick for Most Creative VR Porn of 2016.

Big beautifully designed promo graphic for a very special WankzVR Halloween release

WankzVR demonstrated with Zombie Slayers that it’s possible to release full-length VR pos that include a somewhat complex plot. I consider this the most creative release of 2016

That was a special outing, and I give the Wankz boys credit for really putting pride into this stuff. You can read an in-depth take on this here.

2nd Place Personal Pick for Most Creative VR Porn Movie My 2nd Place Pick for Most Creative VR Porn of 2016…

…goes to the Naughty America boys for their New Year’s Eve fidelio blowout.

Fidelio A New Years Eve Sexcapade graphic

This is the fidelio promo graphic… yes, indeed!

You know, there ain’t no way I can sum up fidelio in a few words…

Really nice job with the costumes in fidelio

Really nice job with the costumes in fidelio

Funniest VR Porn of 2016

Two movies tied for first place. Kayla Kayden in Naughty America VR’s Shiny Shaft. Just a really wonderful and funny job from Ms. Kayden in this Naughty VR!

promo image Shiny Shaft movie

Gorgeous Kayla Kayden stars in a hilarious VR Porn Movie, Shiny Shaft, from Naughty America VR

Kagney Linn Karter in Your Naughty Nurse from Naughty America VR. I love you Kagney. You kill me with your horny and your humor!

Your Naughty Nurse

In my opinion, Kagney Linn Karter has some major acting abilities and she’s funny as hell

Woops, when double-checking stuff, I realized this Kagney movie is from November 2015. Should we let it stand, fellas? It’s Kagney! HELL YEAH! Congrats Kagney.FindVRPorn’s Pick For Best VR Porn of 2016I’m going to be totally honest with you folks. The good Lord knows that honesty tends to make things awkward: as in… 100% of the time. But, here’s the thing: the truth is that there really ain’t a best of 2016. I could tell you what I enjoyed the most.

But, the truth is…that gets tricky also, because there were many enjoyable releases that excelled in different ways. It makes comparisons quite difficult.And, it makes picking a favorite challenging.

Naughty America Memorial Day Special graphic

Here’s some horny Naughty America 2016 releases

So, you’re wondering how I solved this. All right, so what I did the other day…I spent an afternoon loading a ton of VR porns on my SD card, watching each movie for a bit…then, deleting them and loading up new ones, watching…then, playing files on my laptop, reading through our old reviews, watching more…I ain’t bullshitting you fellas. I did that. A ton of people end up reading our VR porn award articles, and I seriously want to be fair.

Leah Gotti ass and pussy

Leah Gotti sticks her ass out in a May 2016 Wankz VR release

So, this is what I can tell you. There were two movies that I—as one individual man—particularly enjoyed.

I ain’t saying they’re the absolute best for everybody. I ain’t saying you’ll enjoy them more than others. But, there’s two movies that I personally found breaking through the upper limit of my horny meter: with authority! Thus…

Tied For 1st Place In FindVRPorn’s Pick For Best VR Porn of 2016…

…In alphabetical order by the gal’s name: Bella Rose in Roses On A Piano (Solo) by BaDoinkVR released December 29, 2016…

Roses on a piano with Bella Rose

Here’s Bella Rose in a BaDoinkVR release that is tied for my fave VR Porn Movie of 2016

… and Victoria Puppy in Czech VR Casting #27 released September 20, 2016.

Victoria Puppy for Czech VR casting

Oh, Victoria baby… do you think I could spend the rest of my life with you? … or perhaps one naked weekend?

All right, so findvrporn.com’s 1st Place Pick for 2015 was Katy Rose’s Solo Outing with Carrot for the Czech boys.

katy rose for czech vr

Last year, another gorgeous solo blonde, Katy Rose, also won findvrporn.com’s top honors.

So, you can ask yourself: What do all three releases have in common?

1. A young, drop-dead gorgeous-horny blonde beauty all alone in a gloriously terrific twat twiddling funtime.

2. The beauties are positioned in front of a high-tech VR rig that gets into the sweet spot range and holds there creating an intimate, optically crisp and spatially-correct experience.

3.  A whole range of quality factors (such as lighting, color, clarity, sound, framing, etc.) are all on-point. So, VR porn consumers are looking for different things. There just ain’t no way around that. If you’re looking for a MILF getting banged in a nice-feeling wide scale… you’re probably gonna award Sara Jay or maybe Julia Ann

Sara Jay thong up ass

Sara Jay shows us why she’s famous! Oh, Sara baby!

Now, there are just a few more awards I want to do real quick…And, I ain’t saying this means these examples are definitively the best. By now you probably gather that I’m not much for anyone who feels their opinion is the final word…Here’s what I’m saying: in order to make my personal picks, I spent a lot of time reviewing dozens of videos from 2016. And, I found a few positioning examples that were particularly exceptional.

Some Exceptional VR Missionary 2016

Adriana Chechik in Going Deep

Adriana Chechik VR missionary

From a technical perspective, this missionary footage was outstanding! I feel like I’m doinking Ms. Chechik!

Natasha Nice in NYPD Blew

Here we again see Natasha Nice pushing her face towards the camera

Here we again see Natasha Nice pushing her face towards the camera during missionary: this works well..

Some Exceptional VR Porn Eye Contact 2016

Megan Sage in She Wants The Part

Megan Sage header image

Megan Sage has a good understanding of how to engage with the VR po consumer

An Exceptionally Innovative VR Porn Movie 2016 Antonia Sainz in Czech VR 095

Czech VR 95 starring Antonia Sainz

Czech VR 95 starring Antonia Sainz did an interesting camera switch between 1st person and 3rd person POV

 Some Exceptional From Behind Bumping Action VR 2016

Sara Jay in My First Sex Teacher VR.

Sara Jay hoy

So hoy… oh, me oh my … to pump Sara Jay from behind… you’d last 3 seconds, man!

 Some Exceptional Squatting Cowgirl Hoverface

Gina Gerson in Check In, Check Out.

What a dream it would be to get a cowgirl hoverface from Gina Gerson

Gina Gerson demonstrates the compressed squatting cowgirl hoverface, which nicely works with present FOV

Woops, just realized I overlooked something, and this Gina hoverface is from January 2017. Should we still let young Gina slide, friends?

Some Exceptional VR HORNY BIKINI teasing 2016

Peta Jensen in Sexcation: A Virtual Reality Experience Starring Peta Jensen. Oh, Peta baby!

Peta topless

Oh, gosh.. I really do think it’s love this time!
Peta Jensen half in a bikini with tanlines over those enormous grapefruit tits

Some Exceptional Dirty Talk VR teasing 2016

Nikki Delano in Ring My Bell.

Sure didn't take Ms. Delano long to handjob

Nikki Delano knows what to say to a fella!

All right, friends… there you have it. You got the Internet’s judgment and mine.

Thanks for hanging here this year. See you back for the 2017 VR Porn Movie Awards . It’ll be here before you know it…Thank you. If you enjoyed this article and want to subscribe to a VR porn site, please use the links below. That’s what enables me to continue publishing articles like this. Thank you.

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